Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sushi Tei @ VivoCity

Our "gorilla" friend and another friend wanted to ask us out for dinner. It was some emails that was 'ding-dong-ing' around and somehow we ended up wanting to go to Sushi Tei again because we can still get the 20% because two of us had the Sushi Tei card and it was our birthday month. (times are not so good, so 20% savings is good!)

Momo also had the same vouchers I used the other time. So, we had the Sashimi Salad for free again.

This time we had the sushi tei dressing.

The egg and unagi.
(we have some how come to a conclusion that for this, only the Holland V branch can make it well, the one here, and Raffles City can't seem to get it as nice. Anyone out there agrees?)

We had the hot pot again. This time we tried the "Soya Milk" broth. See it's so white ;-)
How does it taste? Quite good, but you can't really taste the soya milk after a while. It's the seafood version we ordered. Filled with delicious seafood as you can see.

Buta Kimchi. Momo wanted to try this, after she saw what I ate the other time.
I think Kimchi taste good on anything. I think I am on a 'kimchi phase'. LOL

We also had the big prawn sushi. It's the caterpillar sushi.

Quite nicely done as you can see.

For those who needs carbo, just order some to satisfy youself.
Salmon Rice.

And also Prawn Tempura Rice.

Sushi Tei Vivocity
1 Harbour Front Walk
#02-152/153 VivoCity
Singapore 098585

Tel: +65 6376 9591, Fax: +65 6376 9592
Opening Hours : 11.30am to 10.00pm daily (last order 9.30pm)

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Monday, September 29, 2008

Dôme @ Dempsey Hill

Last week, a few of our friends (which included our 'gorilla' friend) met for dinner. After dinner we adjourned to Dempsey Hill because 'gorilla' wanted to have Ben & Jerry ice cream there.

When we walked into B&J, we could not find a sitting place there. It was so packed and noisy, because the live band was there.

We decided to walk over to Dome instead. We could get seats for 4 almost immediately and it was quiet. :-)

This branch looks particularly beautiful and stylish! Doesn't it look so English country like?

Anyway, those who could sleep after drinking caffeine ordered their coffee. Those who could not just had to content with water.

We did shared 3 desserts amongst the 4 of us.
The Pecan Pie with Gelato on top.

Tempt you a bit. LOL...

Apple crumble with gelato.

Raspberry Cheesecake.

Have a great week ahead. It's going to be really busy!

Dôme Dempsey Hill
Block 11
#01-18 Dempsey Road
Singapore 249673
Tel : 6476 8748 / Fax : 6474 8498
8am to 11pm (Sun - Thurs & PH)
8am to 1am (Fri, Sat & Eve of PH)

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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Old Town Coffee @ Chun Tin Court

Was back again at Old Town Coffee a few days ago. This time to have lunch instead of just having drinks. Nearby food centres are just too warm and humid for these few week's weather. Seeking refuge at air conditioned places.

We had the Nasi Rendang Chicken. It was served in brown paper on a basket. How interesting. It's those 'tapow' (takeaway) brown paper. The portion's quite big. You will get very full.

This one comes with a drumstick.
I think the price is around $8 or thereabouts.

This is the curry mee. (or rather Curry Kuey Teow, since we asked for Kuey Teow:-) )
Looks overly generous with oil ya. $5.90

A hot lemon tea. It will dissolve some oil from the above dishes. :-p

It was such a hot day, we had I think 5 orders of the "Xi Mut" milk tea. I think I am getting to like this tea more each time I drink it. :-p $2.30

OldTown White Coffee
Chun Tin Court
9 Yuk Tong Avenue
Singapore 596314
Tel: 64674404

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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Villa Seafood Galleria @ Labrador Nature Reserve

Momo's been overeating. This was one of her birthday dinners. It was a two person's birthday in 1 kind of birthday celebration.

Thanks to Dino and another friend who organized the whole thing that started earlier in the day till night. It was a surprise for Momo as she did not know where dinner was to be at.

It was guessing all the way until we reached the Labrador Nature Reserve.

What did we eat? The 5 of us had....

3 different soups to try.
This is the Soup of the Day - Dried Scallop and Daikon Soup.

The fish maw bisque. This one is really tasty. (for those who like things a tad salty, this is for you)

This is for those who like vegetables. The Crab meat, mushroom and spinach soup.
The moment you put in your mouth, you know its so healthy tasting. LOL...

We also had ostrich meat in black pepper sauce. It was very tender. If you like beef, you would love this.

The scallop and asparagus. Nice.

The deep fried buns for the crabs. Seeing this bun, you should know what kind of crabs we are eating!

Chilli Crabs. The sauce is kind of sweetish. Does not give you that super spicy kick. For those who can't take spicy chilli crab, this milder version that taste more tomato-ish is for you.

This is what went into my stomach. haha...

We also needed some carbo for the night. This was the Fish Noodles with Seafood.
(it's usually in black pepper, but we already had black pepper ostrich, so we requested that they omit the black pepper here). A tad oily, but taste wise it's good.

If you come during lunch, you get a really good view of the sea.
If you are here for dinner, after dinner, you can go up to the roof top, and sit romantically under the stars and have a drink from the bar. ;-)

Villa Seafood Galleria
30 Labrador Villa Road
Labrador Nature Reserve
Singapore 119189
Tel: 6377 0351
Opening hours: 11.30 am - 3 pm (Lunch), 6 pm - 10.30 pm (Dinner)

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Friday, September 26, 2008

Thai Cuisine Workshop with Chef Yong @ The People's Association Community Centres

Guess what I did last weekend? I attended a cooking workshop! Sis, Momo, Camemberu and Southernoise and I registered for Chef Yong's cooking workshop at Ulu Pandan Community Centre.

Sis and I watch "The Asian Food Channel" (on Starhub TV Channel 69 for those in Singapore, Astro Channel 703 for those in Malaysia) a bit too often and we always wanted to be in the audience of the cooking shows! You know how the chef and the co-host will always "it smells so good", "how marvelously fragrant" etc... and you NEVER get to smell it! Or when the audience gets to taste the food, you get jealous because you don't get to eat it!

This is our chance to try it! Chef Eric Low, (his pen name = Chef Yong) is quite a famous guy in the Chef circle in Singapore. We are going to see the Chef in action and try the food he cooks too!

This is the Chef in action.

The first dish we were taught: Thai Grilled Beef Salad.
Oh, this is so so delicious. I had double portions.

Chef explained everything from how it's eaten in Thailand, where to get Thai ingredients in Singapore etc... You will really be impressed with his knowledge. We were told this salad is eaten with steamed glutinous rice. So here's the beef salad served with the glutinous rice. (the rice is hidden behind the salad)

The second dish he taught was Thai Squid Cakes with Pineapple Salsa.
This is Chef Eric preparing the squid cakes.

The squid cakes are dipped with breadcrumbs.

The next step was deep frying them.

He makes enough for everyone and some extra for seconds too!

The pineapple salsa that he made in our presence.

Pour over the fried squid cakes and it's ready. Tada!
I will adapt his recipe to reduce some ingredients to make it less salty. Our family is a bit too sensitive to salt ;-)

The third dish he taught was Pineapple Fried Rice.
I was wondering how to cook this at home! I do not have such a big wok! No big hawker style big burner fire too! LOL...

Sis and I realised that our tongue's not tuned to fish sauce yet. We did not grow up with fish sauce so we might use less of this ingredient and also oil if we follow the recipe at home. That's chef splashing fish sauce into the rice.

The finished product. Garnished with fried basil, pork floss and toasted cashew nuts.

You can view Chef Yong's blogs at:

Visit my dear friend Camemberu's blog for her experience at this cooking workshop.

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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Kingfisher Cafe @ NUSS Kent Ridge Guild House

Colleagues and I, we came back to Kingsfisher Cafe to have lunch again. We remembered that they are closing down and moving to a new location soon.

Guess what's our reason this time to come here? We know that prices will definitely rise when a restaurant goes through refurbishment or move. This is Singapore, it happens 100% of the time! We knew exactly what we wanted to eat before we came here.

We have 2 portion orders of 'carrot cake' as well. The order of carrot taste really good today. We realise that there's lots of ingredients in it. Pan fried so nicely too. We like, we like. ;-)
6 pieces - $7.60

The reason we came here was to eat the Nasi Goreng Istimewa.
Istimewa means special. What's special? It has so many things. KEROPOK! sate, egg sunny side up, big drumstick.

Turn the plate around, you can see that there's 2 prawns, acar and the big huge portion of fried rice. $8 each. We had 5 plates of this. haha...

We also ordered one Sambal Kang Kong to share. It's good too. $12

We asked them. This place will forever be gone from 29 September. They will have new restaurants at the new Guild House / Alumni House. The western menu will go to the new restaurant called "The Ridge Bar". The chinese menu will go to "The Scholar".

You will need to be a member of the NUSS or come with someone who is a NUS Staff.

Kingfisher Cafe
The National University of Singapore Society Kent Ridge Guild House
9 Kent Ridge Drive
Singapore 119241

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Javanese Malay Food @ Clementi West St 2

A colleague said let's go to Clementi to eat some Malay Food yesterday. We were wondering where he would drive us. Oh... it was to Clementi West St 2.

He said the Javanese Malay stall that we used to go to (at Blk 727, same block as the 7-Eleven), he knows where it has moved to, after a long search.

It's now at Blk 722. They did not move too far away.

Our 'driver' drove us here so that he could eat his mee rebus. It does look very good. Thick gravy, portion's good too. Hmm.. next time I shall try it.

For me, I had the soto bee hoon. Compared to the soto I had (posted few days ago), the soup was better at the 'other' stall, but this one had quite a lot of ayam hiris (chicken stripes) and more bee hoon too. I was glad that they had quite a bit of bean sprouts too.

The spicy paste (the dark stuff in the middle) when you mix it into the soup, the whole soup changes. It gets really really spicy and the salt in it just brings out the flavour of the soup. I liked it.

Oh, this stall also has the lontong goreng. It's like chinese 'chai tow kueh'. Instead of carrot cake, it's ketupat for this dish. It's like mee goreng with mee, but ketupat pieces.

It's not too bad. But personally, I prefer my garlic infused black chai tow kueh. It has more uumpph. Maybe if they added lots of garlic to it... Hmmmm. LOL...

Previously (like 1 year ago or so) we used to eat their mix rice. The rice's good. But today was not a rice day for us. Next time.... ;-)

Stall 2, Okaki Coffee Shop
722 Clementi West Street 2
Singapore 120722

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