Monday, July 30, 2007

Mickey Mouse Cake

On Sunday night, a group of us were invited to a friend's house for dinner. He was preparing steamboat. We knew it was his birthday, and had hints that he did not want anyone of us to bring anything.

But how can we go empty handed? We decided to get him a cake anyway. He's already 35. Looking at the refrigerated shelf at Bengawan Solo, we can't decide which cake.

The kiddo in us said, get a Mickey Mouse! Haha...

It is a beautiful cake ya? Surprisingly, it tasted not bad too. It was a chocolate cake inside.
Happy Birthday Alan!

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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Food Republic @ Wisma Atria

By know you know that at time, we do crazy things, we will take a cab halfway thru the island to eat and then take cab and get back to work. Of course we don't do it daily.

This colleague of ours, had to go to a dentist, and his dentist is at Wisma Atria. So we accompanied him lah, give him comfort a bit. LOL. (aren't you afraid of the dentist??)

So we ate at Food Republic.

We ordered 'Or Chien' (Oysters Pancakes)

We also had 2 plates of the "Or peh" leaves char kuey teow.

Another colleague ordered the "oh peh" leaves hay mee.

Also the "jian ping". We all don't find this jian ping nice at all.

Don't need to name the store ya, when you are there, I am sure you can find the store.
By the way, everyone seems to say the same thing. The similar food, the prices in Wisma Atria seems to be cheaper than at the Harry Potter version of Food Republic at Suntec City.

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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Curry Puff with the Green Dot

Can you still call a curry puff a curry puff if there's no curry in it?
Colleagues bought this for a few of us last Friday.

He said he got some different ones, this is black pepper chicken ones.
Ya, the green dot ones are the black pepper ones.

Not too bad lah, very different. (some pple told me, you a bit outdated, they have it for some time already, err ok lor... haha)

By the way, if you want to know how to get them for 40% off? Those in Singapore, check out the Singpost National Day brochure package that came in your mailbox. There's an Old Chang Kee coupon in it! (The package that came with some sachet of softener if you wonder huh??? what package)

I did not know it too, until colleague pointed it out, and got us these curry puffs. :-) $2 off for $5 of products purchased. Not a bad deal eh?

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Friday, July 27, 2007

Ricciotti Italian Deli & Pastry @ The Riverwalk (Part 2)

If you like yesterday's dessert, here's more...

We all had so many kinds, it's not possible to name them lah. Actually it is because I don't know what they are called! haha...

If you like what you see, visit them!

Ricciotti Italian Deli & Pastry,
The Riverwalk B1-49/50
20, Upper Circular Road S(058416)

Of the 15 varieties shown, which is your favourite? I like the Tiramisu and Cassata Siciliana (the one with marzipan and citrus fruit strip)

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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Ricciotti Italian Deli & Pastry @ The Riverwalk

Tonight we celebrated 2 friend's birthday. What a coincidence that both fall on the same day! After our Bible Study, we all, (the all is like 20 of us) went to Ricciotti to have dessert.

We are as the locals call it, "siao" (mad) dessert kind. We nearly ordered all the cakes they have on the glass fridge display.

Here goes....

But wait, still got! Tomorrow show you what else we ate......
Stay tuned...

So, are you 'siao' dessert too?

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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Smooth Skin Species Avocado

You have seen the tree in a previous post.

Here's the close up of the fruit.

It's the smooth skin species. Ok, not so smooth, with a bit of blemish. But it's not the ones that we usually get from the shops, which are wrinkled species.

Take a look at this website at Purdue University. Lots of info!

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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Ajisen @ Pargo Bugis

Last Sunday, we had lunch at Pargo Bugis. Instead of walking down the basement path where the food court and other restaurants are, we walk on ground level and at the other side.

It's been sometime since we had Ajisen, so we sat down.
We ordered the set meals, which comes with a side dish, a main dish and a drink.

The side dish that came was the Octopus. It has lots of sauce on it right? Is it a bit wrong? But I think I dip my other food in this sauce. (oii.. don't laugh!)

We also had Octopus Balls with benito flakes.

These are the soft shell crabs.

Sis and Aunt ordered the Pai Ku Mian. (Pork rib ramen).
I love the pork ribs, I 'tax' some from sis.

I had Tomato Chicken. I thought it was interesting and I think it is very delicious. I love tomato based stuff. The soup is whitish, but below, there's something like tomato salsa you have as dips.

Have a great day ahead.

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Monday, July 23, 2007

Singapore's Tallest Wedding Cake @ Parco Bugis

Last Sunday, we were walking around at Parco Bugis and guess what we saw? Singapore's tallest wedding cake.

Can you guess how tall it is?

It's 3.8 metres tall and it weights 1.4 tonnes!

Zoom in at the bottom layer. How interesting to have water droplets deco yah..

It you can see on the right, is a banner that has the height of the cake.

The cake is made by Hotel Intercontinental.
Would you want to have a cake like this for your wedding?

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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Lao Beijing @ Plaza Singapura

Last Friday nite, a group of friends met to watch Transformers. The show's at 8.20 pm. The rest could not meet up earlier for dinner, so only 3 persons could. Two of us arrived earlier, and proceeded to order some food at Lao Beijing.

We ordered portions for 3 persons, but the 3rd person got stuck in traffic and could not make it till much much later, no problem, the 2 of us just finished up everything, we were too hungry anyway. *glutton look*

Here's what we ate.

2 starter dishes:
Sliced White Pork with lotsa garlic. I loveeeee this!

Cucumber pickles.

Well, the main dishes. Another type of cucumber: Sea Cucumber.

Then another claypot dish. Egg plant with mince meat.

Also Dou Miao with Chicken mousse.

It was a hearty meal, and then it was off to Transformers.
Those who did not join us for the meal, next time lah.. :-)

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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Pop corns : Sweet or Salty ones for you?

Do you like these? I was at company's family day at Sentosa, and there was just free flow of these stuff. haha..

Well, we had many servings of popcorns but we just could not even finish a little bit of the pinky stuff. just too sweet!

Talking about popcorns, you like the sweet ones or the salty ones?

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Friday, July 20, 2007

Muffin by Spinelli

I have fabulous office mates. Remember the other day, one bought a box of muffins from Toa Payoh. Just last Tuesday, another colleague bought this for me.

A nice chocolatey muffin from Spinelli's.

If you work in an office, do you all always buy food for your colleagues?
Donuts maybe? LOL....

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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Asam Fish, Ngor Hiang @ Bukit Timah Food Centre

Sis and I we went to Bukit Timah Food Centre to have lunch few days ago, and it shows we have very different liking for food.

She likes to order Ngor Hiang when she comes here.

For me, I almost always order this, if we are not sharing food. I like Assam Fish. This fish reminds me of childhood food too. Sis wont touch this at all! haha..

I almost always certain order bitter gourd to go along too! I remember a friend who says, you are eating the same thing again!

Your siblings like the same food? I know my other siblings like different food. Do you know what your siblings like or hate?

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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Yikowei @ The Centrepoint

Last Sunday, we decided to go to The Centrepoint at Orchard Rd because it was the last day of the sale at Robinsons.

The usual places to eat there is so predictable, so we thought we will walk down the Basement 2. We walked and thought hmmm new shop, should we give it a try? So we walked in and sat down. Looked at the menu, so boring, thought we should have gone opposite shop instead.

Anyway, we ordered 1 fried rice and 1 XO beehoon. We thought we will just make it quick and get on with shopping.

When the food came, we tried it, ey, not that bad leh. Still can pass. haha...

Fried Rice something, sis said Crystal Jade better, but ok lah, its less pricy here :-)

We also ordered XO Bee hoon. It actually taste quite ok. This picture is actually the 2nd plate we ordered. The original one came with 9-10 prawns. Uncle's coming to join us, he does not eat prawns, so they actually accommodated by changing the ingredients to have sotong and chicken meat instead. That gave us a good impression.

While we were at it, we saw the counter had Kueh Pai Tee, so we ordered. It came in a plate like this. Wah. Never seen pai tee served like this. It was not too bad too.

Good alternative to Pizza Hut, Prima Taste etc at this mall. Rice and Noodles around $9, Paitee ( 5 pieces) for around $6 I think. Place still new, so no GST yet. haha... Usual service tax still applies.

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Monday, July 16, 2007

Riverside Indonesian Restaurant @ Riverside Point (Part 2)

Here's the rest of the dishes...

This big huge fish came. I would say the fish is a bit dry.

This is the ala carte order of Otah.

Of course there's Satay lah.. Chicken and Mutton.

As you can see, everything is panggang, so what else is there to panggang?
Ikan Pari Panggang lah... (Ray Fish)

The Udang (Prawns) is also panggang.

The next and the last dish is surprisingly not panggang!
It's Sotong!

It was a good time meeting with people. Even the way we order, come to think of it is funny.
On the set menu, there's these numbers, and for each number, there's a panggang something and another version. We were just like voting, some are non brainer, of course we will take certain things over others.

Happy Birthday Kevin!

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