Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Sunny Hills Pineapple Cakes for Mid Autumn Festival

About a week or two ago, I got a package from SunnyHills. Yes, the SunnyHills that has quite a following now in Singapore for their gourmet pineapple cakes.

Sunny Hills
Ain't it an interesting bag? For the Mid-Autumn Festival, they have designed something specially for the festivities, a linen carrier with the Moon Rabbit design on it. It does look very cute doesn't it?

Sunny Hills
You may ask: "What has Pineapple cakes that we in Singapore mostly associate with Chinese New Year got to do with Mid-Autumn Festival?"

I just found out that other than mooncakes many Taiwanese give pineapple cakes as gifts too during the Mid-Autumn Festivities. So would this also catch up in Singapore?

Sunny Hills
I think our ladies readers will like the box design! Other than the carrier bag, the box has the same Moon Rabbit design as well.

Sunny Hills
This box was a box of 10 pineapple cakes and it costs $25.
There are also the 15 pieces box set at $37.50 and 20 pieces box set at $50.

Sunny Hills
Here's a piece of it to Sunny Hills pineapple cake to tempt you.

Oh, they are also Halal-certified, if you have Muslim relatives of friends, you can give them a box as gifts too!

If you are interested, you can get them at the Takashimaya Mid-Autumn Fair from 30 Aug - 30 Sept, 10.30am - 9.30pm daily.

If you prefer, you can also order them via phone at: 8522 9605.
If you order via phone, they can deliver it to you for a $8 delivery fee. If you order $100 or more, the delivery is free and if you order more than $200, you can choose a 10% or free delivery.

If you don't like the crowds at the Takashimaya Fair, uou can also go to their store at:
Raffles Hotel Arcade
328 North Bridge Road#03-05 (next to Raffles Hotel Museum)
Singapore 188719

Hours: Sun to Mon - 11am to 6pm / Tue to Sat - 11am to 8pm.

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