Monday, March 31, 2008

Hog's Breath Cafe @ Holland Village

Today, a colleague asked us to meet him at Holland Village for lunch. After a few sms being ding-dong here and there, we ended up at Hogs Breath Cafe. We had a few choices but ended up here because there was a 1 for 1 UOB card offer! LOL..

The soup of the day was Mushroom Soup. Colleague was thinking of Aston's mushroom soup while drinking this. Hmmm...

His food came first. Hmmm is it because he ordered soup while the rest of us did not? :-)
It is very big right?

If you are wondering what is inside the 'mexican popiah', it is chicken.

Another colleague, and also the one treating us today, ordered something similar to the above. But for 20 cents diff, he should have ordered the above yah?

Was intrigued by this mash potato. Looks pretty eh?

Yet another colleague and I, we both had BBQ Baby Back Ribs. The large ones as well! I think it's a bit too much, we should not have been so greedy by ordering the big one. :-p

It was not too bad. I think I love ribs, so I am bias. LOL

We all had the choice of steamed veg or salad.
Fries, roast potato or mash. My choice as shown here is the steamed veg and roast potato.

Hope you all had a good start to this week!

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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Ben & Jerry @ Dempsey Hill

Continuation of yesterday's post, but under a different header. :-)

Yesterday I had a shot of how it looked outside, this is how it looks inside.

Not satisfied with just having 2 desserts, we ordered more. We wanted to try more desserts, but wondering which one to order. We were recommended to try "CA Experience (for 2)". $16.90 We get to taste so many kinds of their desserts!

It was delicious! Cheesecakes, 2 scoops of ice cream, etc...
I should not describe how it taste here, it might do injustice to it. You should try it yourself!

My favorite is the 2nd piece on the left beside the ice cream. It's a mix of chocolate, coffee and hazelnuts.

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Saturday, March 29, 2008

CA California @ Dempsey Hill

Last Sunday, after having lunch, uncle was driving us home when he took the Holland Rd route. Suddenly he decided to turn into Dempsey Road, since it was early. While driving up the road, a little sign with the word "Ben & Jerry" on the roadside caught our cousin's eye.

OK, now we have a purpose!. Look for ice cream! It took us some time, because we had a wrong turn and ended up back at Holland Road. We found the place eventually at 8 Dempsey Rd, #01-14.

If you are wondering the title is CA California, but this following photo shows Ben & Jerry. Well, it's the same place. Ice Cream is ordered at the counter for Ben & Jerry. Other food you order while seated at the table and its by CA California.

The old army barracks has been transformed to look like a range! There are those big and over sized chairs. It kind of remind me of this character in Sesame Street that reads story on a big over sized chair. Hmmm anyone remembers?

Since we already had lunch, we ordered desserts to share. Wondering what to order, we were recommended their specials. (by the boss I think)

This is the CA Hot Fudge Mud Pie $4.50. Sis says that it looks like a little coffin. I wonder if it's suppose to mean death by chocolate? It is really nice.

We were also recommended this Zen Apple Mousse. You get apple chunks/cubes inside the soft cake thingy. It's cold and the tiny hint of green apple sourness makes it such a delight!

Uncle and aunt saw "Happy Hotdog" $7 on the menu, and they ordered it. Hmm wonder if the name has any significance to them. They seem to smile at each other and ordered it. *speculating* haha...

Though we had our lunch, the above is definitely not enough for us right? Find out more tomorrow! hehe...

(pardon the grainy photos today, the place was a bit dark)

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Friday, March 28, 2008

The Sandwich Shop @ Robinson Centre

Today's the last day that I am spending my 9-5 at the Robinson Road area. So for lunch today, colleague and I decided that we should try sandwiches around this area. We have been tempted by the few sandwich shops around.

In the end we decided that we would stay on this side of the road. We saw one opposite the road and decided we are not chickens and we are not crossing the road. LOL

Ok ok... it is actually this is the poster outside their shop that was tempting me! Walking past it for the last few days, today our legs brought us in.
(Address is 61 Robinson Rd, Robinson Centre)

When you walk in, you can see the full view of the open concept kitchen. It's as if you can pretend you are still a kid and ask mummy to make one for you in her kitchen. *piak* wake up boy!

OK. Here's my crayfish and rockets sandwich. Comes in a neat box with a little cherry tomato too. You pick them from the big chillers, like those in the supermarket where milk or drinks are sold.

Oh ya, the serving tray had a mini crossword. It has a date on it, but the date seems to be a few days past.

Here's what went into my mouth. Lots of rockets below. I love the taste of rockets.

Colleague had a wrap instead. It's quite filling according to her.

Nice ya? Although its not my lunch, but looking at it, I can imagine the crispy lettuce, juicy tomato and delicious looking meat in my mouth now.

I was suddenly thinking of lunches during uni days in Melbourne.

We also ordered a potato and egg salad and shared. Topping of the sinful bacon bits is enough. We thought of another colleague who loved potato salad. She would love this.

No food's wasted according to their napkins.

Very thankful the 1 week's course is over. It has been attending course in the day time and working from home at night for a week.

Have a good weekend!

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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Men-Tei Ramen @ Robinson Center

This might sound rude. Yesterday, while we were walking along Robinson Road after lunch, we saw these few young ladies who dressed up in their expensive business suits that were talking so loudly in a very gossipy tone, you would think they were aunties if you did not turn around and see them. haha...

They were talking about the need to come early to Men-Tei Ramen. Overheard: "Ey, tell you ah, this place hor, must come early one. Wait till lunch crowd come ah, you 'bao zhong'. Sure no place one. That's why today we bring you here to early early."

That was heard yesterday, today our instructor let us out at 11.45AM as promised. Before that we were secretly salivating looking at Men-Tei's menu at :-) We already decided what we were going to have before even stepping in.

We were there five to twelve and there was still lots of seats. Our orders were taken promptly and the food came in a jiffy.

This is colleague's Tonkatsu Ramen. The whitish broth that has been boiled for hours. (yes, we read it from their website)

I had the Miso Ramen. Deliciously satisfying.

We enjoyed it. Both had the grilled pork (yakibuta) that was very very tender. We love the egg (tamago) too. The egg white is hard, yet the egg yoke is semi soft inside. Yummm... The noodles are freshly made too.

4 kinds of ramen. (6 if you include the spicy and non spicy version) One standard price - $13 per bowl. No GST and service charge. Comes with a drink. (water or green tea)

Another interesting discovery today. What shall we have tomorrow?

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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Zhen Shan Mei Claypot Laksa @ Market St Carpark

For this whole week, a colleague and I, we are attending a course at Robinson Road. Being newbies in this area, lunch time is a fun time to look for food.

On Monday we had food at the more familiar Amoy St Food Centre. Tuesday we made a bad decision by going to China Sq Food Centre. It seems that this place is closing down, most stalls have closed and the food we had was horrible.

For the last few days, we were busy spotting places to eat. One that caught our eye was this long long queue at a laksa shop at the Market St Carpark building.

So, today we decided to try this laksa. We were let off for lunch at around 11.45 AM, quite a blessing at the lunch crowd has not invaded the city. No queue!

Colleague had the Prawn Mix Laksa. $6.90

I had the Chicken Mix Laksa instead. $6.90

All the ingredients are hidden inside. You get 2 chicken wings, lots of 'ham' / cockles, tao pok, fish cake etc... And the super thick calorie laden gravy.....

The gravy is thick and yummy. The sambal is spicy and fiery. Although you are sitting in an air con place, you will definitely break sweat eating this. The claypot keeps your laksa hot and that keeps a bowl of heat heating up your face. haha...

The chicken tasted like it is boiled separately and just added on top. You got to 'coat' it with the thick gravy to make it taste good.

Wondering what should we have for lunch tomorrow.

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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Prego @ Fairmont Singapore

Last Saturday, Momo, sis and I, we went for brunch at Prego. Sis wanted to eat at Prego and we remember our Feed at Raffles card, so off we went.

Here's what we had.

For starters, we had Caprese. $23 (yes, again!) We had watch the History Channel on Friday night, and there was this documentary about making cheese. We saw the menu and it had Buffalo Cheese, we just had to order it. You should try this too. The rockets, tomatoes and cheese goes so well. :-)

We shared our mains. Spaghetti Vongole $25.
Sis and Momo love to eat this, they actually ordered one each. Right after we ordered, they changed their mind and thought we should have something else.

They decided to changed one vongole into pizza. This is the Prego Pizza $26.
Yes, the pharma ham with rockets on crispy thin crust. Lovely too...

You want some too?

I ordered the Risotto of the Day. Guess what it is? It's Rabbit Risotto! $33 When I heard it, I just had to order it! haha...

Looks plain and boring right? But it's actually quite tasty.

Everything's all in small pieces, so here's a scoop of it. Now at least you can see the rabbit and the asparagus. Ok Ok, I hear some of you say Italian porridge. haha...

It was a nice brunch. We realise we will come here every Easter!
With the Feed at Raffles card, the bill had a 33% off the food itams. So plus taxes etc, it was $84.38

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Monday, March 24, 2008

Din Tai Fung @ Tampines Mall

Yesterday I posted a photo of the huat kueh, that was part of the food we ate last Friday at Din Tai Fung at Tampines Mall.

The 'xiao cai', this is the combi of seaweed, tau kuah, tang hoon, tau geh etc mix. We always love this dish. We actually have this when we come here.

When we asked for another and it came looking smaller, we jokingly said that to the lady. She was quick to rebutt us! It's all weighted and it's the same. Hmm ok. She was not in a particulary good mood. LOL.

Another appetizer dish is the salted vegetable dish. It's a bit salty but goes well with other things that we had.

We also had the 'suan la tang'. I like it the way it is, but sis and aunt would prefer it to be more 'suan', add more vinegar if you like it sourish.

This is red vinegar dumpling. Try it if you come here, this is yummy!

For our carbo stuff, we had the prawn fried rice.

And also the pork chop fried rice.

While in the pork chop mood, sis and momo shared this pork chop noodle soup.

Since we had more people, we could order 20 xiao long bao! (yes, madness. haha...) But we were really hungry!

If you like prawn dumpling, this one is actually quite quite good! The soup's not salty, so eating this with the kiam chai dish above goes well.

When we ordered, the waitress asked if we had Citibank card, we did and this yam dumpling came free. Imainge 'or nee' in dumplings. ;-)

It was a good lunch after being awake since early early morning and we did not have any breakfast.

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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Risen Cake.

You most probably have eaten this steam cake before. I had it on Friday at Din Tai Fung as one of the dishes.

With yeast cakes like this can rise to be tall and fluffy. With this risen cake, it reminds me of Easter. Easter is all about the Risen Saviour that Christians believe.

Curious to find out about what Christians believe? Whether you are a Christian or not, I would like to invite you to come for an Introduction class to find out more about studying the Bible. I mentioned two days ago about Bible Study Fellowship (BSF). If you happen to be 18-35 years old, there's a BSF Young Adults class at Tanjong Pagar, hosted in a church opposite Amoy Street Food Centre called Telok Ayer Chinese Methodist Church. Come along for the Introduction Class next Thursday, 3 April at 7:25 PM.

You can have a meal at the Amoy Street Food Centre too :-)

Blessed Easter to all.

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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Bread of Life

This is a loaf of warm soft bread from Prego @ The Fairmount. I for one love this bread and love to dip it with the tangy tomato based dip they have or if you are like my sister, dip it in olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

Have you heard about the Bread of Life?

In the Bible, in John 6:35 says:
"Then Jesus declared, "I am the bread of life. He who comes to me will never go hungry, and he who believes in me will never be thirsty."

You can see all the photos of food in this blog, it looks delicious, but can it satisfy your soul? You will get hungry again in a few hours after eating. Food feeds your body but does it feed your soul?

This Good Friday / Easter Sunday weekend, why not consider how you can feed your soul?

This link hopefully might be useful to you.

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Friday, March 21, 2008

Good Friday

Ever wondered what Good Friday is all about?

I had a colleague asked me just a few days ago what is Good Friday and Easter about. Is it about chocolate bunnies and easter eggs? Have you bought your chocolates? she asked.

No, it isn't. It is about Jesus Christ being crucified on the cross on Good Friday and on Easter Sunday, he resurrected. How is it possible you ask?

There are many people you can ask. Your Christian friends might be able to answer you. You can also decide to walk into a church this weekend.

If you think attending church is something that you are not ready at the moment, maybe you want to consider attending Bible Study groups that helps you understand the Bible that Christians believe is the Word of God.

I am part of this group call Bible Study Fellowship. It is an international group of people who meet together to find out more about God. If you are interested, you can join one group that is nearer to where you live. You can visit to search for the class nearest to you.

Have a Good Friday.

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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Beijing Feng Wei @ NUS Business Canteen

This was colleague's lunch. I had Indian food, that's not so photo worthy. LOL
If you like dumplings, you can pop over the NUS Business Canteen on Thursday. The Beijing Fengwei stall only sells dumplings on Thursdays.

10 big dumplings for $3.
If you order the 20 pieces version, I think it is $5. (I don't think anyone can finish 20 of them!!)

Some side dishes that goes along if you like. This delicious spicy mix is only $1.

Have a blessed long Good Friday weekend!

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