Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Last meal of the year...

This is the last bowl of food many of us had for 2008. We were at the Watch Night service in church, and this was served to us for a break at around 10:30 PM.

It's a bowl of porridge with lots of toppings. Shredded chicken, fried anchovies, century egg, salted egg and parsley.

Thanks to the two sisters, Mrs Ang and Mrs Tan (they are really sisters whose face are so alike) who faithfully prepare this for us year after year. It's delicious!

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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Dim Sum Lunch - The Scholar @ NUSS Kent Ridge Guild House

It's the last working day of the year for our organisation. We don't work on the 31 Dec because the President of our organisation wants to reward all the hardworking staff with a day off. (And because of this, we work very hard for the rest of the year. Really!)

So for the last lunch for the year, we thought we will just go have something quick and fast and cost like $2-3. But one colleague, 'old cat' looked at the rest of us and gave a disapproving look, a look that shouts out "how can?".

We decided to take a bus ride to the Computing/Business School side of NUS to dine at The Scholars instead. We decided to have a 'Dian Xin' lunch. How appropriate. 'Dian Xin' means 'touch the heart' in mandarin and we are closing the year with a 'touch the heart' lunch with colleagues.

We had a century egg congee, $3 which was nice. (But the photo was not, so not showing it here. :-))

Then came the Fried Carrot Cake. $4 This version looks so crispy right? Soft in the inside and crispy in the inside.

Fried Carrot Cake

Next was two steamers of Har Gow. $4 for each steamer. Each one was packed with prawns. It was like 3 prawns in each!

Har Gow

The two steamers of Siew Mai that came next was also good. $4 each steamer.
It did not have a strong meaty smell, and the combi of pork and prawns was nice. It's huge too.

Siew Mai

Next to arrive was the Char Siu Chee Cheong Fun. $4
This Chee Cheong Fun was overflowing with Char Siu! Not some stingy a few pieces ones.

Roast Meat Chee Cheong Fun

As usual, we always order the Phoenix Claws. $4.
These chicken feet's well marinated.

Phoenix Claws

To top it off, we had half a roast duck. $22. The duck's not too bad.
We were also eye-ing the next table which had Peking Duck. LOL...

Half a roast duck

It was a heart warming lunch. Thanks to "old cat" who decided to treat us too.

The Scholar
National University of Singapore Society
Kent Ridge Guild House
9 Kent Ridge Drive
Singapore 119241

Reservations: 6586 3710
Opening Hours, etc: Check the Scholar's website.

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Monday, December 29, 2008

Wedding Lunch @ Mandarin Oriental Singapore

Yesterday, we were invited to our friend, G's wedding lunch reception at Mandarin Oriental Singapore. G looked absolutely stunning in her wedding gowns.

G must be on of the most organised person around. We got sms to remind us before the wedding two times over two weeks. We also got a thank you sms today too!

So, what was on the menu?

The lunch started off with the Mandarin Oriental Combination - Lobster and Prawn with Seafood Roll. Looks good?

Mandarin Oriental Combination - Lobster and prawn with seafood roll

The braised shark's fin with crabmeat.
Good thing that not many sharks were killed. :-)

Braised shark's fin with crabmeat

The Crispy King Prawn. It is served with honey sauce.
The prawns a little oily but was tasty!

Crispy King Prawn served with honey sauce

This is the stewed duck with 5 treasures. The treasures: Chestnuts, Red Dates, Sea Whelk, Taro and Lotus Seeds. Delicious.

Stewed Duck with 5 treasures: chestnuts, red dates, sea whelk, taro and lotus seeds

The Cod Fish Fillets. Baked fillets of cod in superior teriyaki sauce
We all like the cod. So soft and it melts in your mouth.

Baked Fillets of cod in superior teriyaki sauce

When we saw on the menu: Chilli Crab Mantous, we all asked each other, is it going to be the chilli crab that we know? Haha...

Well, it is! This is the chilli crab sauce! Is there crab meat inside? Yes!

Chilli Crab Sauce - Easiest way to eat chilli crabs!

The Man tou - Fried Mini buns. Golden brown and its calling out to us to eat them.

Fried Man Tou - Crispy Mini Buns

When we were served our individual portions, we can't wait to try it!
This must be the easiest way to eat Chilli Crabs! Look, there's lots of crab meat too. We were impressed!

Crispy mini buns with chilli crabmeat sauce

With the previous dish bringing our hopes so high, errr, this next dish looks ugly. haha..
Orh Nee - Sweetened Yam Paste with gingko nuts.

Or Ni - Sweetened Yam Paste with Gingko Nuts

It was a good time catching up with friends and meeting new friends over the lunch table.
G if you are viewing these photos, it was a really well organised lunch. Congratulations to both you and CE!

Mandarin Oriental Singapore
5 Raffles Avenue
Marina Square
Singapore 039797

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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Five Star Hainanese Chicken Rice @ Upper Bukit Timah Road

We had relatives visiting Singapore and we met them for dinner. Aunt asked what they would like to eat, and they said: "the chicken rice that we had the last time we were here".

Looks like chicken rice in Singapore leaves a deep impression to visitors!

So, the whole 'clan' went to the chicken rice place that our aunt brought them the last time they were here, the Five Star Hainanese Chicken Rice shop.

Here's what we had:

The boneless 'white' chicken. We like their chicken here because it has less fat, yet the meat's still tender and juicy. (I think the chicken's kampung chicken if I remembered correctly)

The delicious Chicken

Our 'clan' this time had 12 adults and 1 teenager. To feed the this clan, 4 plates of chicken was ordered. LOL

The 4 plates of Chicken

Enough to feed the clan? Of course not. We had doubles of the following dishes.
The chicken feet salad.

(We learn a new term for it. Our relos call it the 'white tyres'. LOL..)

Chicken Feet

The sweet and sour pork.

Sweet and Sour Pork

The spicy version of the Fan Su Ye.

Spicy Fan Su Ye

For the spicy-challenged, the no-sambal version of Fan Su Ye.

Fan Su Ye

For the fried food lovers, the Stuffed Fried You Tiao.

Stuffed You Tiao

Finally, the stuff that I did not touch, the chicken gizzard.

Chicken Gizzard

Someone from the 'clan' is a future-in-law. He followed his girlfriend down to Singapore for a holiday. He's from Ipoh and we asked him how's the chicken rice here?

He said, "Well, almost there lah..." LOL...

Five Star Hainanese Chicken Rice
6/7 Cheong Chin Nam Road
Singapore 599731

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Friday, December 26, 2008

Mega McSpicy, Cornetto Chocolate Mcflurry @ Mcdonalds

While everyone's out squeezing themselves in the shopping malls, the people in our household were sleeping till past 12 noon! We sleep quite a lot, our friends know about it. :-)

After waking up late, we thought we would clean up the house. But we ended up watching "Monks Marathon" on TV! (plus eating Curry Puffs we bought for tea) We were very glued to TV that we did not clean up the house. Before we knew it, it was 8 pm!

Wondering what to eat, bro said "let's go try the Mega stuff at McDonalds". He wanted to try it for some time, but never stepped into McDs. So we walked to the nearest McDonalds and had our Mega McSpicies. Bro and I had the double deck spicy chicken burger - the Mega McSpicy. Sis did not fancy it and had the Filet-O-Fish.

The McSpicy was quite big!

Mega McSpicy

We had the set meals that came with packs of fries. Bro is a Carl's Jr fries fan, so he was 'complaining'. But we still ate it. :-p


I was tempted by the big signs alluring me to try the new Cornetto Chocolate Mcflurry!
Yielded to temptation. sigh..

Cornetto Chocolate Mcflurry

Very very chocolaty. But it melts very quickly.

Cornetto Chocolate Mcflurry

Do you enjoy having 'junk food' like I do?

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Thursday, December 25, 2008

The Hot Sauce Store @ Suntec City

A very Blessed Christmas to all!

Buying presents is one of the toughest thing for me. I find it very difficult to find the correct presents for people. But sis and I found this for our brother. He loves chilli sauce.

We saw this Hot Sauce Store at Suntec City (in front of Carrefour) and thought this will be the perfect gift for him.

The Hot Sauce Store at Suntec City

Of all the different sauces, we bought him this because our brother's name is on it! :-)

This was what we bought for my brother for his Christmas gift.

If you are game for it, you can pop by the store and try out their sauces.
It's killing!

The Hot Sauce Store
Kiosk outside Carrefour
Suntec City.

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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Dinner @ Uncle and Aunt's

This is our family's Christmas Dinner that we had on Monday night. Monday nights? Yes, our dinners are scheduled around our Church activities. There's rehearsals and the actual Christmas Eve services that most of us are involved in.

Our relatives from Malaysia could not join us this year due to the clash of activities in their church as well. LOL. The little ones were a bit disappointed that there were fewer kids around to make noise.

Here's the turkey that aunt baked. For the last few years, it has always been freshly baked turkey and no more ordering from turkeys from shops that baked them the day before.

Annie's Turkey

The baked whole salmon, with teriyaki sauce and sesame seeds.

Baked Salmon with Terriyaki and Sesame Seeds

Garlic bread... to go with the French Onion Soup.

Garlic Bread

The French Onion Soup.

French Onion Soup

The coleslaw.


The Mango Salad that's super spicy!

Mango Salad Thai Style

Prawn cocktails with two different kinds of dips. This is one of them.

Peeled Prawn with Curry Mayo

The black peppercorn ham and pineapple.

Black Peppercorn Ham and pineapples

The baked pasta.

Baked Pasta

The broccoli. We look at this and called it "Ikea Style" broccoli. lol

Broccoli "ikea style"

After dinner, we had an assortment of fruits. The kids had them with a chocolate fondue.
If you are wondering, no that's really 2 plates and not mirror image. haha..

Fresh Fruits after dinner

Plus a hazelnut log cake from Bengawan Solo.

Log cake from Bengawan Solo

It was a fabulous dinner. The above food were prepared by a few people, but bulk of it by aunt.

If you realize some photos are yellowish other more whitish, that's because some were taken at the dinner table, while some in the kitchen. :-)

We were all busy getting the food ready, so the ones that we missed taking in the kitchen, we had to take it at the dining table which had the warmer lights.

Have a Blessed Christmas.

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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Ikoi @ Miramar Hotel

Been meeting up with many groups of friends these two weeks. Oh well, catching up with friends over meals are always very heartwarming and tummy-warming too. :-p

This was a group who liked Japanese Food. I am so shocked that skinny ladies can eat so so so much! The way they can order sashimi is just amazing! Ladies eat so gently and gracefully that you can't imagine it's them that finished most of the food below....

Ikoi @ Miramar Hotel

When we got seated, we were served this Salmon Sashimi.
It's to be eaten without adding anything else. It's delicious!

Salmon Starter

This was one of the many many many 'boats' of sashimi that the group of 7 ate.

Sashimi Boat


Soft Tofu

Grilled Saba.
I always like this fish. (I know many people don't like this because of its fishy smell, but I like. LOL)


I got so many of this tofu. The deep fried tofu photos turned out so ugly, so this cold tofu will represent its cousin. LOL...

Cold Tofu

Chicken wings.
I think 5 chickens were sacrificed.

Chicken Wings

Well, the chicken did not die in vain. The meat were used to served us lots of yakitori.


Oh, I like fish, but I don't like salmon fish head. But Mr R seems to love this so much. He ate it all plus the other plates.

The servers served us with many complimentary dishes, and this is one of them. (ie not in the menu)

Salmon Head

I think I might be the only one who was ordering and eating salad. The ladies only go for sashimi.

Tuna Salad

Assortment of vegetable tempuras.

Assortment of Tempuras

Ebi Tempura. I think I only had one. Must watch what I eat. LOL
The ladies just ate on.... and on.... and on....

Tempura Ebi

The Teapot Soup. I always like this. But we realise a few ladies hate this. Ms Ant is one of them. For every cup of soup I had, I think she had a bowl of fried rice!

Pot Tea

Shishamo. I don't like fish eggs. I did not touch them. LOL...

Shishamo (Smelt)

Another complimentary dish. Soup was nice. Ms Ant did not touch it as well. Yeah. fishy... LOL..

Salmon Soup

Miss Ant however had lots and lots of Tako.

More Tako

I saw they had Oden and I ordered one bowl. This Japanese Yong Tau Foo is quite nice :-)


Many other dishes we had. What a wonderful lunch.

Ikoi Japanese Restaurant
Miramar Hotel
401 Havelock Road
Singapore 169631

Tel: 68873788
Hours: Mon-Sun: 11.30am-2pm, 6pm-11pm

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