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What to eat at Beauty World Station, Downtown Line, Singapore.

Beauty World Station Open Day
(Photo of Beauty World Station during the Open House)

The Downtown Line 2 has opened and people are all stopping at Beauty World (DT5) station to have their meals.

We the residents living around Beauty World welcome you to have a meal or two here. Please take the train here, as the parking attendants are quite active here and you don't want your meal to cost much more than it should. You have already been warned.

There are a few listings you can follow that has been published by fellow food bloggers I know personally. The local residents welcome these lists because those are places we don't go often. Hehe... Come and help our local restaurants and cafes.

Some people have asked me, and it's too much to tell or write. I have rounded them up into 8 clusters or areas you can visit to have your meals here.

The main eating clusters of eateries at DT5 Beauty World Station are:
Exit A / B:
1) Bukit Timah Shopping Centre
2) Beauty World Centre
3) Bukit Timah Plaza
4) Cheong Chin Nam Road food outlets.
5) Lorong Kilat

Exit C:
6) Bukit Timah Market and Food Centre.
7) Toh Yi Estate Coffeeshops
8) Eng Kong Terrace

The most popular cluster:
The most popular place to eat would be the Bukit Timah Food Centre. However be warned that many hawkers don't open everyday, especially the popular ones. They open 4 or 5 out of 7 days. Recently in the newspaper we have a hawker that was featured having their satay recipe passed down from generations. The stall has been in the same family for more than 70 years. Be warned also that different family member / employees cooked in the same stall. The father might cook in the day and the son at night, so there's a different in taste and quality! So we only order certain food when certain people are cooking.

Beauty World Station - 27 Dec - Taking the first ride that arrives.
(The local residents are very proud of this station. Many woke up at 5am in the morning to catch the first train that arrives at this station.)

Some other interesting facts:

The Malay food stalls never seem to survive at the Hawker Centre, the stalls always close down. You know why? Everyone goes to the Indian Muslim stalls at Cheong Chin Nam Road. There are 2 very famous shops. It's like everyone has their own favourites. You go and try and pick your side! One has recently been renovated and one is like so old school stuck in 80s mamak but inside a shop.

Chicken seems to be the most popular meat as there are quite a few places that sells chicken here. One of them does the most delicious fried chicken ever. When you order it, they will unwrap a packet of 'salt baked chicken' and deep fry it. It's so addicitive! You can try your luck at finding where that place is. They have like probably 15 or so chicken a day only from our observation. So it's a secret for now. Hints are in my instagram account.

There used to be 12 ice cream places within a 2 km radius, but most of them have closed down. A neighbour who lives in the same block as me has an ice cream shop actually opens his ice cream shop all the way in the East because he said the rent in this area is too high. We found out we were neighbours when I ate ice cream in the east!

We also have many Korean restaurants in the area. There are 5-6 of them and 3 of them have been around for some time. We have a community of Koreans living in this area. We even have a 'chap chai peng' style Korean stall! (The 'point point' this and that style of food)

Talking about Cafes, there's a whole long list of it too. Not all are popular though to tell the truth. We need more people to come fill up the places.

Beauty World Town re-enactment at Bukit Timah Community Centre
(A recreation of what Beauty World Town looked like long ago. This was at the Bukit Timah Community Club recently.)

More interesting non food related facts:

People always say folks staying here are 'atas'. We beg to differ. They probably forgot this area has the most 'atas' (highest) pile of earth in Singapore, Bukit Timah Hill. Residents in this area can see SwissĂ´tel The Stamford, Marina Bay Sands from our flats.

Beauty World is also the name of a Singapore Musical! It's a musical that tells of a story of a young Malaysian girl from Batu Pahat to the 1960s Singapore in search of her father.

Our local MP is quite popular with the residents because she lives in the area! The older folks in the area watched her grow up. We have seen her do her own groceries in the local supermarket before too. While friends say their MP never visit, our MP does and she does it at least 2 times a year. We avoid being at home because we are shy, our photos might end up on her Facebook page. LOL!

It's a Beautiful World out here with lots of food. Welcome to Beauty World MRT Station. Maybe when I am free, I will list out the 100 over places to eat here and our personal favourites. For now, just walk around the 8 areas listed above and you will find a place or two to have a nice meal.

Here's the first train that arrived at Beauty World Station at 5:57 am!
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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Power your day with Quaker @ Brunches Cafe

Recently after coming back from a short holiday, we were invited to try a menu that's made from the different products by Quaker Singapore at Brunches Cafe. I had wondered how would it would taste. From the way I prepare Quaker Oats, I just use hot water and stir and eat it. It's one of the ways to stay healthy.

I was pleasantly surprised that that the food prepared with Quaker products at Brunches Cafe is so tasty, it's a little addictive that I wanted to order another portion. Even not because of coming to try oats, Brunches Cafe is a very cosy place with lots of furniture and fixtures that have been reused. Someone said it's a very 'instagrammable' place! The food I heard is quite good too. I'll be back to try other food another day.


A good cup of coffee pleases the wife and she gave a nod of approval of the coffee here.
Other than the coffee here, the staff here is also very friendly to kids!


From now till the end of the year, if you like me want to try how the different Quaker products can be made tasty and not boring like how I prepare them at home, you can visit Brunches Cafe and order from the "Power Your Day With Quaker" menu.


If you all have been shopping in the supermarket, you might have been given the 'Quaker Oat for Rice', you can prepare risotto with it! My colleague at work brought the 'Quaker Oat for Rice' to work and ask if anyone want it because he doesn't cook.


We wanted to go to 'Brunch' for brunch at around 11 am, but because of the little girl messing up our schedule, we only went there at 3 pm or so. So sad that the dessert was sold out by then!


The Creamy Chicken Risotto was really creamy and had lots of chicken chunks. Probably the first time I had 'oats' that is savoury. It was almost like the 'usual' risotto just a bit healthier with the carrots and cucumber cut into tiny bits that gave it a slight crunch. Taste wise, it's something that I could keep putting it into my mouth.


Quaker Sweet Corn Oatmeal Porridge.
This second dish is more like the usual cooked oatmeal porridge that people will prepare at home except it has some sweet corn. Slightly sweet when compared to the risotto that is savoury. This is a vegetarian option and they have replaced meat with some delicious mushroom. Love that the sunny side egg is so nicely done and the egg yolk does goes well when mixed with the sweet corn oatmeal.

You can try and get idea about how you can prepare Quaker products in a different way.

Brunches Cafe
96 Rangoon Road
Singapore  218381

Tel: + 65 8685 8488

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