Friday, January 29, 2010

Frolick @ Millenia Walk

Was suppose to meet Momo for dinner, but it was a two or was it three hour wait. She works for workaholic bosses and her immediate boss and boss above, both expects people to live and breathe work. LOL..

I was waiting at Millenia Walk. I walked around all the shops and two full rounds inside Harvey Norman. So glad that there's so many things to see inside Harvey Norman. I was hungry and tired, and I needed to sit down. Might as well rest and eat something first. So I saw Frolick and sat down. (Two little tables here only though)

You know what? I did not know that there's only 2 flavours here. There's Original and Flavoured only. I always thought they have multiple flavours because they have those cute badges and I thought each represented a flavour! But they had lots of  toppings. (which I was not interested haha)

I tried a bit of the original and ooooo..., the sourness hit me. Not on a hungry stomach, I will get even more hungry! So I opted for the flavoured which was apple. (I wonder how often they change the flavour, or is it always apple?)

My cup of frozen apple yoghurt

Yes, I am so bored that I took photos of the empty container.
(and of course downloading silly apps on the iPhone)

Empty Container... not a drop bit of yoghurt left..

9 Raffles Avenue,
Millenia Walk
Singapore 039596

Hours: 1130am - 9:00pm.

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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Li Xiang Curry @ Dover Food Centre

Colleagues and I went to Dover Food Centre to have lunch because a colleague said that the fruits and juice stall uncle is closing his stall and it's the last day of operation. It seems he has been 'forced' to go  by rivals in the food centre. So many things have happened and even the fruit stall's van has been vandalised! (This is according to our sources!)

It seems he has been selling his things so cheap that people are not buying from other stalls. There goes our $1 juice with no ice added. The juice is cold because he stores the fruits in the fridge first. Now we have to go back to crappy stalls that sells you only 1/3 cup juice and lots of ice. (and these crappy places charge you more if you say you don't want ice!) Sigh....

Before we have our fruits. We went to have our food first. There were empty tables in front of the curry stall, so we decided to eat curry! Lots of different kinds of curry! The 4 of us decided to order 4 different kinds of curry and share.

The Vegetable Curry.  This has the lightest taste of all the curry. For the healthy and those who need fibre. ;-)

Veggie Curry

The Fish Curry. The fish is not bad, was fresh, but the portion is small. ;-(
The tow pok was also yummy! Love curry soaked tow pok that squirks out curry when you bite it!

Fish Curry

The Mutton Curry. The mutton is nice and it seems that it is our favourite curry.
It's thick and best poured over the rice.

Mutton Curry

The Pork Curry. We thought they got a pig that's on diet? LOL
The curry is nice, but it's too bony!

Pork Curry

Have you ever wondered how many grains of rice is there in a bowl of rice?
I think this plate of rice has  probably 3469 grains of rice!

How did I derive the number?
Usually a cup of uncook rice gives you around 2 bowls of cooked rice right?
A grain of rice is usually around 25 mg and a cup of rice is around 200 grams.  So that will give you around 8000 grains of rice. I am guessing this plate has 3469 grains, do you think I am correct? LOL...

3469 grains of rice

So after lunch, our dear colleague who has become the fruit uncle's best customer ordered a mix fruit platter. This huge plate costs only $5. Not much selection left because he has not been ordering fruits.

But there was loads of agar-agar, jackfruit, pineapples, water melon and rock melon (hidden below).

The $5 plate of fruits

Li Xiang Curry Fish
Dover Market and Food Centre
Stall 01-89
33 Dover Road
Singapore 130033

Update (January 2011):
This stall has moved to Ghim Moh Food Centre.

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Lunch @ NUS BIZ Canteen

Colleagues and I were at the NUS Business Canteen for lunch. We think this canteen might be the least crowded. Everyone seems to be flocking to other canteens.

We were glad we came here. We do not need to look for seats. There's lots of it everywhere!

One colleague had this unique cold dish with buns from the Beijing Food stall.
Cold salad with pig's ears! She said it was nice.

BIZ Chinese Stall Food

She had it with the vegetable pan cake.  The above and this bun costs $2.70.

BIZ Chinese Stall Food

For me, I had food from the Vietnamese stall. I was feeling extremely hungry so I had the 2 meats and 1 veg. (instead of 2 veg, 1 meat)

This is the ginger and lemongrassy chicken side of the plate.

BIZ Vietnamese Stall Food

The other side I had the beef stew. I think only paid $3.50 for it.

BIZ Vietnamese Stall Food

Two other colleagues had food from the Malay stall. The Malay stall seemed to have changed operators since the last time we were here. Dpuk said it's not bad except that the sambal was not as nice as the previous operator. I think this is $2.20.

BIZ Malay Stall Food

We have been eating canteen food. Partly because we have been busy and also because it's cheap. Everyone needs to watch our weight before CNY! hehe...

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Fei Siong @ Lorong Kilat

One of the married couple whom wedding dinner I posted the other day, invited a few of us over to their new home for a gathering. It is a very nice place! We stayed on to watch a DVD and when it was over it was I think nearly 8 pm!

Their place is at Signature Park, so we thought we will go somewhere nearby for dinner. We decided to eat at Fei Siong.  The air-con section was packed and oh.. it was so noisy! It got better when the noisy group of 2 or 3 tables of happy teenagers had their food served. With their mouth's eating, they can't talk! There was a moment of silence! LOL...

We ordered by half looking at the menu, and half peeking at other tables!

We had prawn paste chicken wings. It comes straight out of the oil, so it's super hot! Gluttons will get their tongue burnt if they can't wait for it to cool down. Patience will bring forth nice food without burning your tongue!

Prawn Paste Chicken

We wanted to order some other pork (name which I forgot), but it was sold out, so it was replaced with this Pai Ku Wang. It's nice. I like fried and yet tender pieces of pork!

Pai Ku Wang

The stir fried Kai Lan was our veg for the night.

Stir Fy Kai Lan

We also had 2 bowls of the soup of the day. Soup photos usually turn out blur, so I did not bother to take photos. Everyone liked the soup.

To fill us up, we had two huge carbo dishes.
The Mee Goreng. I like their mee goreng.

Mee Goreng

We also had their house special hor fun. The horfun on opeh leaf with lots of seafood. (Sea cucumber, scallops, etc)

Special House Hor Fun

Food's served very quickly. Good for hungry bunch of people like us!

Fei Siong Seafood Restaurant
17 Lorong Kilat
Singapore 598139

Tel: 64656067

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Monday, January 25, 2010

Liu San @ Bukit Timah Plaza

Sis and I always do our grocery shopping at Fairprice Finest at Bukit Timah Plaza. Before doing our weekly 'walk' in the supermarket, we would usually grab dinner first. Dinner is usually a quick bite at Ming Jia Korean or Subway. It all depends on which is less crowded.

I have always wanted to try Liu San but sis says it's not nice. She tried it once with our cousin. But I think her tastebuds must be something wrong the day she tried it. Why? Everytime we walk past, there's always people eating and I told her, I want to try it.

We asked what's their best sellers, the service staff said it's always sold out by lunch. If we want to try them, come during lunch time. So, I had the Taiwan Braised Chicken with Rice. ($5.60) It's not too bad. I like the taste of the braise sauce.

Braised Chicken with Rice

It comes with a bowl of pickles which I like. If you think the chicken is a salty, eat it with the pickles, it blends well.

Pickled Cucumbers

Sis had the Taiwan Beef Noodles Soup. ($6.80) The soup is very different. It is very "herby". Definitely not what you will think it would taste like. Lots of fresh and / or dried herbs must have been used.

Beef Noodles

Sis and I shared this. Tako Wasabi (Wasabi Octopus Salad) ($6.50). It's cold and very very wasabi hot! Be very careful when you eat this. It shoots right through your head. (Note: this costs more than my rice and it's not that big. But its nice.)

Wasabi Octopus

The food here is not too bad. But what impressed us more than the food is their excellent service here. The moment we got seated, the service staff comes to you with hand sanitizers. She asked if we wanted to sanitize our hands before dinner! Wow..
 The service staff also makes sure that you know what you will be eating. When I ordered the chicken, she asked if I eat chicken skin. I was like "huh"? No one has asked me that before. I think it's because the chicken has skin and some people don't eat skin.

When we ordered the wasabi octopus, she stressed that it is very very 'qiang4' and asked if we used to eating wasabi. We said no problem!

We only had warm water and it was filled up very frequently too. The next table had a lady who was suddenly sniffing. (I thought she was crying, but sis said no lah) The service staff came with a box of tissue. Sis happen to also cough a bit (not on purpose) when eating the wasabi octopus and the service staff came with a box for her to pull out tissue too!

Sis said it was quite different from the last time she was here. So it was right for us to try it.

We would go back and try the other dishes, another choice for a quick meal before grocery shopping ;-)

Liu San Taiwanese Delicacies
1 Jalan Anak Bukit
Bukit Timah Plaza
Singapore 588996

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Friday, January 22, 2010

Dinner at Julia's

Julia of who is also a pre-u school mate of Momo, invited a few friends for dinner. We also had the company of Camemberu, HungryCow and Derrick.

Well, if Julie Powell of Julia and Julie blogs about mastering French Cooking, Julia Khoo of AromaCookery is blogger and master of Chinese Cooking.

You can see that she's an attentive and meticulous hostess. Look at the cute little flowers ;-)

With a touch of flowers

What did Julia prepare for us?

If you have ever wondered if you should eat fruits before or after the main meal, this will solve your problem. Have it as a starter! (If you are bored this weekend, you can read up about eating fruits before or after meals)

Look how pretty this dish this! The prawn and fruits salad is to be topped with her secret Thai style sauce.

Prawns and Fruit Salad

We know we got to eat your greens. I think everyone (kids included) will gladly eat theirs if they are so light and delicious as prepared by Julia. This is asparagus, sweet peas and shimeiji mushrooms.

The Greens

The dish that makes you finish every grain of rice in your bowl. Stewed Pork belly with mushrooms. Oh I love the gravy from this claypot!

RJ Stewed Pork Belly

For me the fish loving guy, I am so glad to see Mr Fish! This is Mr Teochew Fish. I notice that I could not communicate with Mr Fish. I can't speak teochew.

I love the soup that Mr Fish is cooked in!

Steamed Fish Teochew Style

A soup boiled and served with love. It's old cucumber soup boiled with chicken, red dates, dried scallops and 北杏 / bei xing (chinese bitter almonds, which are actually apricot kernels).

Delicious soup that nourishes our lungs, maintain our blood pressure, takes away heatiness, eases the stomach etc.

Old Cucumber Soup

After that, we had different kinds of desserts that the guests brought. Oh, we ate, laughed and chattered all the way till nearly 12 midnite.

Thanks Rick and Julia for the wonder meal. Thanks all for the wonderful company.

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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hans @ Buona Vista Community Club

This was one of our lunches this week. One colleague wanted to go CNY shopping, shopping for CNY goodies for the office! So we thought we would go to Hans for lunch, then walk next door to Fairprice, both at the Buona Vista Community Club.

I just took two photos. We were all just toooooo hungry to take photos.

I had the Beef Stew Set which was the special of the day. It comes with a plate of rice, a drink and a small tiny dessert. It taste not too bad. The beef sure was very tender. But you can see it is heated up. ;-)

Beef Stew

Another colleague had the half roast chicken. This roast chicken is a bit expensive, but he seems to like it.

Half Roast Chicken Set

After that, we quickly walk next door to do some quick shopping and back to the office. There's now loads of CNY goodies in the office that we are eating. By the time it's CNY, we think we won't want to eat any more goodies!

Buona Vista Community Club
Blk 36 Holland Drive #01-02
Tel: 6779-0180
Open 24 hrs

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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Tea Time @ Ikea Alexandra

Sis and I were at Ikea to grab some stuff for our home. So while we were there, we got our 'free' drinks. Sis saw the Ikea Friend's meal was the meat balls and decided to get them. ($5)

Notice anything different? There's no potatoes! It's chips (thick fries) this time. They most probably ran out of potatoes!

Ikea Meatballs

Sis got this cake that she likes too. The Ikea Daim Cake. $3.50
Anyone out there a fan of this delicious cake?

Daim Cake

Ikea Restaurant @ Alexandra
317 Alexandra Road,
Singapore 159965

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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Wedding Dinner @ Peony Jade Restaurant, Keppel Club

This was the wedding dinner of two doctors from our church. These two doctors met when they went for a medical mission trip organised by the church and they have been going for all the trips. During the slide show, we were told they never met each other before although both grew up in the same church!

When wedding dinners are held in restaurants, you know the food's going to be exceptionally good! Yes, this dinner was nice, very nice. Guess what? The dinner was held over two nights! Our invite was for the Sunday night dinner and (even before we went) we heard from those who went for the Saturday night dinner that it was fabulous.  LOL...

Peony Jade Garden Wedding Dinner

The course started with the Szechuan / Cantonese Combination.
What was in the combination? Q Slice Suckling Pig, Prawns Salad with Fruits Crispy Vegetarian, Goose Roll, Sea Clams with Deluxe Vegetables, Jelly Fish & Octopus.

Szechuan / Cantonese Combination

The next course was the Braised Mini Superior Shark's Fin with shredded chicken, mushroom & ham. This sure is an unique sharks fin soup.

Braised Mini Superior Shark's Fin with shredded chicken, mushroom & ham

The 3rd course was Steamed Garoupa with Angel Lava Cod and Wolfberries.
I love fish, so I love this. ;-)

Steamed Garoupa with Angel Lava Cod and Wolfberries

Next was the Yin Yang Fresh Scallop.
It's a combi of two kinds of scallops. Deep fried scallop with mango sauce, Stir-fried scallops & Kernel

This photo has the fried scallops half eaten/taken off the plate. I took this because it looks like a peacock!

Yin Yang Fresh Scallop

I love the next dish. Roasted Duck in Fragrant Ginseng.
The duck was nice and not fatty.  Yummy!

Roasted Duck in Fragrant Ginseng

The next course was Braised Sea Cucumber & Dried Scallop with mushroom.
Ooo... all the sea cucumber were huge pieces!

Braised Sea Cucumber & Dried Scallop with mushroom

You seldom get the next course on wedding dinners. I was surprised to see Stir Fried prawns with salted egg yolk and butter. Nice!

Stir Fried prawns with salted egg yolk and butter

Steamed Glutinous Rice in Lotus Leaf. The mandatory carbo for people who are still not filled up. LOL...

Steamed Glutinous Rice in Lotus Leaf

The last course. It's Hot Sweetened Teochew "Oor Ni" Yam Paste with Sweet Corn in Coconut Milk.
This photo before being scooped up by the service staff is the nicest photo you can take of it. After scooping it into bowls, it looks like a huge lump.

Hot Sweetened Teochew "Oor Ni" Yam Paste with Sweet Corn in Coconut Milk

It was a nice dinner. Congratulations L & P!

Peony Jade Restaurant
10 Bukit Chermin Road
Keppel Club
Singapore 109918

Tel: 6276 9138

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Monday, January 18, 2010

Megumi Japanese Restaurant @ Sunset Way

I am a bit busy at work, so I missed out a few's post. I realise I have some meals eaten in December 2009 that has not been documented too! Here's a dinner we had with our uncle, aunty and cousin.

We did not have a chawanmushi each, but shared two persons to one. I think it was not too bad. I was sharing with my cousin who doesn't eat any of the fillings. I ate the fillings while she ate all the eggy custard. ;-)


This inside out sushi was not too bad too.


What we all like was the sashimi platter. You can see for this platter. Guess what is hidden behind the leaf?

Sashimi Platter

It's a rock fish. The service staff asked if we wanted to try it. So we did.

Kasago Rockfish

I took this sign to remind myself of the name of the fish. But it was a few weeks ago, but I think if my memory serves me well, the fish above is the Kasago / Rock Fish.

Fresh From Japan

When the sashimi was served, we were told, they will deep dry the fish head after we finish the sashimi. Here's the deep fried head and bones. ;-)

Deep Fried Kasago

I forgot what this is, but I remember it just melts in your mouth. I would want to eat this again when I come here again.

This literally melts in your mouth

I am not going to make the post too long with the rest of our own 'carbo dish'. Here's sis and mine.
Sis had the Charcoal Soba. We saw the word charcoal and just wanted to try it.

It taste just like soba. ;-)

Charcoal Soba

I had the beef cutlet curry rice.
The beef was tender inside the crispy batter.

Curry Rice

It was a nice dinner. Looking back, we were going slow and clearing leave at the end of last year, most of us in the office are now working so hard to meet the various deadlines! Help!

Megumi Japanese Restaurant
Blk 106 Clementi St 12
Sunset Way
Singapore 120106

Tel: 6779 1411

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