Thursday, May 31, 2007

Hong Kong Kim Gary Restaurant @ Vivo City

Instant noodles on steroids! That was what I wanted to put for the header! haha..

Yesterday, we celebrated one colleague's birthday by going down to Vivo City for lunch. Someone suggested Kim Gary, so off we went there...

That's colleagues in front of the shop. The address is there too.

We sat down and the menu came.

It seems this might be the only branch in Singapore. There are 10 branches in Malaysia. The famous one is in Sungai Wang Plaza, KL.

Sorry ah. Blogger is not allowing me to upload the rest of the pictures, been trying for the last 15 mins. I will post the food pictures tomorrow. Going to sleep liao...

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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Sushi Tei @ Holland Village

Our aunts visited. One from London, the other from Malaysia. Together with Singapore aunt & family, we all went to have Japanese Food. We treated them to Jap.

We ate at Sushi Tei at Holland V. Here's what we ate.

They are having a Spring Promotion Special Menu. We ordered this from the Spring Menu.
Yummy and Delicioius. Salmon, Salmon Belly, Tuna, Scallops, Tuna. I love those mint leaves, they are so refreshing!

This is from the normal menu. Udon Curry.

Aunt from Spore loves ST's garlic rice, so we ordered it.

This looks interesting on the menu, so we ordered it. It's Wasapillar or something. It's something that looks like a caterpillar. Interesting eh!

Our fav, Jap Baby Octupus. We also had our fav seaweed behind.. (those sharp eyes pple eg Tigerfish can sure spot it one... haha)

This is another delicious thingy. It's egg roll and it wraps up unagi. Its warm too. You should try it!

Something else from the Spring Menu. Steamboat!

We ordered some Kimchi Steamboat.

It's quite big. Just nice for the 8 of us plus all the food above.
Lots of salmon, udon, kimchi, mushroom, etc...

We also had other thing that this photographer forgot to take, eg our usual Unagi Bento.
I think I should get the sushi tei card to get discounts man....

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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Amoy Street Food Centre : Ayam Power Cuisine

Today colleague and I had a chance to eat at the Amoy Street again, this time we tried the quite talk about Ayam Penyet available here.

This is the stall, also on the second floor.

This is the chicken, served on a wooden plate. Interesting eh!
The sauce is very good!

Then the rice with a piece of fried batter and a bowl of soup.
Hmmm I wonder why the ayam penyet is not penyet (ie flattened). Maybe it is not Ayam Penyet that we ordered. haha...

But it was delicious!

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Monday, May 28, 2007

Amoy Street Food Centre : Nasi Lemak

This is the super long queue nasi lemak stall at Amoy Street Food Centre. It's located upstairs and I am sure you won't miss it. The queue is forever so long.

Here's Amoy Street Sign. I finally took it! Colleague queued for me! haha.. I 'lompang' him to order since he is eating it too. (I was attending a course at British Council that's why we are eating here today)

The stall number is 02-81, at the 2nd floor.

Here it is.. One side of the plate, with chicken wing, a slice of luncheon meat, fish cake, sambal.

The other side, the fried anchovies, fish fillet, otah and the cucumber.

Definitely very filling and quite delicious too! $3.

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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Masala Art - Peninsula Plaza

Those who was wondering about yesterday's quiz, it's at this place called Masala Art at Peninsula Plaza.

We had Indian Food Buffet there, we were celebrating two person's birthday from my CG.
Not showing the all the food from the buffet line, but this is interesting.

There's this guy making chapati there. Freshly made chapati just taste delicious!

The entrance to the shop, it's at Basement 1, Peninsula Plaza.

This guy making naan.

Another picture of the process.

After rolling the dough (yesterday's photo), the piece of flattened dough is put on the flat pan.

The naan is then put over the fire to make it expand!

There you go.... The above is the chapati making process.

Here, this is nann breads that is made in the kitchen. It is served to us in baskets like this.

Interesting ya?

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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Makan Quiz Again....

Too busy to post the whole series up. So just put up one picture and give a quiz instead.

Anyone know what is this guy doing, and where it is?

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Friday, May 25, 2007

Cooking flower drummets at home...

My cousin loves this dish. It's her maternal granny's specialty. So, other than yesterday's crabs, aunt also made this dish.

I am not very sure of the exact seasoning. When I find out and prepare it myself one of these days, I will post the recipe up.

The chicken drummets that have the meat all pushed to the top. Seasoned for a few hours in the fridge.

Then the oil.... for deep frying lah..

You dip it in a combi of floor. Rice flour and normal flour I think.
Then you put the big portion part right into the oil.

Then you add more.... and more.... and more....

After the thicker parts have been cooked, you can start to stir them so that the whole piece of chicken is cooked.

Then you drain off the oil.

That's it! Serve.....

I like the taste of it. If I am not wrong, the seasoning very simple. The main ingredients are galangal, onions and garlic.

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Thursday, May 24, 2007

How to cook your own chilli crabs at home... It's easy. Really!

Last weekend, went over to aunt's place. Remember the birthday cake? It was a birthday party.
The main thingy is eating crabs.

So here's the whole process of cooking crabs. You can do it at home too...

This are crabs that was just bought a few hours earlier. The secret to great tasting crabs is freshly 'murdered' crabs. haha.. No need to teach you how to kill crabs lah...

Here's the first container of the crabs.

These are the leggies part of the crabs.

That is a mix of onions and garlic and ginger.

Usually we use prima's crab mix, but the kids that was sent down to buy, bought this instead! haha..

Then after it smells really good, add in the chilli crab paste.

When it's nice and smell simply intoxicating, add in the crabs!

Stir fry them, mix them really well. I tell you, cooking chilly crabs will get rid of flabby arms! The exercise that you have to do to stir.... This is after adding water.... You can see the colour has changed...

Then after adding in the beaten eggs, it looks even yummier now...

After that, serve..

Chilli crabs must go with buns... This is the ones you get from the frozen section...

After steaming it... looks good ya...

Hope you enjoyed today's post. No, I did not cook them this time. Aunt did it. I just took photos.

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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

NYDC : Cheesecake for birthday.

Quick post.... This is a cake we had few days ago, when we celebrated a cousin's birthday. You can count the candles to know the age.

Decided to post something different. Hands taking the candles off the cake.
Yes, the Cheesecake from NYDC is yummy!

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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Buddy Hoagies Cafe and Grill @ Bukit Timah Shopping Centre

Last Sunday after church, aunt said let's go to this new place where she had tea.
It's called Buddy Hoagies, and it is located at Basement 1, Bukit Timah Shopping Centre.

One thing about the food here, it looks very pale. But it taste ok. Scroll down and you can see what I mean.

Service was fast though. Did not have to wait long.

This is the cabonara. Very white right? We think if your garnishing a bit 'old', skip it lah.

Fish & Chips looks good though. I pinched some. It's 2 huge pieces.

I had grilled chicken. See pale pale right? haha.. But taste not bad lah..

This is the kids meal. Spaghetti and it comes with 2 oreo cookies!

This is Ham Rosti.

I think their target market is school kids. Lots and lots of offers for school kids.
If only, I am still a kid, I can get the discounts! haha...

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