Sunday, September 30, 2007

Wedding Dinner @ Orchard Hotel

Last nite (Sat nite), I was at a wedding dinner. Hmmm these pictures don't look very good. The place is so dark, and I did not want to keep using flash. Food so so lah, a bit on the salty side..

Wedding dinners is a time to catch up with old friends, and taking photos with friends instead of food right? Hey, you know who you are, I shall send you all the link to download the photos :-)

Anyway, some of the food photos, after all this is Singapura food eaten. :-p

Part of the Deluxe Combi, part of the Suckling Piggy.
(Hey, there's now a group call ALL Lard Lovers in Facebook. haha..)

Wedding couple are shark lovers, so no sharks fin.
Here's Braised Fish Maw Soup with Crabmeat and Dried Scallop

Sauteed Shrimp with Cashew Nut and Honey Pea.

Braised Sliced Abalone with Whole Conpoy and Spinach.

Fierce Garoupa staring at you! haha..
Steamed Garoupa in TeoChew Style.

Deep Fried Pork Ribs in "Jing Du" Style.

There's still: (with no photos, we were busy talking and chatting and taking human photos)
Braised broccoli with chinese mushroom.
Stewed Double Happiness Ee-Fu Noodles
Double Boiled Snow Fungus with Red Dates Tea

It was quite a fun night meeting up with friends from overseas who flew in.

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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Sarawak Kolo Mee & Laksa @ Blk 130, Jurong East

On Friday, a colleague said let's go for more authentic style Sarawak Kolo Mee. He says must be one cooked by someone who originates from Kuching and you can order in the Kuching lingo and they understand you. (haha.. he was hitting at this famous chain, where you try to order in the Kuching lingo, and they stare at you blankly).

Colleague has eaten quite a few times and as he and store owners are fellow Sarawakians, they bond well. haha.. I kinda like the texture of the noodles. Colleague said the noodles are imported from JB where there's a factory that produces the noodles up to the Sarawakian specification. (haiyo!)

Another colleague who prefers Sarawak Laksa ordered this.

It's the way most Kolo mee taste in Kuching, and not localised to local taste buds kind. If you like it authentic style, try this. If you like it localised with Abalone, go to the localized taste stall. haha...

This was recommended by a Sarawakian.
Blk 130, Jurong East. (just beside CPF, it's a small little stall in the kopitiam).

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Friday, September 28, 2007

Claypot dishes @ Science Canteen, NUS

This week's the University Break, so its the best time to eat at the NUS Canteens! No students = no crowds! haha..

2 other colleagues and 1, we ordered 1 pot each and share. We also 'jia chai' and 'jia dan' on the rice.

The Tofu Claypot.

The chicken claypot. There are two kinds, when you want the dark one like this one, must say "Ji Hei de". Dark Chicken. haha... or else you will get the white one, which we do not quite like.

Beef Claypot.

The Rice with extras. Veg and Egg.

Food OK lah, its cheap and quick, one of the reasons we eat here :-)
The whole lot is less than $10.

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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Bak Chor Mee @ Dover Market & Food Centre

Two days ago, my lunch was at Dover Market. A colleague said that there's a new stall there and let's go and try try.

This must be the most attractive stall, the signboard is so clean and new. This place is going to be en-bloc soon, so it's interesting to find a stall still coming in here.

So so lah. Something different from the only remaining stalls at this place.
We were looking at the bowls collected, quite popular is seems.

We noticed something, we ordered the 3 diff kinds of noodles style on the signboard, but it all turn out the same! haha... $2 is a bit small for even a lady, $3 is ok. Colleagues who are Lard Lovers noticed they use fried lard pieces. haha...

Btw, anyone of you all in Facebook, colleagues are thinking of setting up a Lard Lovers Group. Would you all join in the group? LOL....

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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Ice3 (Ice Cube) @ Serangoon Gardens

After the big meal the other day at Ming Kee, we think we are cows and have different stomachs! We always have space reserved for drinks and desserts.

We made our way to Serangoon Gardens. The 'di dou sher' (local head snake, ie, pple staying there) said there's this place to go called Ice3 (ice cube). Game! Let's go...

The people there were quite helpful and arranged a long huge table that can fit so so so many of us. Thanks Ice3 staff.

How it looks outside.

You know, I usually dont post faces of my makan kakis, unless it is blurred or taken from the back like this. haha... The place looks cosy ya.

We started ordering and desserts came. Ice cream with waffles.

We have a NLB librarian amongst us. She just systematically cut up all the cubes to make it easier for us all to share! (hmm i am wondering.. the prev pic did not have a cherry, where did this one come from??)

This is called "make own crepe with nuts and toppings".

This is the Hawaii-5-0

This is quite famous here. The Mud Pie! Oh so yummy... It's called "Eyes Wide Open".

The more choc and oreo ice cream! It's called "Volcanic Eruption".

We also this which is called "Ring of Fire". Cool eh? I tell you, all of us devoured this ring so quickly. See all the different flavours? Any ice cream fan will love this!

We also had other drinks and common things, so not posting them up here.

Something I realise is that you noticed the ice cream is served not melted? Some places we go to the ice cream is already partially melted which really irritates!

11 Kensington Park Rd,
Serangoon Gardens Estate
Singapore 557263

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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Ming Kee Live Seafood @ 556 MacPherson Road (Part 2)

Continuation from yesterday's.....

We also had a fish. A very beautiful fish on our table! We were all quite amused with the standing fish! Steamed Teo Chew style.

It was big and you can see the amount of flesh! We really love it. You can just lick up the soup on the plate. haha...

For veggies, we had the 3 kind of eggs cooked with Nai Bai.

Aha! Why Momo wanted to come here for was for the Crab Mee Hoon!
We had 4 gigantic crabs, 2 per table like in this photo.

Big huge claws. We have a few crab lovers with us who thoroughly loved them!

We were a happy happy lot. The total bill was $610. Divided by 19 pple, $32 a person, decent.

Ming Kee Live Seafood
556 Macpherson Road
Singapore 368231

Tel: 6747 4075

You can check both StreetDirectory or Earth@Sg for maps to get here.

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Monday, September 24, 2007

Ming Kee Live Seafood @ 556 MacPherson Road

Last Saturday, we gave our friend Momo a surprise party. She was to go to Ming Kee with another friend (DKoh) to eat here because of the reviews they heard about this place. But... hey, the 18 other of us wants to eat too! So a plan was hatched.

We are going to surprise her and give her a treat here. With so many of us, we can order more food to try right? Birthday girl benefits, the rest of us too! *mua ha ha* Well, the planned worked! Two weeks of hard work paid off! She did not realize anything. haha...

The things we do, hiding below tables when she is spotted at the front coming in. 3 cameras were ready to snap photos!

So, what did we eat? The recommendation by the restaurant follows:
This is a 2 in 1 kind of dish. On one side is Guinness Stout Pork Ribs, oh now yummilicious!

On the other side is chicken. Can you imagine the taste yourself? :-p

Next it is Tian Ji (Frog legs) with Chicken Essence. Very nutritious dish!

You should try it! Really!

Next, it is baby squid that is steamed and topped with loads of garlic!
Half the table loved this, and haha... the other half can't stand the garlic.

Then we had homemade tofu with broccoli and mushroom. Wonderful!

By the way, we were split into 2 tables, so everything was replicated on the other table. Or else how to feed the 19 of us!

Coming up.... what is Ming Kee famous for?

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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Ja Jang Myeon @ Manna Korea, Takashimaya Food Village

Today, Sunday night is the last episode of the Korean Drama Series, Couple or Trouble (환상의 커플) also known as Fantasy Couple. Sis was sobbing away tonight as we were watching it. (It is shown on Starhub Cable, Channel 55, 10.30 pm, I am sure you can find the repeats timing on their website)

One thing about this show that made us very very hungry is the Ja Jang Myeon (Za Jiang Mien in Chinese). Every time Luo Shangshi orders and eats it, it makes us want to eat it too, especially the slurping sounds and the greedy looks on her face and the mess too!

When I told my sis, I 'buay tahan' go and eat it a few ago, she 'ooiii!' me, said never bring here to eat. You want to die ah... haha...

OK, this pic does not make it absolutely must eat. I think there are better ones out there too, maybe a visit to Korea!

It comes with some kimchi cabbage & cucumber.

It's a bit steep, but sometimes, when you die die want to eat it, you die die have to pay!

By the way, I think there's another fellow Singapore blogger who is a fan of Korean Sob series like my sis (ok ok like me too)! The Baker Who Cooks solves her craving by making the dish herself! View her recipe here.

Are you:
- having food cravings due to watching korean tv series?
- a korean tv fan too?

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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Mooncakes from : Li Bai (Sheraton) & Ritz-Carlton

Here are the other boxes that we got from vendors.

This one from Ritz Carlton.

Looks a bit dry right? Wonder vendor gave us fresh ones. haha...

The office had a favourite. We all voted this to be the best.
Sheraton's Li Bai has the one that suit our taste.

Nice box too.

The only box that we finish most of it.

Wishing all "Zhong Chiu Jie Kuai Le".

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Friday, September 21, 2007

Mooncakes from : Tung Lok & Meritus Mandarin

At our workplace, we get freebies from our hardware and software vendors. Of course, when we get them, we got to declare them with management first, in case we are accuse of favouring certain companies in our future tenders. haha...

Showing here today, two boxes of mooncakes.

This is Tung Luk's mooncakes. Yes, it has all the radio DJ faces from the local radio station. Our boss insist this box taste the best. We wonder why? haha...

Here's the inside. Individually packed.

This one is from Meritus Mandarin. The rest of us, all think this one from Meritus taste the best from all the diff one we received.

By just looking at the pastry texture you can tell right?

Do you like to eat mooncakes? You like these traditional baked ones, or do you like those 'snow skin' ones?

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