Thursday, April 30, 2009

Zhou's Kitchen @ Square 2 (Part II)

Part II of the High tea buffet.

When you sit down, you get this basket of delicious keropok!
Keropokman LOVES these keropok! They go so so well with the thai style chilli sauce. yum! ;-)


The drunken chicken.
It was nice, but if it was colder it would be even nicer.

Drunken Chicken

Beef slices. Can't really remember the name of this dish.

Beef Slices

Steam Pork Ribs.

Steamed Pork Ribs

Phoenix Claws.
I realise without my colleagues who are mad about these eating with me, it's not as enjoyable eating the claws. haha...

Phoenix Claws

The kids on the table loves this. Fried Fish Skin.

Fried Fish Skin

This sliced pork with garlic is very delicious. I think I ate quite a lot of this!
It goes well with porridge too!

Garlic Pork

This is pork slices with jelly fish.

Jelly Fish and White Pork

Dough Fritteres with Mayo.

Dough Fritters with Mayo

Century Egg porridge with lean pork.

Century Egggs and Lean Pork Porridge

If you want more century egg, you can order this.

Century Eggs

BBQ Pork Bun. I kinda like this because I ate a few of it! LOL...

Char Siu Buns

Deep fried chicken that looks small and dry. But somehow it was quite appetizing and I ate quite a bit of it.

Fried Chicken Bits

Nice place to pig out without costing too much.
You got to make a reservation. The place is very very packed with people.

Zhou's Kitchen
Square 2
10 Sinaran Drive
Singapore 307506

Tel: 6893 1123
Fax: 6397 6474

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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Zhou's Kitchen @ Square 2

We were invited to our cousin's birthday tea at Zhou's Kitchen during the past weekend. Happy Birthday E!

Uncle and Aunt booked the tea buffet at Square 2.

Zhou's Kitchen by Tung Lok Group

Look at the price for the buffet. It's quite reasonable right?
The food's not too bad too. It's a Tung Lok Group restaurant, so it's usually quite good. ;-)

High Tea Buffet

I realise we ate quite a bit! There was like a big group of us, so we nearly ordered everything.
If you are interested in it, you can continue to scroll down.
Here's Part I of the food we ate:

Char Siu Pastry. These are good stuff.

Char Siu Pastry

Siu Mai.

Siu Mai

Celery and Prawns. I picked more veg than the prawns. hehe...

Celery with Prawns

The Meat Roll.

Meat Roll

I love french beans and this is a bit spicy, so it's very appetizing.

French Beans

For carbo load fix, here's the Lotus Leaf Rice.

Lotus Leaf Rice

It's like a rice sandwich inside. The meat sandwich between two layers of rice.

Lotus Leaf Rice

Har Gow.

Har Gow

If you have 6 persons or more having the buffet, you get the Crab Glutinous Rice.

Crab with Glutinous Rice

The Egg tarts here are delicious!

Egg Tarts

The fried rice here is also very fragrant. I like it.

Fried Rice

Sweet and Sour soup.
(psst, don't bother).

Sweet and Sour Soup

Part II to continue tomorrow.

Zhou's Kitchen
Square 2
10 Sinaran Drive
Singapore 307506

Tel: 6893 1123
Fax: 6397 6474

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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Craving for CKT...

Every now and then, I suddenly have a craving for Char Kuey Teow. But I won't go all the way to somewhere far away to satisfy it. When you reach there, you might already have lost your appetite. haha...

This was a simple CKT at a coffee shop near my home. Good enough to satisfy temporary cravings for carbo. This was dinner some time last week when I just wanted fried carbo with black sauce. LOL...

Char Kuey Teow

Very busy today that I did not have time for lunch. Meetings after meetings and trying to solve so many problems. Lunch today was only at 5 pm! With lunch so late, I did not have dinner. I just ate something from the fridge just now.

Colleague went for porridge buffet today! (and I was hungry....)

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Monday, April 27, 2009

Vietnamese Food @ NUS Business Canteen

A quick post as I have been extremely busy these few days. This was lunch few days ago when I ate at the NUS Business Canteen.

What a coincidence that I met an old friend there. I seldom come to this canteen, and he works in Science Park and also seldom come here, I think it's the first time this year here.

This is food from the Vietnamese stall. With the swine flu around, I guess I will still eat pork. The lady stacks the food up very high.

The rice is hidden behind, and no I did not do adjust the vegetable and meat. ;-)
Around 5 pieces of Vietnamese style pork, and 1 big scoop of greens. $2.

Pork with Green Veggies

Oh yes, a bowl of complimentary soup.
Simple, satisfying and cheap lunch.

I was also tempted to 'add extra ingredients', but decided I should eat less. LOL.
The other stew looks good too.

Vietnamese Stall,
NUS Business Canteen

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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Chiharu Sake Bar and Seasonal Specialties @ Bukit Timah Road

Continuation from yesterday's post.

These photos are the food from the "Deep Fried Dishes".
From this section, this is my favourite - Tempura Moriawase. Oh, the ebi was so nicely done. So light and crispy.

We had to keep reminding ourselves, don't order double even if it is nice. We want to try every single thing in the menu! Yeah, we think we were crazy, but we actually did it!

Tempura Moriawase

Here are the other delicious deep fried stuff. Most were quite nice, except I think the Ika Tatsuta Age. (Deep fried marinated squid). It's a little too tough.

Chiharu Cream KorokkeKisu Nebuka AgeIka Tatsuta AgeAgedeshi DofuHamo Chikuwa Tempura

This next section is my favourite. The Warm Dishes.

Buta Shioyaki. Oh, we love this pork! I am sure all other pork lovers will too!

Buta Shioyaki

We also love this Gyu Teriyaki. OK, for this we ordered a few rounds of it, because we the meat eaters love it.

Gyu Teriyaki

We ordered medium, and see it's nicely done.

Gyu Teriyaki

But if you can't take beef, you can take the chicken version of it.

Tori Teriyaki

Here are the other dishes in the warm dishes section.

Furofuiki Daikon Ebi MisoShira Konyaku DengakuYasai TakiawaseChiharu Chawanmushi

We did not forget our veggies.
Here are the dishes from the Salad Section.

Green Combi SaladKani SaladChiharu Salad

The Main Dishes Section.

The Zaru Soba. I like soba, so I love this. This is super cold too! Nice nice ;-)

Zaru Soba

If you like cold udon, you could try the Zaru Udon.

Zaru Udon

We were wondering how the porridge would taste like, so we ordered 1 person's portion to try. Very light!

Nori ChazukeUme Chazuke

Finally, we reached the Dessert Section.
In the menu, it just states "ice cream selection of the day".

So we did not expect much, but we tasted it, we liked it that we ordered almost all the available flavours to try! Somehow if it's good ice cream, there's always space in the tummy for it!

Here are the top 3 flavours I like.
The raspberry ice cream.

Raspberry Ice Cream

The Bailey's Ice Cream.

Baileys Ice Cream

I love this the most. Chocolate Ice Cream. It's so good.
You can even mix it with the Bailey's :-)

Chocolate Ice Cream

It was such a satisfying meal. The food and company were excellent!
Momo and I might come back again for the sushi and sashimi. It's too much to eat if we eat the all you can eat all over again.

But if you go in a bigger group, maybe you can order half the portions for the group and share it. That way you can taste everything. The dishes I think changes, the menu that I see today seems to be a little different. So check out the menu first.

Not much description of individual dishes for this post. You can read what Camemberu thinks about the food at her blog post of this place.

You can view all the photo at a glance at my flickr site here.

Chiharu Sake Bar and Seasonal Specialties
779 Bukit Timah Road
Singapore 269758
Tel: 6769.1929

Lunch: Monday to Sunday,12pm to 2.30pm
Dinner: Monday to Sunday, 6.30pm to 10.30pm

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