Friday, November 30, 2007

Buffet Dinner @ The Arts House

Earlier tonight, I was at the Opening of the Singapore Writers Festival. After the speeches, reciting of poems, a dance, etc, there was the food!

Frankly speaking, I have no idea why I was there! What's a food blogger doing at a writer's festival. My sis laughed when I told her about the Writers Festival. She complains about the grammar, spelling etc on my blogs. (She's an English and Music teacher, so... you know lah...) How can? how can you be there! 'siah suay leh'. Sorry lah, I post everyday, so I just type what's on my mind, you are like reading my drafts everyday.

Anyway, there was a huge huge crowd queueing for food. The only person that I know was Cheryl (The Baker Who Cooks) that I started to communicate few days ago. :-p

I usually don't take buffet photos, but am using it as an excuse to do a 'shameless plug' of this Sunday's event at the Arts House. (We were told by the organizers, to tell your friends, tell your friends...)

Am I a glutton? So much food on the plate. Asparagus with Mushrooms, Rendang, Kuey teow, Mango salad...

Wasabi prawn salad, tandoori chicken or was it fish, etc...

It's actually quite delicious. It's catered from Restaurant 1827 Thai, which is situated in the Arts House itself. Maybe one day I shall have dinner there.

So.... see you at:
F-logging – The Fine Art of Food Blogging
Sun 2 Dec 2007 | 5pm – 6pm | Earshot, The Arts House
Featuring: Cheryl Chia (BakerWhoCooks), Keropok Man (Singapura Daily Makan) and Aun Koh (Chubby Hubby)

(errr... did I scare you all off?)

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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Central Hong Kong Cafe @ Takashimaya Shopping Centre

This afternoon, a few colleagues had something to settle, so we followed them to Ngee Ann City. Just nice, another colleague who is on reservist pop by too, for a meeting. So, we set off to town in two cars, and had to quickly enter the CBD before 12 to avoid the ERP. LOL..

We settled to eat at Central. This place used to have 'snaking' queue, but when we were there, it was quite empty. We also heard that food here's not as salty as it used to be when it first opened. haha..

After we finish, people checking out the menu.

I had the Stewed Beef noodles. The bowl looked unique! hahaa..

Two colleagues ate the beef kuey teow.

One ate the Pork Chop tomato with sunny side up rice. She had to wait quite long though...

Two other colleagues had the fried rice. Actually, they did not know it would be fried rice! haha.. It was suppose to be Roast Pork something rice, but err, what Roast Pork. LOL..
I guess it looked tasty too.

After that, we split up into two groups, with 2 colleagues went to settle their stuff, while the other had their meeting at Coffee Bean. *boring* *yawn* haha...

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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Sushi Tei @ Ngee Ann City

Was shopping with sis a few days ago and all the walking and carrying the 'spoils' around made us tired. Where can we find a place to sit down and not waste time? We decided to have an early dinner, before 6 pm.

It's early, so we had a small meal. I ordered Yakitori Don. $8
Sis 'taxed' some of my food.

She had her Sashimi. 3 pcs of each as you see below. $12

Sis also ordered Kani Mentai. $5. It's Crab, as you see below.

Not too bad lah.

We paid using the Sushi Tei card, which comes with a 10% discount.

If you have the Sushi Tei JCB Credit Card, have you heard that they are stopping the card soon? Colleagues who used it were also told when they paid using the card last week. Wonder what will happen to our cards.

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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Ajisen @ Plaza Singapura

It seems that these few weeks, Plaza Singapura seems to be where I frequent. Hmmm I wonder why?

Anyway, for Sunday's lunch, we were wondering what to eat, and we ended up at Ajisen. How predictable too when we decided to order food. The same people who usually eats the same food ordered the same thing. Haha..

Except for this, Salmon Sashimi ($6.80)that came quite pretty eh.

Uncle had Tom Toro Ramen. Pork slices.

Cousin and aunt shared the Pai Ku Ramen. I love the paiku!!!

I ordered the Tomato Ramen yet again! I love the taste of it, I dunno why!

Shall not show the side dishes ya. Same same all the time. So predictable too. All the sets are $13.80, which consist of 1 Ramen dish, 1 side dish and 1 drink.

There was this promotion thingy. New dishes and here it is. Ika Meshi. ($8.80)
It's Sotong stuffed with rice. I think you need to have an acquired taste for this.

When I was paying, the cashier was asking if we liked the Ika Meshi.
Aunt loved it, uncle so so, I dun like. That's why I don't put ratings on food. Everyone has different taste! haha..

The cashier said some people loved it, others left the dish untouched after one bite. I think Ajisen will do well, since they ask people what they think. Haha..

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Monday, November 26, 2007

Azabu Sabo Hokkaido Ice Cream @ Plaza Singapura

Oh no... I think I am been eating too much ice cream!

Yesterday, sis and I went for a early Christmas shopping for gifts for relatives. We thought we could beat the crowds and there's some pretty decent sales. Unbelievably, we got discounts just for asking, and hey it was from places like Takashimaya and Isetan. (Really!)

Anyway, we were all over Orchard Rd, we had a tea break at Plaza Singapura. Sis wanted something cold, I suggested McDonalds cones, coz I for some reason love them, she said no. Not wasting calories on them.

So she treated me ice cream, she shared ice cream with a recovering ill bro. She had earlier seen this Hokkaido Ice Cream at the basement and wanted to try it.

Green tea with red bean plus Tiramisu.

No comments about the ice cream though. haha. maybe my tastebud's a bit off due to the Paracetamol and Phenylephrine from yesterday's post.

For those like me who have to clear lots of work before the end of year, work hard!

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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Porridge @ Home

It's the flu season, not sure how many people you know are falling sick, but I was a near victim of it. Maybe a victim, cause I was so tired, feeling very uncomfy all over, with semi blocked nose as well.

So, what was my diet? Lemsip! Plus lots and lots of water and Vit C. I think I got lemsip because of the adverts on TV. I am a TV addict. LOL..

Sick man's food? Porridge.
With whatever that can be found in the fridge. Broccoli and Eggs.
How boring? Add in some Thai Dried Shrimps. These are yummy, mum and sis bought it from Bangkok when they went there for holidays.

Take care everyone!

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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Nasi Singapura House of Lontong @ Adam Road Food Centre

It has been a long time since colleagues and I went to Adam Road to have lunch. It's funny, when we decide to go there, everyone will say, I want to order the Ayam Merah. But when we reach there, only 1 person end up ordering it.

Does that happen to you too? Everyone decide want to eat something, but when we are there, everyone suddenly change their minds and eat something else.

Anyway, this is the store go to. You queue up for food, get the food, the lady at the stall will tell you how much it is, but you don't pay her. You pay to this most of the time grouchy lady sitting on the eating table right in front of the stall.

The Ayam Merah, I guess this photo might have been better taken from the other angle. haha..

I ended up having Assam Fish instead.

Another colleague who is eyeing other food after this, ordered only sides and no mains! Unless you consider egg a main dish. haha..

We also had Sup Kambing from another stall. Yummmm.
Have a good weekend!

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Friday, November 23, 2007

Desserts : Aji Tei @ Takashimaya Basement

Last Sunday, Sis had to conduct the choir rehearsal so we ate first. She told her we will be walking around Taka, so she headed to Aji Tei to have lunch. We joined her, but for desserts.

What did we call?
Kakigori Mango. $5.80
I like the red bean on top. hehe. It's like a Jap version of ice kacang with mango.

We wanted to try more things, so there is this Sagamo Set. $8.80
With this set, we had Anmitsu. OK, I am not sure what exactly the names are. But they were interesting enough to eat.

You can see nata de coco, peaches, red bean paste, chewy colourful balls and colour chewy pieces as well. (I think the chewy stuff are varieties of rice dumplings)

Then there is Sweet Soya Dango.
Yes, that sauce over it is sweet soya over rice dumpling, it's quite tasty!

And Macha Ice Cream on corn flakes.

Oh, if you are wondering where it is, it's at Basement 2, just beside Cold Storage.

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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Prego @ Raffles The Plaza

Tonight, I went with Momo, my co-blogger, to have dinner. We settled to have dinner at Prego. It has been quite some time since we came here.

One thing about Prego, is the nice warm bread they serve you when you arrive. You can have it with the tomato-ish dip they have (hidden behind the bread in the picture, haha) or have it with olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

For appetizer, we shared this. I ordered this because I read about someone preparing this for her guest. 20 month old Proscuitto with Rock Melon and aragula. $26. Absolutely delicious! There's fig paste hidden behind the aragula. (must warn that the parma ham's salty! haha)

Momo had squid ink pasta with lobster. $38

OK, I had to take the pix of the lobster again. haha...

I had pumpkin ravioli. $25
Doesn't look very delicious visually, but it taste good in the mouth!
If you like creamy stuff ;-P

Used the "Feed at Raffles" card and we got 50% food, when 2 person dines. So, whatever the price you see, divide by half. Isn't it better to eat here then elsewhere?

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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Uncle Soup @ Engineering Canteen, NUS

As they say, you can get value for money eats in NUS Canteens. Colleagues and I, we headed to the Engine Canteen yesterday.

Not feeling 100% well, so decided to have some soupy stuff, another colleague too had this. We saw that there's a new stall. Uncle Soup. What a 'cute' name.

The Ginseng Chicken soup is not bad at all. Comparable to the food court ones, but not the food court prices. It's only $3.50

Rice extra 30 cents, forget the rice. We both did not finish our rice.
The other colleague had Indian food that he was craving. haha...

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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Raffles Creamery @ Raffles Hotel

If you have been following the last few day's photos, right after dinner, we had ice cream. Raffles Creamery is just outside the door of Seah St Deli, in the courtyard.

Save me explaining, you can read it here:

The next few photos are smaller photos (for quicker loading) of the process of 'tepanyaki-ing' the ice cream.

Our friend ordered a triple scoop, so 3 scoops of ice cream here.

Mashing and chopping....

More violently as it goes...

Is it mixed well yet? Not quite... Add in the toppings....

Spread it all on the freezer pan to cool the mixture, and to mix is well.

Hmmm with the scrapper that the person is using, wonder if he had prior experience in the cement industry.

More chopping! And rounding it up into a lump.

The lump is then scoop into the cup.

The butterscotch wet topping on top to finish it up.

Here's a video of them making the one I had.
Some exotic vanilla, gummy bears and granola cereal as toppings. I think it's a good job for those who likes to vent their anger! haha..

Yes, all of us ate inside the Deli, it was just too warm outside.

Not the best ice cream you can get, but the fun / wah! factor is there.

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Monday, November 19, 2007

Seah Street Deli @ Raffles Hotel (Part II)

Continuation from yesterday.

We talked about kids friendly place right yesterday? Haha.
This is called kids friendly, they give crayons and paper for colouring.

No, the real kids didn't do this. It's the big kids who coloured it. LOL...

Sis actually wanted to order the Baby Ribs that she loves from this place. Aiya of all aiyahs! Don't have! So... she ordered Lamb Shanks instead. 18.50

We had a friend who came back to Singapore too, he order salah lah. Come back from Ang Moh country, order fried chicken. oops. 17.50

I can't remember who ordered this. hehe.. Salmon Steak 18.95
2 person ordered this.

This is what I ordered. Shoulder Pork Stew. 19.00
Not too bad lah. Something different. Usually stew is beef right?

Sicilian Chicken 18.00
I have no idea who ordered this too. haha..

Mrs JY ordered this. Oxtail Stew. 22.00
Seems that 2 person ordered this.
Mrs JY, how it taste ah?

We also had 2 orders of Hamburger, 2 Elvis Burger etc, but aiya, table so long, so far, did not take them. Next time perhaps :-)

Seah Street Deli
Raffles Hotel #01-22
1 Beach Road

Guess what's for tomorrow? We all had ice cream after dinner! Yes Ice Cream again.
Raffles Creamery which you can order from just outside in the courtyard and eat inside here.

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