Saturday, June 30, 2007

The Avocado Tree : Can you spot the avocado?

Is green leaves all you see? Look again!
Can you spot the avocados? There are so many of it too!

I have always seen this tree, but it was only last week that I know it's an Avocado Tree!
I am so so sua ku. haha...

Anyone wants to guess where this tree was spotted? :-)

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Anonymous said...

where where? i wanna go n pluck. hahaha. i luv avo milkshake! yum!

Anonymous said...

I counted 8 biji avocados..but the 8th one, I ain't so sure, think I need to go cuci my eyes and come back , will see :P

Anonymous said...

I didn't even know we have avocado trees in Singapore. Wah...lucky people living around that area. I can see a HDB in the background. So where is this avocado tree?

PinkHippo said...

I am surprised to find this in Singapore.

Guess it is near your home or just in front of your apartment. Right? :)

Jackson said...

i saw it!!! I never see a avocado tree before ler... thx for sharing

Anonymous said...

Got so many meh, I only see two!

Shilpa said...

Keropok! Avocados thrive in S'pore's climate???? Aiyah, how come I never knew that?!

Anyway, hor, if pluck them, will get fined or not?? hahaha...

PinkHippo said...

I think it looks more like "Bar Long Long" tree ... so please tell us where is the tree located... :)

Unknown said...

you like avo milkshake too eh?

melting wok,
there are more than 8 biji! too many!

cooking ninja,
there is. but they got to climb in the fence to get it though. hmmm trespassing?

it's not near my home, but if you go to the Bkt Timah Food centre, you are not far from it!

no worries!

look clearer!

this is the smooth skin species, and they do grow in Spore!

not ba long long lah,
it's inside the church compound beside the Bkt Timah Food Centre.

Anonymous said...

There is one tree inside a terrance house compound in siglap... it fruits

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