Thursday, July 31, 2008

Curry Gardenn @ Turf City

On Tuesday this week, we realized so many of our colleagues were on leave. 'Wire' our colleague noticed something else, all the anti-Indian food colleagues are all on leave! That leaves us, all the Indian food lovers a chance to hunt for some delicious Indian food.

So, he suggested that we should all go try this Indian food place at Turf City. It was only 4 of us, so we hailed a cab to Turf City.

We ate at Curry Gardenn (yes, double n). This place is actually opened by an IT guy! Yes, the boss Mr Udaya Kumar is a .Net programmer! But he leave the running of the business to his brother Ravi.

While we sat down and waited for our food, papa dams were served. If you are wondering, it's free flow. ;-)

The masala chicken that we had. It's also their signature dish. Delicious.

The spinach. Take your veg guys.

And the chick peas. This is quite yummy!

With our beautiful super long grain rice! The portion of rice is a bit small, so you might need seconds.

The main reason we are here. For the fish head! Curry Gardenn's signature dish.

The fish head is cooked without coconut milk, so it might taste a bit different from the usual fish head. No MSG added too. The fish head is only cooked when you order it, so you got to wait. Our wait was around 20 mins wait. By the time it came, we already finished whatever is shown above. LOL

The fish head comes bubbling hot in the claypot. See the steam! If you notice, you can see the curry bubbling too. :-)

It's a whole fish head. The curry is on the sweetish side. Today's fish had some slight fishy smell though. Wire said it is usually better on other days.

But is sure was tasty though. We finish every single bit of it. Even the gravy was not spared. LOL...

While we were eating our food, the next table had 4 angmoh kids eating Roti Tisu. It was so huge and tempting that when we finished our food, we ordered one to try too. We enjoyed it as much as the kids did too.

That's Ravi at the cash register. ;-)

Another satisfying Indian lunch. All of the above, rice at 6 portions, plus 4 drinks cost $46.
Think the fish head is $16.

Curry Gardenn
200 Turf Club Road
#01-58 Turf City
Singapore 287994

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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sin Chew Satay Bee Hoon @ Bukit Timah Food Centre

This Satay Bee Hoon stall at Bukit Timah Food Centre almost always have a snaking queue. Why? People just love it. Me included. Maybe it's the Satay sauce that covers it?

Decided to ruffle it a bit, so that you can see the bee hoon below. I think the texture of the bee hoon's nice, that's why I like it.

Well if you wanna try it, watch the opening hours. They don't open on Mondays and Tuesdays.
On Wednesdays to Friday, they only open in the evening.

The best time is to go during the weekends, like what I did.

Sin Chew Satay Bee Hoon
Stall 162
Bukit Timah Food Centre
116 Upper Bukit Timah Road
Singapore 588172

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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Bi Feng Tang @ Food Republic, Wisma Atria

Last Friday evening, Momo and I roamed around Food Republic at Wisma Atria hoping to grab some quick dinner but there's no seat around.

We then walked past the stalls in the middle of the food court that has reserved seats. Oh yes, we are definitely going in instead of walking more rounds.

Only when I sat down, did I realise it is Bi Feng Tang, hey, it's the one that I ate before at Bukit Panjang.

We were promptly served pickles. They sure whet your appetite ;-)

We ordered a quick simple meal. (so that we can meet up with sis later at Tangs for shopping. haha) I had the char siu rice. $4.20

This is what Momo has been eating for the last few weeks - Porridge diet!
Sliced Fish Porridge $5.80 She thinks porridge elsewhere taste better. ;-p

Ordered two other sides dishes to complement it. The Shredded Duck and Jelly Fish $5.00
The duck's hidden below the Jelly Fish if you are wondering. Spicy and not too bad.

Had a Crispy Fried Quail too. $4.50
Quails are tiny, so the chopsticks there for you to compare the size. :-)
Crispy yet the tiny amount of meat inside still moist. (ok ok, heard you... these tiny birds have not much meat, it's practically eating yummy skin.)

Bi Feng Tang
Food Republic Wisma Atria
435 Orchard Road

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Monday, July 28, 2008

Ramen Santouka @ The Central

Last Saturday, Momo and I had lunch with AromaCookery. Camemberu could not make it at the last minute due to some emergency at home. Southernoise went to Batu Pahat to have durians! Nic is enjoying Indian food where it originated from.

We had lunch at Ramen Santouka, The Central.

We shared this oh so good, melt in your mouth Pork Cheeks. It's one thing that you got to eat if you like melt in your mouth pork. Tokusen Toroniku, $8

So, good, I am showing it here again. They only serve a limited amount each day.

Momo had the Shio Ramen. $12.
Salt based broth Ramen. This was it before she requested them to cut the noodles. (Momo has joined the 'vain' gang around Singapore wearing braces. LOL)

Aromacookery had the Shoyu Ramen ($12).
The soy sauce broth is a bit saltier than the salt based broth. I though it was nice though.

Me, I had the set. Unlike the other two, I did not have breakfast. I woke up and was too busy watching the Korean drama "Lobbyist". LOL

I had the Char Siu Rice & Shio Ramen Set. $16. It comes with a komi-tamago (egg) too.
It's actually a better deal! The ladies ordered their eggs separately for $1 each.

If you are paying with a DBS/POSB card, and you order the set meal, you get a free drink too. I had the oolong tea. So that means, we pay the same, I get more stuff! hehe..

Yummy yummy is the word. But for it to be yummy, you must have a high tolerance for salty food. It's one of the saltiest soup around. :-)

The ramen comes with 3 slices of meat too. 2 are the normal cuts. The 3rd piece is the melt in your mouth Tokusen Toroniku.

The char siu rice taste quite good too. Delicious char siu.

Though it was really salty, I still finished my soup and everything else too!

Be prepared to feel thirsty after. But no worries, they give each table a big jug of ice cold water. :-)

Want to think what Aromacookery thinks of the meal? Pop over to AromaCookery's webby.

Ramen Santouka
6 Eu Tong Sen Street
02-76 The Central
Singapore 059817

Tel: 6224 0668
Business Hours: 11.00 - 21:45 (Last order)
If the soup runs out, they will close earlier.
They do not take reservations.

If you can read Japanese and want to find out more about them, hop over to

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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Cool Rhino Cooling Water vs Three Legs Cooling Water

Sis and I, we were walking around at Fairprice and saw this new drink being promoted. Cool Rhino Cooling Water. It sure caught our eye and we thought why not try it? Sis has been feeling heaty because of the weather and was having a sore throat.

We saw that it should be drunk 4 times daily. Oh well, we got 2 bottles of it since it was on promotion.

But that's only 2 times, we need more. We decided it was just to try it out so we did not bother to take more. As we walked along the aisle, we saw ey, this is also something similar, and it's like much much cheaper. We remembered our older cousin who says this drink is good when one is feeling heaty, so we thought maybe this 'old people' drink might work.

The next morning when we woke up, we took a close look. Hey! Both are manufactured by the same company! Same ingredients too!

We concluded that the old design was for the old timers who are used to it, maybe a name like Three Legs appeal to them.

The new design is to catch youngsters attention! Cool Rhino sounds cool right? We laughed our heads off!

If you are wondering how it taste? Both taste the same. It taste like plain water except that you get a cooling sensation on your mouth.

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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Chicken Feet @ Kopitiam NUH

2 days ago (Thursday), we visited a colleague who has just given birth at NUH. After the visit, we though that we would visit the NUH Kopitam at Kent Ridge wing.

Ooo.. the chicken feet that had stopped selling sometime ago is back! (It might be back earlier, but we have not been visiting the hospital. who does? haha..)

Oh man, you should see the 'glee' on 2 of my colleague's faces. They only had 3 plates to sell us. So, we took it all. Today's feet is so big!

Fat & juicy too. :-p

The first 3 plates we got.

Oh, 'wire' was on overdrive. He wanted more and was willing to wait for 20 mins for the next batch to be ready. We waited, (while we had other stuff). Here's the 2nd batch. 3 more plates of chicken feet.

Are the chicken on steroids or what? They seem to be big!

What is left behind... LOL.
Some of you might be totally put off right?

Well, we think it might be the cheapest chicken feet you can find. $2 usually. But with the "yellow hospital kopitiam card", you get 20% off, and each plate costs only $1.60.

Any chicken feet eaters out there?

Kopitiam @ Kent Ridge Wing
No. 5 Lower Kent Ridge Road,
#03-1231A, Kent Ridge Wing 2
National University Hospital
Singapore 119074

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Friday, July 25, 2008

Madeleine's Original Portuguese Egg Tart & Puff @ Tanjong Katong

After lunch at Paradise on Earth, most people will just go to the shop next to it to buy Egg Tarts. Dpuk bought some back for his wifey.

I borrowed his tarts to take these photos. It's his wife's favourite.

Looks delicious?

Madeleine's Original Portuguese Egg Tart & Puff
198 Tanjong Katong Road
Singapore 436997

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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Paradise on Earth @ Tanjong Katong

This might sound silly, but we do silly things don't we? It was one of our colleague's birthday. But when we told him we wanted to celebrate by treating him lunch, he declined. (This guy is known to take leave on his birthday the last few years, but this year he came to work, but still did not want to join us for lunch hmm..)

So guess what? We all still decided that we shall have a nice meal outside, celebrating his birthday on his behalf without him. (We gluttons just want to find a reason to go out and eat)

'Old Cat' has been wanting to go to have Steamboat at this place in Tanjong Katong for a long time. After the first time they were there, they have been wanting to go back. I got to join them this time (Tuesday this week).

What an interesting name ya? Paradise on Earth.

While we were thinking what to eat, we were served achar. It's quite delicious you know. Yes, it was gone in less than 1 minute!

There was 5 kinds of soup base to choose from, we chose the 'dried scallop' and the 'mala' soup. (The others are tom yam, satay and I can't remember the fifth.
This place use induction cookers. No gas fumes. yey!

We took the lunch buffet and we got to pick from the "B" and "C" menu. This is our first round. We had like 3 and a half rounds.

From the menu, if you order the fried rice, it comes fried. (No you do not need to fry it yourself haha) It is quite delicious too!

I think this is one of the quality steamboats you can find that is still priced reasonably.
You really get a satisfied meal. Just as with any steamboat meals, you enjoy the cooking process and the chatting time while you wait for the food to cook.

To avoid crowds, come in the afternoon. We were the only table there, so service was excellent. The food's fresh too.

200 Tanjong Katong Road
Singapore 436998
Tel: 6345 9272.
Daily 11am - 3pm, 5pm - 2am

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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Spizza @ Balmoral Plaza

Last Saturday, it was our catch up / makan session / birthday celebration with our classmates / course mates / uni mates from Melbourne night again. It's incredible that we make it a point to meet up and we have been doing this over 2 years now!

From facebook, we found other Melbourne friends that we lost contact, and invited them in as well. This time we initially had around 20 over adults who could actually make it, but due to last minute emergencies (eg, 1 family had to quarantine themselves because their child had HFMD, one had to 'nurse' her husband who was sick, etc...)

But we still had 12 adults and 6 children showing up. We had a list of venues that we wanted to go, but we end up at Spizza at Balmoral Plaza because of majority vote? haha...

The only photo I took of the menu. I thought it was so interesting that they have the pizza covered from A to Z!

We ordered a few starters to share, this is one of them. The calamari rings.

The kids had pasta etc, but most of us ordered the pizza to share.
We are quite the gluttony type, so must have ordered around 6 or so pizza to share around.

As the table was quite long, here are some photos that is within the reach of my hands. LOL. I can't remember the names of them. But they were all quite delicious.

They are all the thin crust pizza.

And quite generous with the toppings.

They were quite juicy as well.

They are also baked in a big 'wood' oven. This was taken as we were leaving.

The night was good. Meeting up and chatting and catching up with a family that we had not met for the longest time.

Prices are on the higher side. Someone was saying, if only it was 'la prochetta' in Melbourne's pricing. LOL. Our total bill was $313. But there's a 10% if you use a HSBC card.

271 Bukit Timah Road
01-09 Balmoral Plaza
Singapore 259708

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