Friday, February 29, 2008

Egg Tarts from Fancy Delight

You think only old foggies eat egg tarts? Not so. We the younger generation also like the good old fashion egg tarts. Introducing a twist to it doesn't sound that bad, in fact it adds some variety to our stale conveyor belt lifestyle.

A colleague bought us a box of egg tarts for tea. They are from Fancy Delight. A sharp colleague said hey that was shown on Makan Sutra Raw. Now, that caught out attention a bit.

Usually egg tarts do not look like these ya? These looks special! Looks like 'kueh pai tee' cups, but a bigger version of it.

How shall we put it? The pastry is not the usual flaky pastry, but it taste like the crust of delicious cheesecakes. Does that describe it well?

This is the portuguese egg tarts.

Cut them into half and let you see the inside.

This is the orange chocolate tarts.

We cut them into halves, so we can share (also the calories).
The tarts were all nice and warm, and the melting chocolate makes us melt too!

This is the pepper chicken. A colleague describe it as savoury custard, something like quiche.

Well, that was our short entertainment break today. Thanks to Mr Lai for buying us our snack.
You can buy them at Fancy Delight at the address below.

Have a good weekend!

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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Boon Lay Raja Seafood @ Jurong East

Hmmm you must be thinking I am so contradicting. Yesterday, I just grumbled about 6.6% inflation and today, we are at Boon Lay Raja having a nice meal. Haha... Well, a colleague "die die" want to eat here, and he proclaimed he is treating, the other 6 of us could not disappoint him right?

There was a deja-vu feeling today. We ordered a set meal for 7, when the food was served, it was like we had it before! If you click on the label and view the pictures, it might be the same!

The homemade tofu and mushroom dish that was oooo, so yummy.

The prawn rolls that is crispy outside and moist with succulent prawns inside.

Yes, the set meal came with siu mai. :-)

We also had an order of Char Siu Pau, because one colleague who calls herself a 'preggie' had the urge to eat it. :-) (maybe our future lunch, we might be eating the food that she has the urge to eat! that solves our headache of thinking what to eat every day!)

The deep fried fish. So nicely deep fried, crispy outside, yet the inside's not very dry.

When we ate this fish, we all remembered our CNY lunch at our workplace that was horrible. Everyone just grumbled on.... We all thought that we should come here for next year's CNY lunch instead!

Celery with scallops.

Talking about the CNY lunch, we thought, we sort of heard that the per-head was $40 and we had such horrible food, we think this lunch is much better and worth it.

Marmite Pork. We were suppose to have Roast Chicken in the menu, but we were told, it wont be ready till 12.30 and we did not want to wait like 45 mins for it. So they said we could choose any pork dishes, so we chose the Marmite Pork.


More about the CNY lunch, we sort of heard that if they chose the restaurant that we ate the CNY lunch so that we could save on transporting everyone here. But another colleague said, if they paid a cab for 4 persons to come here, it could still be cheaper to come here.

And.... since we were at a place that serves Dim Sum, how could we not order our favourite food - Phoenix Claws!

We said "wu3 long2" and the person who took of us proclaimed so loud, FIVE?! haha...

Hmmm sorry for having you read the grouse that we have about our CNY lunch in between the photos.

Tomorrow's Friday! Hope you get to finish off all your week's work and have an enjoyable weekend!

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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Chicken wings horfun @ Science Canteen

This is one of the quick meals that I have too. Have been having cheap and fast meals during lunch time. Why?
1. Rushing for work.
2. Weather's too hot to go anywhere.
3. Colleague's are busy too.
4. Food's getting expensive elsewhere. Inflation for Jan is 6.6% in Singapore!!

So, lunch like this one is tasty and cheap. Chicken wings horfun at the Science Canteen in NUS. Adding extra portion of veg, I think it is $2.30

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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Blooie's Roadhouse Bar & Grill @ Science Park II (Main Course Pix)

Sorry to keep you waiting. Here's Part II. Today's a busy day too at work.

Colleague's Beef Burger. Looks absolutely delicious! $18

Another colleague's baked chicken pasta. (which happen to be the set meal of the day, which came with clam chowder, which we all think errr...) $18

This is Cheese Burger. Our boss' lunch. Yup, he joined us for lunch. $12

Another colleague's Cajun Chicken. $16

This is my rack of ribs. hehe. I seem to be always eating ribs eh? It's called BBQ Ribs A Nice Rack. (the even bigger version is called a Great Rack) $15.80

Oh yes, the other side of it, which had the mash and vegetables. Do you find it interesting that they serve xiaobaicai instead of the other normally expected veggies? I think I like xiaobaicai better! Yes, most of the main courses had the mash and veg. (or variants of potato, eg wedges)

The birthday boy had fish. I remember the name, it was called Blackened Dory. $18 haha..

I think I have one dish missing. I think it was the Cajun Chicken Burger. Hmmm how did I miss it? Must be too hungry. :-)

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Monday, February 25, 2008

Blooie's Roadhouse Bar & Grill @ Science Park II

You know it's not a good day at work when your phone rings non stop, so many emails from helpdesk gets escalated up to you. Usually it stays at helpdesk. It was just fixing this and that. Horrible. (yes, it's Monday too.)

But... we are not going to let some pesky things at work prevent us from what we planned last week. Today's a colleague's birthday. We are all going out to eat! We have been having too much cheapo food and rushed meals too.

The birthday boy got out of meeting at nearly 12 noon, and off we went. We planned to go to HV, somehow we all ended up at Blooie's Roadhouse Bar and Grill at Science Park II.

OK. The food we had. This was the Nachos starter that was quite yummy. (anything was will good to hungry people) $12.80

We were so hungry and this was what was left. Surprised that no one licked the plate? haha...

We had 7 of us today, so we also ordered another starter. It's a Sausage Salad. 3 different kind of delicious sausages. We like the middle one best. $16

See, I only get 10 seconds to take photos, see how fast the knife and fork is!
I have to always take picture like a paparazzi.

The rest of what we ate? Tomorrow lah. Had a tiring day. We had to fix more stuff when we came back from lunch. The phone was blinking with missed calls. Anyway, lunch was a good temporary break!

Happy Birthday Mr Lai!

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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Mien by Firstpasta @ Bukit Timah Food Centre

Once in a while, sis and I will think of having nice pasta at very good prices. We have this at the Bukit Timah Food Centre. It is also very fast! He chef can dish out something delicious in a few minutes. Talk about fast food.

This was eaten today, Chicken and Pesto Linguine.

Unlike other places where the linguine is too soft, this one is al dente too. Well, he has lots of food reviews pasted on the wall. $4 only.

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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Brunch @ Clementi West St 2

I have this bad habit of sleeping in on Saturdays. This morning I was woken up by my mobile ringing and it was sis asking if I want lunch? I said yes, just get anything that you are eating.

Then I was going to get back to bed that I realise it is 11.45 AM! Wow, I have been feeling very sleepy the whole week, after being given anti histamines by the doctor to ease the itch I have on my skin.

Anyway, this is my brunch. It is bought from the stall at Block 727 Clementi West St 2. My sis seems to love to buy food from here. It has been a long time since we ate from this stall, and she misses the food.

The big yummy fried chicken, with a piece of fried toufu and brinjals. The nasi lemak is pretty fragrant too. Yummy! Food's getting expensive. This cost $3.30 Well, when you gotta eat, you gotta eat.

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Friday, February 22, 2008

Chocolate Ice Kacang @ Chomp Chomp

Tired of the same old kind of ice kacang? Well, Momo and her friend had this in Chomp Chomp. Chocolate syrup Ice Kacang. Here are two photos of it to show you the two sides of it.

Are you a purist or would you accept fusion food? :-)
Have a good weekend!

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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Anjappar Indian Express @ FoodgleHub PGP, NUS

No, it's not Friday yet, but we had some Indian food. Colleagues and I, decided to just head down to PGP to try some other food. Everyone ate different food, but another colleague and I decide to just try out this Indian stall and see how it is.

OK it comes in compartmental plastic containers like this. This is a set meal that cost $4.50
You have 2 meats, 2 veg, 1 dessert, 1 rice, 1 naan, 1 papadam.

The taste is not too bad actually. Compared to some other, this is the chicken drumlets.

The long beans and other mix veg mix.

The chicken curry.

Whenever you see this, you think of super sweet indian desserts right?
We took one mouth, hey, it's not that sweet. We finished it. hehe..

Boleh tahan lah. I actually quite like the long grain super skinny rice. Yummy.

It seems that food places at this Foodgle Hub are "express" outlets of well known food outlets. Wonder if anyone knows this is the same as the Anjappar Authentic Chenttinaad Restaurant in Racecourse Road?

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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Ajisen @ IMM

This was dinner on Sunday. We had wanted to go to Holland Village for the Jap there, but last minute we decided to go to IMM, because someone wanted to buy something for Daiso.

Since we already decided on Jap, so we just went to Ajisen. It must have been a long time since we stepped in here.

We ordered stuff to share instead, so we get to taste more things. Eating big bowls of ramen is just too filling and boring. LOL

So, we only ordered two Ramen Sets.
The slices of pork (sorry, forgot the name) Ramen.

Also the Pork Rib Ramen. (Pai Ku Mian) I always like their yummy paiku. :-)

With the set, we could have two side dishes, so we had the mini orangey octopus and also the fried chicken wings.

Cousin is getting to be a salmon sashimi fan. We ordered this for her and it is proving to be too little nowadays.

So, she pestered her mum for another plate of sashimi, I think only at this place, do you find a flower shape salmon sashimi! :-)

Everyone also ordered what they want. So we had 2 Tako Yaki. (Octopus balls thingy with lots of benito flakes above)

Sis will 101% order this when it's on the menu. So we had 2 Okonomiyaki.

Maybe we were feeling gluttony, so we ordered some more after we finished the above.
So we ordered a Tonpei Yaki. It's pork slices inside the omelet that is covering a mountain of shredded cabbage.

Haha... guess what, we shared desserts as well. I think weekends are pigging out nites!
Oh, if you pay with a Citibank card, you get 10% off. With things rising in cost nowadays, every discount counts! Haha...

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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Ragazzi @ Ghim Moh (with the food pix)

The sausage salad that we shared.

The following, the various combi of linguine and fusilli that each of us had.

Sorry I forgot which picture matched which name. hehe...

But we liked it. Because the pasta are all al dente. Just the right texture.

This is the picky colleague's aglio e olio with mushrooms.

Another colleague said let me hold up the fork and let you take some photo. LOL.
I seldom do that right?

Overall, we were quite happy with our lunch that day.

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