Monday, June 30, 2008

Joe's Kitchen @ Alexandra Village.

Last Friday, a colleague suggested that we pop by Joe's Kitchen. Some of us have been there, while the rest have not. So, we hopped into a cab to get there.

Here's what we had. The crispy chicken wings. One for each of us.

The prawn cakes. I kinda like this. Think it just taste good, especially with the sweet thai chilli sauce.

We had 5 of us, and we shared the food by ordering ala-carte dishes. Here's the Phad Thai. We liked it.

This is another dish that we liked very much. The kangkong. Really yummy and fragrant.

We wanted some Tomyam Soup and we were recommended the Seafood Tomyam. It was fiery! One colleague particularly like it so much. haha...

We also had a green beef curry. The photo is totally spoilt. Oops. Anyway, we had the above dishes with a pineapple rice.

For the 7 dishes plus drinks, we split to the bill to around $12 each. Think we ate too much because we were trying to hard to stay awake to work later. ;-)

Joe's Kitchen
Blk 123 Bukit Merah Lane
Singapore 150125

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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Free Ice Cream by OCBC @ Orchard Road

No, this post is NOT sponsored by OCBC. (But I am just happy with them for giving us free ice cream today and there was no strings attached! ;-) )

Momo, Sis and I, we were walking along Orchard Road this afternoon when this lady with a few guys said free ice cream if you are an OCBC card member. Show them any OCBC card and you get a little slip like this in exchange for free ice cream.

You know the 'potong' ice cream carts along Orchard Road, the OCBC people are just beside it, you show any OCBC card, they give you the complimentary ice cream slip, fill in your name and you exchange it for an ice cream. We had chocolate, read bean and chocolate mint.

Why are we happy? Because it is a genuine thank you for being their card member treat. (ya ya, I was so easily bought over by ice cream? haha.. it was such a hot day!)

Compared this to few weeks ago, when I was with my aunt, and there was this UOB promotion that asked you to spin the wheel, they were shouting out loud through the speakers: "UOB card members, show your card and you get to spin the wheel, guarantee free gift."

Guess what? They do give you free gifts (plastic pencil boxes, etc..), but you got to go into the bank, sit down and listen to them sell you some products before they give it to you. When we were told to sit down, we told them, "No Thanks" and walked out, we don't want your gift.

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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Ga-Hock Seafood @ Upp Bukit Timah Road

Last weekend, uncle and aunt brought us all to eat at this place that many people are flocking too. It's far off, but not too far from where they live.

During peak hours, you got to wait for some time, but if you go earlier or later, it might not be that bad. So, what's the attraction? The food's reasonably good and it is reasonably cheap. You know eating out nowadays can be so unsatisfying (small portions) and yet so expensive.

Tuck along this coffee shop called Hup Choon Eating House along Upper Bukit Timah Road, there's a zhi-char stall.

It's called Ga-Hock Seafood. You need to go to the back of the Eating House. You will be amazed by how many people are there! (Where we sat was open air, so the food photos are a bit blur, due to insufficient lighting)

We had 9 of us (three children), and this is what we ate:
Sweet and Sour Pork, nicely done, and portions big too. $14

This is the prawn paste chicken. $12.
It's kinda like well fried outside, but inside it is still juicy.

Almost all the table here as the Curry Fish Head. $19.
Served on a big claypot, the sauce is so captivating, if you like curry, you will definitely ask for more rice, so you can wallop the curry! haha.. It is topped with yummy fried bean curd skin.

This is the seafood mix with veg and tofu. $18.
The tofu's not too bad.

This is the long beans with dried shrimps. $10.
We can taste 'salted fish' bits in it too. With 'hae bee' (dried shrimps) and salted fish, you can imagine how fragrant it is!

The sambal kangkong ($7) is also delicious. Yes, with the 'woke hei'.
Hey, even the kids found it yummy, thought it is a bit spicy for them.

Yup, a new discovery for the rest of us, thanks to aunt's recommendation. (Or aunt's gang of friends)

Oh yes, it only accepts cash. So if you are coming remember to bring cash.

Ga-Hock Seafood
794 Upper Bukit Timah Road
Singapore 678133
Tel: 6314 5725

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Friday, June 27, 2008

Benkei Japanese / Korean Cuisine @ NUS Science Canteen

It's a quick revisit to this new stall at the NUS Science Canteen. This time, two other colleagues who did not try it with us the other day decided to give it a try.

Ms Preggy has the fish set. $4. It seems quite tempting isn't it? She gave us some of her fish to try. Not too bad. The set seems to be more worth it, compared to the rice dishes that we had.

'Pirate' had the curry set. $4. It looks quite good too. Definitely not the best in town, but at this price, can pass.

The set comes with rice, soup and some cute little pieces of jelly.

Benkei Japanese / Korean Cuisine
NUS Science Canteen

Have a good and yummy weekend!

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Thursday, June 26, 2008

COVA Pasticceria-Confetteria @ Paragon

Last Saturday, met up with Momo, Sue and Dino for lunch at a new 'chi-chi' cafe in town. COVA Pasticceria-Confetteria. Doesn't it sound where you can find all the tai-tai's will be at?

Cova occupies an outside area where lunch and dinner is served, and the 'main' shop where food's prepared and all the delicious sinful looking cakes are displayed and it's also where you can have a nice afternoon tea.

We sat outside, and this is the view after everyone has left. It was packed when we arrived.

We were suppose to meet another friend, but she suddenly went 'MIA' the last few days. Calls go unanswered etc. (haha.. it reminds us of another friend.) So only 3 of us met.

After placing our orders we were asked if we wanted any bread. Yes we did. This little thing served to us is quite yummy. It's salty! We read that everything here's baked at 5 am, and ready to be served for breakfast at 8 am.

Well, Momo had the Vegetarian Quiche. She said it was delicious.

Sue had the Salami Panini.

I had the Ham and Cheese Panini. Since both Sue and I were having panini, we decided to swap half of ours. Momo ate from our plates too.

The Salami was nice and so was the traditional ham and cheese which was recommended to us. They are generous with the fillings.

How does Dino come into the picture? Remember we had a MIA friend? We had an extra seat and found out that Dino was nearby. So, we asked her to join us. When she came, it was when the Tea menu starts. (3 pm).

We ordered the biggest tea set, so that we can pinch her food. 8 items in the set plus a pot of tea.

The two ladies decided they need a coffee fix. Italian Coffee!
So each of them ordered a cappuccino.

Looking at Dino's tea set, the ladies decided to be tempted by going into the shop and they ordered these!

They sure are delicious. Good things comes in small sizes.
Here's a peep into what's inside.

Cova Pasticceria-Confetteria
Paragon Shopping Centre
290 Orchard Road #01-20A
Tel: 6773 0777
Sun-Fri: 8am-10pm
Sat: 8am-11pm

Oh yes, if you want to read more about this place, Ice a regular reader and quite an expert in makan makan in Singapore has an entry in her blog.

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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Benkei Japanese / Korean Cuisine @ NUS Science Canteen

Colleagues and I made a trip to the NUS Science Canteen yesterday. We realise that the old Japanese stall that was closed has now reopened and it's 'under new management'. We thought we should give it a try.

It's a two in one stall. The main signboard says Benkei Japanese Cuisine, but the secondary board says Benkei Korean Cuisine.

DPuk tried the Oyako Don $3.50.

I had the Ten Tama Don $3.50

To us, the food's ok, taste good too, Definitely a 100% improvement compared to the previous Japanese food stall in the same location. But we concluded that the portion's a bit small.

(Small is a bias comparison :-) by many people who eats here.
Explanation: Things in the canteens are NUS have an average of $2 for most meals. But when someone charges $3.50, your expectations in the 'NUS Canteen Economy' must raise a high percentage right? haha... Yes, that's the bias. )

Benkei Japanese / Korean Cuisine
NUS Science Canteen.

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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Ministry of Food の My Izakaya @ Bugis Junction (Desserts)

What we liked about this place is the desserts :-)

You can order 1 scoop of the gelato like this Green Tea Gelato. $3.50
Made from Hokkaido Milk. Yum...

Or order these darlings that it is famous for.
The Macha mixed Imo $6.50

You would like the deep fried sweet potato and yam. It goes well with the ice cream.

Any red bean person would love this. The Macha Zen $4.00
Red Bean Green Tea Ice Cream and dango staying afloat red bean paste.

The Macha Kakigori $3.00
The Japanese style 'ang tao peng'. :-)

The desserts here are as good as the conversation we had with out new friends :-)

Ministry of Food の My Izakaya (Bugis Junction)
200 Victoria Street
#02-45 Bugis Junction
Singapore 188021
Tel: 6338 6466

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Monday, June 23, 2008

Ministry of Food の My Izakaya @ Bugis Junction

Last Saturday night, Momo and I got to meet up with Teckiee and XLB, food blogger friends from KL. We were suppose to meet at Ma Maison as recommended by Uncle Nic. (but he was not here, he had to go back to KL)

But... due to super long queue and non booking, we had to change venue instead. The 5 other new friends who was there earlier, found MOF. The kind people at MOF arranged for a table of 7 amidst the peak hour traffic.

It was interesting to finally meet people whose blog we read. We were listening to stories of KL good bloggers. Wow, they do have a good life there. They have almost weekly food outings!

Anyway, here's what we ate. We ordered some sort of mains for each person, and share other stuff, so we can try more things. :-)

This is one of the maki that we shared. We had one salmon cutlet maki and one karaage maki. $8.80 each.

This is the wasabi seafood salad for 3pax. $7.80
When the wasabi sauce is poured over, it is quite delicious. If the wasabi is more hair raising it would have been even better. :-p

This is the seafood toji set. $18.80.
I am confused, I can't remember who ate what. We were all busy chatting!

But I do remember what I had. This is the Tonkotsu Ramen $8.80 that I had.
(I think I prefer the black pork version at TomTon :-p )

The Tan-Tan Ramen. $8.80
Momo had this.

This is the Seafood Cold Ramen $9.80 that Teckiee and another friend had.
(There was a few other of teckiee's friends. They have been eating all day it seems)

The conversation was better than the food. LOL.
The desserts here are much better. Look out for it tomorrow.

Ministry of Food の My Izakaya (Bugis Junction)
200 Victoria Street
#02-45 Bugis Junction
Singapore 188021
Tel: 6338 6466

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Sunday, June 22, 2008

$1 Juice Stall @ Dover Market and Food Centre

This fruit juice / fruits stall has no name. (as you can see in the photo)
Colleagues and I call it the Dover $1 Drinks Stall.

We visit this stall because the drinks cost $1 dollar for most drinks. Or so far, we have only tried the $1 ones and we are happy with it.

Two cups of the juices we had.
Left is the Avocado and right is the watermelon.

It's one of the places where the juices are more than the ice. Don't you find that many fruit juice stalls fill up 3/4 of the cup with ice? This one still has not. ;-)

The $1 avocado shake is comparable with the more expensive versions elsewhere.

Stall 01-134 (On the same row where they have 2 stalls selling Chicken Rice)
Dover Market and Food Centre

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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Nogawa Restaurant @ Le Meridien (Set Lunches)

Don't be frightened off by the Sashimi's pricing in this restaurant. You pay for the quality.

Why we came here is to try the set meals that are very affordable. They are delicious too. The set meals comes with a soup, pickles and bowl of mushroom and jelly fish.

When we saw the menu, everyone seems to want to order the unagi. LOL We all decided to order different sets when we asked each other what they were thinking of having.

Una-Jyu $18

Oyako Don $15

Tori Teriyaki Don $15

Ten-Don $20
Deep fried Shrimp Bowl. This is what I had and I totally enjoyed it. Light and crispy and so flavoursome.

I did not record the name of this set. $20
We saw that the egg even had a stamp on it. Wow!

After the meal, fruits were served.

With the fruit tray was a cup of new tea that was brownish (Brown Rice Tea maybe?). The earlier green tea was taken away.

It was a great meal.

Nogawa Restaurant
Le Meridien Singapore
100 Orchard Road
Singapore 238840

Tel: 6732 2911
Hours: Mon - Sat, 12pm - 3pm, 6pm - 10.30pm

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