Friday, August 31, 2007

Wasabi Tei @ Far East Plaza

Hmm today's post has no food pictures. Why? Because where we went for lunch today, no one dares to take photos!

One colleague is treating us lunch and off we went. He die die want to eat here. Why?
Because we like to be served generous and fresh servings of food by a chef with an attitude!

Really, the couple at the shop got this 'attitude' one, he will serve food by putting plates not gently but very hard on the table. You can't book the place, only a full party is allowed to enter. You just got to go there. Colleagues loves the sashimi here.

We wanted to say Nazi, but not really nazi lah, we call him the chef with an attitude. haha..

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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Hawker food @ Dover Market and Food Centre

Today's lunch was at Dover Market and Food Centre. This place's not going to be around for long. If you go there nowadays, you can only see a few stores left.

What did we eat?

Two colleague at Vegetarian from 2 different stores, the pictures are not here. They ate too fast. haha..

Another ate the Beef Rice from the Zhi Char store at the market side.

Another 2 ordered Kuey Teow Mee, one person loves 'hum' and the other do not eat 'hum'. haha..

I ate Pork Rib rice also from the Zhi Char store. Both from the Zhi Char taste ok, but a bit oily lah. But all nice food's oily right? Unless it was yesterday's sandwich. haha...

We ended our meal from this dessert stall, where one colleague said the lady makes dessert with the most passion. (The rest of us translate passion = long wait. haha..)

2 ate bo bo chacha, not shown here. 3 of us ate Chendol. It always look whitish right?

So, I dig abit lah, then now you can see the chendol and the ang tow. (red beans). Not bad....

We realise that we should have ordered Ice Kachang instead! Look at all the Ang Tow on it! This colleague's dessert had the stare from the rest of us.

Wonder tomorrow, jiak si mi. haha....

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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Chicken Sandwich @ Spinelli

Wednesdays are my Cardio Fusion days. We begin with kickboxing or aerobics every alternate week for half an hour, and then continue with another half an hour of upper or lower body strengthening also on alternate weeks.

Colleague said I should go try Spinelli's salads. So after exercise I went, but aiya, too late, no more. So I ended up with a Chicken Sandwich. It's toasted just before serving as well even though I requested for take away.

Why only half? Because I was too hungry and much it down and then realise, oops, forgot to take photo.

It's not too bad. I think I might have it again next week, if the salad's sold out again.

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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Stylo Mylo McDonalds Cone

I did not take any photos of what I ate today, except for supper. Friends drove to 24 hour McDonalds. 2 ate the big cup one, for me, I took the cone.

I took cone because I don't eat the cone and don't feel like having sauce toppings. Also the Sundae come in plastic which is not environmentally friendly. The cone, I know I don't eat it, but it is bio-degradable right?

Well, today the cone that was serve quite stylo right?
Like Elvis hairstyle like that...

After I lick a few mouth, it became like this. Not bad also right? Like wearing a buret now.

OK. I think I need sleep. I not very OK up there liao...

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Monday, August 27, 2007

Patara Fine Thai Cuisine @ Raffles City (Part 2)

We tried 2 different kinds of rice as well. Crabmeat Rice and also the Black Olive Rice.
We like the Black Olive Rice better. Maybe its because it has those fragrant pieces of meat. :-)

For the veg, we ordered the Aubergine. It's Aubergine stir-fried with shrimp paste, chilli and basil. Sis is tasked to cook eggplant until it taste like this. haha... I like basil fried like this.

Green Curry is ordered when our uncle joins us. He likes green curry, so do all of us!
Chicken green curry with aubergine and sweet basil. Ingredients almost similar to the top one! But it taste so different.

If you are like us, want to try it all, you will order the Mix Grilled Platter.
It has the grilled Australian Sirloin and grilled Pork Neck, with Essan style glutinous rice. I don't know what Essan means, but its the thing wrapped up in the green leaves.

We have the option to pay an extra $7 for the desserts buffet, but we could not eat anymore. Maybe another time. Wonder if they have only dessert buffet without the mains. hehe..

How much? Not posting the receipt as they still print the full credit card number on it. (err time to update system and print only the last 4 digits please...) $215.40 Quite all right for 5 and provided excellent service and food.

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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Patara Fine Thai Cuisine @ Raffles City

Sunday afternoon, we thought of trying Thai food at Patara. My guest blogger did post it once and said the food was good.

So came here because we had a $40 voucher. Err. come to think of it, that voucher is enough to off set the Service charge and GST only! haha...

We truly enjoyed the food there. Fine table cloth and nice plates. They changed plates after our starters too. Realised they are particular on how the plates are laid in front of us. The patterns are placed correctly.

5 of us were there. Tried the Ice Lemongrass Tea. 3 of us took this, 1 hot lemongrass tea and at the back of the picture, 1 watermelon juice for the kid.

We ordered stuff that has a recommendation mark on the menu.
This is wraps that we ate. It's called Miang Kam. It has betelnut leaves wrapped over minced chicken salad, peanuts, chilli, lime, onion and ginger.

This is Porpia Pak Ar, Thai tacos served with stir-fried minced chicken, prawns, tofu and beansprouts. We liked this very much.

The soup on the menu looks tempting, so we ordered 2 of them.
This is the Fish Maw Soup. Sis and Aunt loves fish maw, so they enjoyed it lots. It comes with quail eggs in it.

We also had a Seafood Tom Yum Soup. Photos came out too too blur, so it's not appearing here. hehe.

What else did we have? See tomorrow's post.

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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Island Cafe @ Tangs Orchard

We have the Tangs Visa card and it gives rebates when you spend at the store. I had like $42 rebate in it, and it is like expiring anytime these two weeks, so had to use it up. Did not fancy anything in the store, but... hey, we can use it at the Cafe upstairs!

Sis and I walked in, hmmm what to eat? So we picked those with Chef Recommendation on the menu. How typical! haha... We were seated at a place that did not have enough light. Errr.. it's going to be dark grainy photos again. haha..

Anyway, this was what was dinner earlier on.

Asian Pork Salad. $11
It was deep fried roast pork on the side, quite a big portion. With Thai style salad.

Crab Tung Hoon. $13
Crab Meat Fried Tung Hoon, black pepper sauce and a deep fried soft shell crab on top. I like it, but not sure if you would :-)

Tom Yam Goong. $6
Aiya, my camera decide not to focus on this leh...
Seafood Tom Yam Soup, quite tasty actually. Not overly spicy. The two slices of buttered toasted bread with the soup is actually quite nice!

Polemo Salad. $11
With squid, prawns, lettuce, and pomelo in lemon dressing.
We thought it was too a tad too sour. The pomelo was a bit bitter, I think they did not remove the part of the vein thingy from the pomelo. Sis and I was comparing it to the ones we had in Bangkok. So we were biased. :-)

Damage incurred see for yourself.

We only pay $6.26 after rebate for dinner. :-)

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Friday, August 24, 2007

Mumtaz Mahal @ Far East Plaza

Colleagues and I, we were suppose to have Jap food in Far East Plaza but it was so full and had a long wait. We decided to go elsewhere. A colleague's nose brought us here. He smell from the kitchen earlier while walking in from the carpark that the naan was heavenly!

So we decided to venture into this shop. It's called Mumtaz Mahal. The place is very dimly lighted and I did not want to use flash much, so the pictures are a bit dark and grainy here.

We ordered the set meals. I had the Quantas Set, while the rest had Tandoori Chicken Set.

We were served this. Think it is called Lacha Pratha. Tandoori bread made of wheat and wholemeal flour.

It comes with this container of 4 things. The one behind is some chopped onions plus something mix. The one of the left is mint. The one on the right is something very very sweet, its some kind of jam we think. The front one was bitterish something.

We ordered Indian Tea Tarik. We thought we would want to try something different.
We were served empty cups on our table. Huh? We thought. How are they going to tarik the tea? (tried to upload a video of the guy coming with a pot of tea and tarik the tea in front of us using the new blogger tool, but it failed. aiya)

My Quantas Set arrived. We found out that it's actually the same thing as the what my colleagues ordered! haha.. Except mine came in individual portions. Here's the tandoori. We all think it is absolutely delicious. It is very moist and not dry at all and full of taste.

This is the Nasi Briyani. Very good too.

This is the mutton curry. We finished every drop of the curry.

This is some yogurt thingy. For this, I only had a few scoop. Such a big bowl. Help!

This is some dahl thingy that was very tasty too. The other set did not have this, only the Quantas set.

This is curry veg, it's very frozen mix veg tasting. haha... Coz it was carrots, peas, etc...

This was how it appeared in front of me, with my chicken being nibbled already.

If you ordered the Tandoori set, it's almost similar, but served in a metal container, what we call hostel style. hehe..

Yup, it came with this naan that was delicious. Those bits are garlic and for garlic lovers, it is yummmmmm... How did the various curry and sauces finished? It was wiped off with this naan.

This was served after they empty our tables. Another set of metal containers with 3 things. In front is sugar coated cumin seeds, the left it is cardamon seeds and the third one rock sugar.

We were taught how to eat the cardamom, we are suppose to peel off the husk and eat the black seeds inside. Both the cardamom and cumin taste so good! Our mouth did not smell of curry after!

After that mango ice cream came. I ate the cumin with the ice cream in my mouth. Good combi!

The damage? See for yourself hehe...

Damaged was picked up by this senior colleague. He said it is his treat. Thanks Mr T.
One thing we laughed at was the bottom of the receipt. It told us to exercise regularly!

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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Fong Seng Nasi Lemak @ Clementi Road

The other nite, was hungry and tapow-ed food back. Thought of Fong Seng and ok lah. Get some food from there.

They have for sometime used boxes instead of plastic containers. It is suppose to be more environmentally friendly. These boxes supposedly keep the food warm too, and is microwaveable.

Depending on what you order, you pay for it. I thought the big black pepper looking drumstick was interesting. So big some more. I had 2 other veg.

Err.. a bit the expensive lor. $5 for it.
Come to think of it, somethings for $5 we think its expensive, others we think is cheap. haha...

There's this blogger I know, Decay On Net loves to 'chio' pple go Fong Seng. Wonder if he still does it....

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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Marche @ Vivocity

Sis and I, we were at Vivocity and decided we should grab some quick dinner. Heard that Marche moved here, but I did not know where it is located, sis said its upstairs. She brought our cousin there to have afternoon tea before.

Located at the roof, or the open area, you can find Marche.

For those who have not been there, they have these signs on the table to indicated if the tables taken or available. This was taken from our table.

Instead of a flimsy card they used previously, they have caught up with technology. Proximity cards are now used. You take this card around the restaurant and order your food, they will electronically note it in the system.

We wanted something quick and easy so we can go on with shopping.
We had a medium vegetable. You get a medium size plate and fill up with whatever you want from the veg counter. You can see the mushroom that we love. Carrots, cauliflowers, etc are all hidden below :-) $7.20

This is the other thing we ordered. Mediterranean Seafood Paella. Very tasty. $15.80

Might come again to try other stuff.

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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Kiwi & Tomato Karaage

Tonight I was rushing and did not have proper dinner. I only had 3 sotong balls bought from Old Chang Kee and 1 cup of soy milk from Mr Bean.

Came home hungry at 10pm. Dug what's in my fridge and I made this.

Chicken Karaage, chuck them in the oven toaster, depending on how many pieces you want. While it's cooking for around 5-7 minutes, cut into tiny cubes 2 tomatoes and 1 kiwi fruit. After that chop up the karaage into bite size pieces too. Then mix them up.

It taste good to me. haha... Very cold and chunky bites of tomatoes and sweet kiwi. Together with crispy and hot chicken karaage. Try it, only takes less than 10 mins to prepare.

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