Saturday, June 30, 2007

The Avocado Tree : Can you spot the avocado?

Is green leaves all you see? Look again!
Can you spot the avocados? There are so many of it too!

I have always seen this tree, but it was only last week that I know it's an Avocado Tree!
I am so so sua ku. haha...

Anyone wants to guess where this tree was spotted? :-)

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Friday, June 29, 2007

Milo Dinosaur @ Cheese Prata Shop, Clementi Road

Had this a few nites ago, while passing some things that I was asked to buy by someone while holidaying in Bangkok.

I had eaten, and I don't really eat supper, so I only ordered a drink. It's called Milo Dinosaur. I wonder how this drink got its name!

A treat of Milo Dinosaur to those who can guess who I had the drink with. haha..

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Thursday, June 28, 2007

C-Jade Express @ Wisma Atria (Part 2)

Other than the wooden bowl rice I posted the other day, you see many people ordering these two dishes too.

Duck Noodles

Hot stone rice.
It looks Korean ya?

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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

McDonald's Shaker Fries anyone?

This is proving to be quite addictive.

It is fun to put the sachet of who know what into the brown paper bag with fries and shake it out.

Then pour them out on the serving tray and dig in!

Hmmm.. wonder what is the correct fries they should provide. Sometimes, it is so salty, sometimes it is not. Are they suppose to serve shaker fries with unsalted fries or with salted fries?

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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Chicken Rice - my most eaten lunch.

This is what I ate yesterday, decided to snap it for the fun of it.
Chicken Rice from the chicken rice stall at the canteen where I work.
It might just be the most eaten dish that has gone into me. LOL.

Of course not always chicken wings, sometimes its roast pork, roast chicken, soy chicken (like this one), or 'white' chicken. I always have 'add vegetables' with my chicken rice. $2.40

What's your most eaten dish for lunch?

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Monday, June 25, 2007

Tuffles Samples by : aka Arzhou's

I had some truffles prepared by Adrian from Sweethut earlier in the evening.

We were waiting for 'someone from the east' to appear before the tasting, so the tuffles were gently melting away. Here's some photos of the truffles.

These chocolate powder coated ones are Kahlua flavoured.

The ones coated with sugar (that has dissolved due to the Singapore heat) are Rum flavoured.

I am a super dark chocolate person, I would love it to be more bitter :-p

Support Adrian, our local entrepreneur who is starting up.
If you would like to place an order, you can visit

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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Greeny slimy stuff at McDonalds

After lunch last week, colleagues and I decided to take refuge in the air-conditioning of Macs Restaurants after lunch.

So, some people ordered the new Jasmine Tea, others the sundae cone, I thought I will try the new promo thingy that's part of the Shrek promo thingy.

Ordered the Zesty Lime Sundae. Looks slimy doesn't it?

It actually taste quite good! The greeny thingy has little cubes of jelly. It's also not too sweet. $1.80 for this sundae.

Hmmm I wonder if the same promo is available all around the world?

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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Oreo Cheesecake by Crystal Jade My Bread

Oh no... I hope it's not a birthday cake overdose on this blog.
But this is quite delicious. It's a oreo cheesecake by Crystal Jade My Bread.

You can see we love celebrating birthdays! No matter how old or how young a person, blowing candles always brings joy to their faces. This cake's for a little 8 year old girl. You could just melt when she smiles!

Her mummy bought this cake for her, and we all celebrated with her. Dorcas is her name.

(no more cross section, else Tigerfish will say something again.. haha)

Mini mini oreos right on top!

Do you like people to celebrate birthdays for you?
I know ladies like it too (though they will deny it), we just need to put only 1 candles, or put down candles that total to 16 years old :-)

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Friday, June 22, 2007

Desserts @ Penang Place (3)

Some of you are just so clever, can guess it's desserts today. haha..

There are a variety of Peranakan Kueh Kueh. Already so stuffed, so only took these to eat.
You know what they are right? Kaya on it makes it so good... The kaya is on top of a blue cake :-)

You can DIY your ice kachang or cendol, but this is Ice Whatever, what I like only. haha..
Below it is lots of chendol.

Mango Pudding and Jelly. That's carnation milk suppose to be on the mango pudding, but it also covered the jelly. Cute jelly?

It's suppose to be hot cheng tng, but I like cold one, so how?
Go over to the ice kachang counter lah, take the ice shaving from there to mix with the hot cheng tng lor...

It's a birthday remember, so we brought in this cake. Bengawan Solo cake that matches the food here. Pandan Cake.

Here's the cross section of the cake. Since taken, so show you lor...

There's a way to dine for free here. Guess how?
Go through Theological College! Pastors get to eat free here :-)

If you want to cook Penang Food, bump over to Rasa Malaysia's site. This Penang born lady cooks delicious looking food.

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Thursday, June 21, 2007

More... Penang Food Buffet @ Penang Place (2)

I don't know how you start eating at buffets, but most people start with soup. I don't. haha..
After having what I had as shown in yesterday's photos, I started on the more liquid stuff.

This is pork ball soup. It's done so well, I am sure you will go for seconds. or maybe thirds.

Penang food of course will have penang laksa lah...

Another penang famous food, is cuttle fish (jiu hoo) and kangkong.

Of course must also try the Hay Mee. You like lots of garlic on it? hehe...

This is fruit rojak. By the way, it's DIY. This was not done by me, I just eat and take photos. But it's done so well right?

I did not try everything, so no photos of other food lah. How to finish? Eat too much get fat fat also. haha...

Tomorrow will end this series. Can guess what else?

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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Oh so yummy Penang Food buffet @ Penang Place (1)

The other day, it was aunty's birthday, and we were suppose to treat her, but instead they paid for the food!

We went over to Penang Place, where we have not gone for a long time.

It's a Penang Food buffet place. Guess what, we once brought a penang friend over, she told us, no way that Penang food outside penang is edible. haha.. But she said this one can pass her Penang standard.

It's a buffet, so i started with my fav. Satay.

The rendang looks yummy or not?

Everyone seems to pick a pack of otah, so i also follow lah...

The Char Kuey Teow here die die must try. Usually, during less busy periods, it's cook when you order, but during peak hours, it's mass cooked and place on the buffet trays. We went early, so it was less busy and here's a cook when you order version.

There are the food that pleases all kids and kids at heart like ayam goreng, i remember sometimes it is ayam goreng kunyit, all the malay salads etc...

More photos tomorrow.

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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Crystal Jade Korean Ginseng Chicken BBQ (2)

After all the BBQ thingy, the table was cleared and other dishes were served next.

This is kimchi radish and sliced boiled pork. It's a bit chewy. Those who like them chewy would love it. I like the melt in your mouth type.

This is the ginseng chicken. Sam Gye Tang. It's their signature dish, if you realise the name of the place. We had the lady dressed in Korean traditional dress served into smaller bowls for us. I tell you, you would love this soup! Everyone of us did! It has glutinous rice in it, so it's a bit porridgey.

There's also grilled fish. I forgot the exact name. You realise I am quite forgetful nowdays? haha... Maybe I need to eat more gingko.

Next was Rice topped with assorted vegetables, beef, and egg in a hot stone pot. It is known as Bibimbap. The lady showed us the big stone bowl, but our table's too full, so she served them into smaller bowls for us too.

This is not in the set meal. But aunt wanted to eat the korean pancakes, so we ordered the spring onion and seafood pancake. ( Pa Jeon ) It's sis and aunt's favourite!

So, where did you all go for Father's Day?

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Monday, June 18, 2007

Crystal Jade Korean Ginseng Chicken BBQ (1)

On Father's Day, which is yesterday, we went to Crystal Jade Korean Ginseng Chicken BBQ for lunch. It's located at Ngee Ann City.

Instead of thinking what to eat, we thought why not take the set meal? So here's what we ate.

Just like most Korean places, you get all the tiny starter dishes. I love them!

Then for the BBQ meat, you can cook them by yourselves, or opt for the their kitchen to do if for you. Our kid cousin wanted to cook it, so we let her cook for us!

There are 4 plates of meat, I guess I was too lazy nowadays to take so many photos, so here's the 3 that I took.

The marinated beef. I can't remember exactly which it is marinated in, but it's just so so good!

This is the tender beef ribs, the meat around it is sliced longish and then we BBQ it. This is even more delicious!

I remember pork collar, so I guess this must be it. The fat melts after grilling, so the meat taste so tender....

There's also another chicken meat. Not taken here...

Here's one of the batches of the meat being cooked. I only took 1 shot! haha... I guess we were most interested in eating than taking photos.

This is the veg that you can wrap the meat with.

More tomorrow...

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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day

It's Father's Day in some parts of the world, and especially Singapore and Malaysia.

Wishing my Daddy a very Happy Father's Day!

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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Nasi Lemak, Avocado Juice @ Alexandra Village Food Centre

Last Thursday, one colleague wanted to restring his badminton racket. So off we went to Alexandra Village Food Centre to have lunch.

We walked around, and not knowing what to eat, we saw a nasi lemak stall, and thought why not? There was not queue, but suddenly, a long queue formed.

Anyway, it was clearing quite fast, and we ordered the nasi lemak. We took the Royal Set. This is how it looks like. The egg was fried on the spot when ordered. The rice is different from the normal rice right? The luncheon meat and sambal is hidden in this picture.

Another colleague offered to buy us drinks. She ordered Avocado Juice. There are two stalls selling the same thing and you can see fierce competition. Both are good. It's your choice which stall you prefer :-)

Have a great weekend!

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Friday, June 15, 2007

Kopitiam @ NUH : Cheapest chicken feet in town!

Today deciding where to eat for lunch, one colleague said: "Chicken Feet". Immediately we know where we are going!

The Dim Sum stall at Kopitiam NUH - Kent Ridge Wing actually has very delicious chicken feet. But take note that 90% of the time it is nice, the other 10%, depends on your luck! Really! We love it most of the time, but there was once, maybe the cook poured too much vinegar in it, it taste so sour!

Actually, today we only ordered 5 steamer trays of it.
To quote colleague who likes it very much. The chicken feet is soft enough, but not soft until 'nuah nuah' in hokkien. It still has a bit of chewiness to it.

There was once we ordered 10 of it. Our lunch gang has 6 persons usually.

Price? $2 per bamboo steamer tray.
To get it cheaper, apply for the Kopitiam NUH Staff Card, you get 20% off! So it's $1.60!
Now, that's cheap and delicious phoenix claws!

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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Aunty Foo's Punggol Delicacies (Part 2)

Next this was pig stomach soup. Aunty Foo has actually cut them and twisted all of them up. Actually it was the little girl at home that help grandma tie them up. Cute ya!

This is without the soup, so you can see what is being served in each bowl.
Actually, I do not like eating these stuff, but I love the soup. The soup is peppery and hot! Yum yum!

Next was gigantic prawns. Our aunt from London was having dinner with us, she said in London it is very rare to have prawns that are this big. Their big prawns there are like the small prawns we have here.

The last dish is the steam pomfret. Do you know what ingredients here made the soup superb? Next time when you steam fish, add in leeks! Then you can taste the difference.

Hope you enjoyed this and can use them to plan for your coming home cook meals.

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