Monday, August 31, 2009

Mooncakes by Tung Luk

Our boss walked in to our office last Friday and brought in some mooncakes. Think he went to Tung Luk for lunch and brought back some for us to try.

It's mini mooncakes. A box has 16 minis and I think the boss says it cost $44.

Tung Lok Mooncakes

The other quarter of the box with another 4 mini mooncakes.

Tung Luk Mooncakes

But it was fun and colourful though.
Putting on paper serviettes, we cut them up.
We had lunch and was still full, so these mini pieces was good.

Colourful mooncakes

They are all very fruity flavour!
Do you realise for the photo below, it's red, yellow and green. Traffic lights!

Strawberry, Green Tea, etc...

This was quite unique though.
It's purple potato flavour.

Purple Yam

This is the flavour guide. ;-)
8 different flavours to choose from.

Know what flavours you want...

Thanks boss!

Now we are wondering, with the bad economic year, will our vendors be distributing mooncakes to us? Hmm...

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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Ming Kee Live Seafood @ MacPherson Road (Pt II)

Continuation from yesterday's post.

Other than the delicious crab, we discovered something even more delicious here!
The Bamboo Clams! Each of us had one plate of it. *glutton look*

Bamboo Clams

They are huge isn't it?
This is just one little part of the end of it. It's soft and yet a little crunchy. You should try it and I am sure you will like it.

The garlic sauteed in butter that's poured over it makes this dish divine!

Bamboo Clams

Another of the signature dish is the Guinness Pork. They recommend that we have a combi so that we could try more things!

Guinness Pork & Smoked Duck

Close up shots of the combi.
Smoked Duck. It's quite good.

Smoked Duck

The Guinness Pork. I suddenly remembered coffee pork etc I have eaten elsewhere. Compared this with coffee pork, this beats coffee pork anytime! I think it's because Guinness Pork does not leave a bitter aftertaste :-)

Guinness Pork

More vegies. The Spicy 4 Season Bean.
It's spicilicious!

Spicy Four Season Beans

Time passes so fast when you are enjoying your food and chatting with friends. Before you know it, we managed to finish so much food!

But wait, we still wanna order dessert. We are just gluttons and want to try more of their signature dishes. So we ordered their Coconut Jelly. Just looking at it makes you wanna try it right?

Coconut Jelly

For lovers of Or Nee, you should try this.
Looks good? The texture's good too, so does the taste. :-p

Or Nee

It's wonderful to meet up with food loving friends.
Too bad that two other friends can't make it.

Ming Kee Live Seafood
556 Macpherson Road
Singapore 368231

Tel: 6747 4075

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Friday, August 28, 2009

Ming Kee Live Seafood @ MacPherson Road (Pt I)

Last Saturday, Sis, Momo and I met up with a group of friends who love to eat and also happen to like take photos of what they eat too! You most probably also know them if you visit Singapore Food Blogs :-)

We had dinner with (in alphabetical order) AromaCookery & husband, Camemberu, HungryCow, and Nic+XLB.

When the 3 of us entered the restaurant, we saw Nic & XLB already seated at the corner table. We did notice that our table is different from other tables! It was huge and had 'royalty' like chairs. Wah..... We wondered if HungryCow who booked the place is some VVIP in Singapore?

While we waited for the rest to come, the little plates of nibbles were tempting us :-)

Nibbles and Condiments

So what did we eat? We were recommended the following dishes.
Fried Fish Skin that you dip in the warm soy based sauce. (the little bowl behind) When you did it you can hear the skin crackle! It's tasty too!

Do you know why the group decided to have this? The rest are so playful! It was because the lady who recommend this to us said it's like eating fish keropok! Aiya, these people ah....

Crispy Fish Skin

We also had 'Hua La' with garlic. (Hua la's the bigger version of the usual Lala, and it's sweeter too!) You can see the shell is very flowery (hua) pattern on it.

Hua La / Flower Pipis / Flower Clams

I tell you it's delicious!
Especially with loads of garlic that's fried.

Hua La / Flower Pipis / Flower Clams

The steamed Soon Hock fish.

Steamed Soon Hock Fish

One of the reasons we came here was because of their Signature Crab Bee Hoon.
Two large crabs, crabs with the claws so big, you can shake hands with it! Click here to view the 'shaking of hands'.

Signature Crab Bee Hoon

The Bee Hoon is so flavourful. It has soaked up the crab taste, it's as if you can taste the flavour of the sea in it. (ok ok, I have been watching too much korean food dramas to talk like that. haha)

Signature Crab Bee Hoon

Good boys and girls eat vegetables. Here's our portion of it in the form of their signature tofu dish.

Braised Signature Tofu, Mushroom and Broccoli

But wait, there's more. Click here to continue...

Ming Kee Live Seafood
556 Macpherson Road
Singapore 368231

Tel: 6747 4075

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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Fishermen's Wharf @ New Bridge Road

Here's photos that I took a few weeks ago. We celebrated a friend's birthday here. I thought I would not post the photos of the food because Momo and I felt it was not really up to it. We were not particularly impressed.

But I have not been feeling well this week, food poisoning since Monday night. So compared to this other place I had lunch on Monday, at least it did not make me sick. LOL. (Ya, where I ate on Monday won't appear here. )

We always wanted to try this place because it looks like a very fish n chips place to go!

fishermens wharf @ New Bridge Road

Looks like they are a Heinz fans.

Old School Sauces

We like the variety of can drinks here though. All so old school. :-)
Our liking of this place ends here. haha..

Old school drinks.

The fried mushrooms.

Fried Mushrooms

Pacific Snow Fish Fillet with the sides - coleslaw, tartar and mash.

Pacific Snow Fish Fillet

I had the fish of the day.
We had the option of fries or chips. But they don't have chips on the day we were there.

Catch of the Day

The price.

Menu n Price

Fishermen's Wharf
27/29 New Bridge Road
Singapore 059391

Tel: 6532 6468

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Kim's Family Restaurant @ Lorong Kilat

Remember last week when I had Kim's Family Food twice. On the 7th day after the 1st time there, I was back there, but this time for lunch. Colleagues who was captivated by the side dishes that I mentioned to them says we should go. LOL...

Wire drove to work that day so that we can drive all the way here to eat. They were not disappointed when the side dishes arrived. 9 different types came. We realize this place must be side dishes haven. A few dishes here was different from the 2 times I was here. They even have luncheon meat with eggs! Old Cat is a luncheon meat lover, so he grabbed it the moment I took a photo of it. (I was given like 5 seconds to take haha)

Galore of side dishes

Then they surprised us by bringing in more. The fish that I like! ;-)

Fish Side Dish

As usual, I am not the person who orders the food. Everyone just picks a dish. Without fail, everytime I am here, there's someone I am eating with who like Korean Rice Cakes!

Korean Rice Cake

It's a soupy day today. We had 3 types of soup. I only took picture of two of it. We were too busy eating. This is the Dried Pollack Soup.

Pollack Soup

The Spicy Tofu Soup. It's bubbling non stop!
Like all soups here, they are not salted, so they provide table salt for you to add it yourself.

I think all the soup's too spicy for me. My first mouth and I was nearly choked. Maybe I was too greedy, drinking it too fast?

Tofu Soup

Our favourite for the day was the Spicy Pork Bulgogi.
It just makes you want to have more of it!

Pork Bulgogi

Kimchi pan cakes again.

Kimchi Pan Cake

Not sure if it's only a lunch thing. After we were done, they gave us this cold persimmon. Lovely. We had watermelons too.

Persimmon Tea

Think colleagues were really happy to eat here.
We read from the newspaper last week that the Korean place few shops away has nice fried chicken. Maybe that might be our next destination. ;-)

Kim's Family Food
17 Lorong Kilat
Kilat Court,
Singapore 598139

Tel: 6465 0535
Mob: 8201 9745

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Uncle Sam's Claypots @ Clementi City Vibe

I was on my way home, and got a text from sis asking me if I want to eat dinner with her. I said OK and we met at City Vibe. We have not been to Clementi for months. Things seems to have changed quite a bit here.

Anyway, we ate at The Uncle Sam's Claypot because there's a banner that says they have Claypot Crabs. Sis had a backache and she heard from a lady in her choir that the Chinese sinseh said that to recover from backache, eat crabs. The lady ate crabs for almost all meals for 3 days and the pain was gone! I laugh when sis told me that story, sis added that lady in the choir is a friend of the sinseh, there might be some truth in it. (do you all think it's true?)

Anyway, if you realise, sis had crab at Putien too. Is she going to do eat crabs for 3 days too? LOL... (yes, you all can laugh with me. don't you think it's funny?)

This is a branch. I think for people who works in Robinson Road, many people would have eaten at the branch there.

The Uncle Sam's Claypot @ Clementi City Vibe

We ordered their well known Boneless Chicken Claypot. It was OK. Sis likes claypot rice, I don't really like claypot rice because I don't fancy burnt rice. ;-)

I know some people say we should eat Claypot Rice at the famous Claypot Rice opposite City Vibes.

Boneless Chicken Claypot Rice

OK, the reason we are here. The Claypot Crab.
We had the thick beehoon with it. There's clams, yam strips, etc. So it tasted rather good. The crabs not too small either.

I realised for their parsley, they put in the whole plant with the roots. The root's where the flavour is. We were both quite pleased with this dish. ;-)

Claypot Crab

Oh we realise something too. Many credit cards have discounts here. We had 15% by using Citi.
Pricing: Claypot Crab $15.80, Boneless Chicken Rice $8.

The Uncle Sam's Claypots
3151 Commonwealth Avenue West
#02-11/12 City Vibe
Singapore 129581

Tel: 6778 3088

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Monday, August 24, 2009

Shin Nichi Japanese Restaurant @ Fusionopolis

Every now and then, colleagues and I get bored with canteen food. Someone suggested go somewhere else to eat and everyone readily agreed. :-)

Our legs brought us to Fusionopolis. We walked down to the basement food court and all of us decided, no. The food reminds us of food at our canteen. *yawn*

So we went upstairs instead. We have not been here for sometime and we noticed a new Japanese eatery. So we walked in.

Shin Nichi Japanese Restaurant

The service staff seated us rather quickly and we placed our order. We were taking a long time to order because we did not know what to eat. We were like waiting for the food to call our name, order us, order us. LOL...

We finally ordered and we also had a bowl of Edamame to share. Warm soya bean and salt always taste so good eh?


Ms JSFR had the Sushi Set. You can see that there's 9 pieces of sushi. She said it was not bad.

Sushi Set

If you are wondering what comes with the set, there's this side dish. Carrots, lotus root and mushroom stew. It's quite nice. (this photo belongs to my set below, its the same side dish as the one above) It also comes with a slice of watermelon.

Side Dish of the Sets.

Wire ordered his usual stuff. We could already guess what he was ordering.
The Sansai Udon. He always have it with udon.

Sansai Udon

Old Cat and Puk had the Char Siew Ramen.
They saw the menu stating its full of collagen and its good for skin. LOL..
Old Cat opted to make is ramen into a set. So he had a dessert and 3 pieces of sushi added. (he later said he should not have opted for the $3 upgrade. ;-p )

Char Siew Ramen Set

I had the Saba Set. I realise I have been having Saba fish when I eat at Japanese places. Hmm why ah?

The set comes with rice and the side dish shown above and a watermelon. ;-)

Saba Set

If you are wondering about the pricing, we realise there's no GST.
There's a 10% service tax added to the following prices. Char Siew Ramen $12.80, Edamame $3.50, Sansai Udon $9, Saba Set $12.80, Sushi Set $13.80.

Shin Nichi Japanese Restaurant @ Fusionopolis
1 Fusionopolis Way
#02-20/21 Symbiosis
Singapore 138632

Tel: 6466 3511

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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Putien @ VivoCity (Food Republic) Part II

Here's the continuation.

The vegetable dish we had. Spinach with salted egg. I think there was century egg as well. It was very starchy though. (characteristic of Hing Hwa food I wonder?)

Spinach with salted Egg

This is the Hing Hwa Lor Mee.
Yes, it's Lor Mee and it's not dark! Hing Hwa lor mee is clear, but it's still starchy. :-)

It's very nice though. I like it.

Pu Tien Lor Mee

This is Deep Fried Duck with Yam.
Duck covered with yam and deep fried till it's crispy outside. Aunt and sis just love yam so this is their favourite.

Deep Fried Duck with Yam

Lotus Leaf Steam Crab with vermicelli.
This dish sure took a long time to come out. I think they warned us but we still wanted to eat it. Our wait was worth it. All of us liked it. The vermicelli's has soaked in all the taste. The crabs nice too. You can see that there's lots of roe. :-)

Lotus Leaf Steam Crab with vermicelli

After tasting the vermicelli in the crab dish. We thought we still wanted to eat vermicelli. We also did not order the Hing Hwa Bee Hoon, so ordered it! LOL

If you come here alone and want to order something to try, you should order this. It's good.

Fried Hing Hwa Bee Hoon

Another of the 44 cents item is the Hot Yam Paste with Ginko. If you look at their website you will realise it's big. For 44 cents, there's only 1 nut on top. :-)

But it's nice though.

Hot Yam Paste with ginko nut

Putien @ VivoCity
1 Harbourfront Walk
#03-01B VivoCity Food Republic
Singapore 098585
Tel: 6376 9358

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