Friday, April 03, 2009

Ke Ai Ji (Golden Rooster) @ Clementi

Yesterday, our colleague drove us to Clementi Town Centre because he needed to do run some errands at the Post Office.

Wondering what to eat, we finally ended at the Varinice food court beside Clementi Fairprice A. (There are two Fairprice in Clementi, thus they call it A and B)

Remember when there was a time, Ke Ai Ji was everyone's favourite? Due to a million kinds of excuses, they raised their prices so so so many times, many of us just decided to give it a miss. Their standard also dropped. (I am sure many of you agree right?)

Few weeks ago, sis tried it again and said, ey, they have repented. The food's not that bad anymore. lol...

Since we are sitting at this coffee shop, I decided to give it a try.

Ke Ai Ji

Ke Ai Ji

It tasted better than what I remembered the last time I had it. I remember it being so bloody that I gave up on it. This time it is not bad lah... (or is it because I have not had it for a long time?)

The chilli is nice though. ;-)

Ke Ai Ji

Price of 1/2 chicken is now $4.50

Golden Rooster / Ke Ai Ji
Blk 450 Clement Avenue 3
Singapore 120450

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Life for Beginners said...

I love the oil glistens on that meat... A perfect meal for the weekend! After a very late morning of sleeping in of course... ;)

Unknown said...

So I am not the only person who will sleep in when there's an opportunity. LOL..

Get Calcium! said...

Yah used to love their half spring chicken rice when we were students around that area...then their standard drop so much that it's not much worth mentioning it better now? A colleague just tried it couple of months back and say it is still of no hope...i miss their old half spring chicken rice!

Meg said...

Ummmm... dinner time coming up.... I wish I could click on the top pic and ZAPPP the dish would appear in my microwave...

Camemberu said...

Haha I love chao-tar grilled chix!

Unknown said...

Get Calcium,
You can go try and see. We think it's ok now compared to sometime ago when we totally would not touch it.

No such technology available yet!
Someone should invent small over IP first. LOL...

It's extra 'pang' right? hehe.

Anonymous said...

service sucks big time!!!

Unknown said...

we know that, but we sometimes still miss the taste of the chicken. LOL...

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