Thursday, January 31, 2008

Desserts @ 2 NUH Kopitiams

You can call us 'siao'. It's OK. haha... This was our desserts eaten on Monday.

Savoury Dessert, chicken feet at the Kopitiam at NUH Kent Ridge Wing.

Really, we ate our lunch, and this was dessert. We only had 3 'plates' because they ran out of it. Sigh...

Then after this dessert, we walked over to the Kopitiam at the NUH Main Building. This time it was sweet dessert. We also had 3 cendol.

The latter is far too sweet and had too much suntan. The suntan was even turning hard under the ice! haha...

You like 'sweet' or 'savoury' dessert? :-p

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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Secret Recipe @ Anchorpoint

The desserts photos that were more interesting and delicious has been posted, here's the food photos, which is not as nice. LOL..

The kid's meal! 4 mini burgers. So cute, the tiny hand is already grabbing it!

The baked spaghetti, I thought it was for the kid, but I saw her daddy finishing up instead. haha... Parents always have to finish up after their kids ya?

The baked fish.

Chicken Cordon Blue eaten by sis. A bit 'the dry leh'.

We had a few of this on the table. Oxtail Stew. It was quite all right.

For our vegetarian friends who joined us, they had this veg spaghetti and another fried soba thingy.

Food so so lah. This place is meant for cakes.
Unless you want the Irish Stew that's quite famous too.

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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Desserts @ Secret Recipe, Anchorpoint

Last Saturday nite, met up with another group of friends for our monthly dinner. We had wanted to go to that Disney theme place, but we did not booked, and ended up having to eat elsewhere. We walked around and ate at Secret Recipe instead. The food pictures maybe tomorrow, but this was our desserts.

The kids was I think disappointed. The two pair of parents have to quickly initiate damage control. LOL. One said they will be back another day. Another got to wash the hands in the disney sink and was OK. haha...

One of the drinks that I like is the Apple Kasturi here. I think I always order this whether I have it in Singapore or Malaysia!

This is their signature cake. We had I think 2 or 3 of it on our tables. The Chocolate Banana. I think some outlets serve their standing up, but this one is served in 'sleep mode'. haha.

Those who did not order Chocolate Banana ordered Chocolate Indulgence instead. haha.. Yes, also in 'sleep mode'.

What about those who did not want cakes? They had ice cream instead!

The 3 kids had Smarties Ice Cream!

Though I am not a parent, would like to ask those parents out there.
How do you do damage control? Promised your child something and then could not deliver?

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Monday, January 28, 2008

5 Star Chicken Rice @ Cheong Chin Nam Road

Last Saturday, a whole group of us Young Adults, we all had a hike at Bukit Timah Hill. After burning all the calories walking up and down the hill, we got to put it all back again.

We went to nearby Cheong Chin Nam Road to have our lunch. We knew we wanted chicken rice, but it was like deciding between Boon Tong Kee or 5 Star. We all went for the one that all of us seems to like better. 5 star. We wonder is it the name? LOL...

There was like 15 of us, so we spilt into 2 tables and each table ordered their own food. Here's what my table ate.

We had two plates of this 'white chicken'. (the next table had the half half, ie half roast and half white). Some of you cannot 'tahan' white chicken right? But we like it. The smooth soft tender meat and skin going into your mouth. Ahh..... (I know some of you want to puke with the thought of having white chicken skin in your mouth. LOL... )

I love minced ginger mixed with the chilli. Just give me the chicken, rice and chilli with ginger, I am satisfied. LOL

The rice nicely compacted too. This is round, the shop down the road is pyramid style. :-)

The other dishes we had. Toufu with minced meat.

Stuffed You Tiao.

Sweet and Sour Pork.

And a vegetable to go with it.

If you are a 'Young Adult', (ie between 18-35 years old), you can join us for out monthly hike. We meet on the 4th Saturday every month. Drop me an email and I will pass you the contact details of the coordinator. We are all part of the Young Adults Fellowship of Glory Presbyterian Church. Don't worry, it's just a hiking only activity. No forcing any religion down your throat. (maybe only food after the hike)

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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Foodcourt @ Anchorpoint Shopping Centre

This was what we had last Tuesday. The food we ate before we went to have the Tea/Coffee and Toast. The food's not spectacular. We were just walking around wondering what to eat, and ended up in the new foodcourt. Seems that Koufu is expanding everywhere.

Anyway, walked every stall and did not know what to eat. Prices are at the higher end side now. But I saw something from one of the stalls (the first one) that had like spicy strips something. I was wondering what it is, so I ordered it.

Haha.. it is deep dried pork strips with chilli powder on top.

That also came with rice and a sunny side up.

Plus a bowl of 'egg starch'. LOL.

And a platter of cabbage.

Can lah. Edible and you still get change when you pay with the green note.

This is also from the same stall that colleague ordered. Stir fried hand made noodles. He says ok only lah.

If you are not interested in the food, I think Anchorpoint might interest you with cheaper shopping. It seems that there are many many Outlets stores here. From clothing, shoes to even spectacles outlets store.
Eg. ClubMarc Express Outlet, Charles & Keith Outlet, FOS, G2000 Outlet, Pedro Outlet, etc...

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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Lor Mee @ Clementi Block 328

Another Lor Mee place that colleagues love to go is the one at Block 328 Clementi. Where is Block 328? Just cross the road opposite the NTUC Fairprice junction. Climb up the steps and the Kopitiam is there. (If you drive, enter via Clementi Ave 2)

There are lor mee that you love it the first time you have it and this happens to be one of them. I think its consistency of the dark gravy and the ingredients.

The bee hoon mee combi. Haha.. Yes, you can guess this is not mine. Mine's kuey teow. LOL.

We notice something though, we haven eaten here umpteen times, but this is the first for 2008, and we can detect some differences. Prices are still the same, but it seems sometimes are missing. LOL. Enuff said, we did not confirm with the seller, but 4 who ate it think so.

But what to do? Inflation hits all time high!
Do you think things have gotten expensive nowdays?

Update: This stall has moved away. We recently found it and it's now at Clementi Ave 3.

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Friday, January 25, 2008

Indian Delight @ NUH Staff Canteen

I wonder how many of you correctly guessed the type of food I am having today. LOL.
Yes, it's Friday and Friday somehow becomes Indian Food Day.

We just decided to walk over to the NUH Staff Canteen today. Upon reaching, somehow 3 persons legs just brought them to the Indian Stall. I think the T has dropped down.

It's one of those stalls that serves food in metal plates that have compartments. No communal food today, we just ordered individual portions.

This is lamb from colleague's plate. Yummy? It's a bit tough, but they say it is good. 2 of them ordered lamb. I did not.

One of them also had this tauhu. So sedap looking right?

For me, I had chicken. I think it is quite nice. The food taster colleague took a tiny bit and said: "can" "pass". LOL

I had bean sprouts to go.

And I love this. Cucumber.

All of us had Nasi Briyani. For mine, it was covered with dahl curry. :-P

This Indian Stall in NUH Staff Canteen has been consistently quite good. It's average around $3.50 for the combi above.

Actually looking forward to Monday's lunch! LOL.
A colleague is planning a lunch. If we get to go, the pictures will be here. haha..

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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Kopi Alley @ Anchorpoint

Two days ago, we had lunch at Anchorpoint. The renovations are not fully completed yet. The main entrance is not ready! haha...

Walking around, we did not know where to eat and ended up eating at the new Koufu food court. We were feeling warm and thirsty after lunch, so we all decided to go elsewhere for coffee and tea. We thought we saw TCC, but it is not opened yet. So we remembered seeing a coffee place at the basement while we were roaming this place earlier.

Kopi Alley, is opened by Jollibean, one of the soya bean shops.

We ordered a few drinks. This is my 'teh o peng'.

I want to laugh. It is written "Ice Tea O" on the menu, but when I order, I said Teh O Peng. The person paused a while then said yes, we have Ice Teh O, and took my other orders.

When she confirmed the order again, she read it out all in the English equivalent. I said, yes, 3 teh, 1 kopi, 1 teh o peng. I think that confused the lady, because she had to translate all back to 3 Tea, 1 Coffee, 1 Ice Tea O again before she got it.

OK, I was cheeky.

The drinks ok lah.

But something that was different was the Ice Cream Toast. It's vanilla ice cream for this.
This is what another colleague ordered earlier. OK we always order extra to share and always ended up with too much. LOL.

This was another order, also with Ice Cream Toast. But this is choc chip instead. haha..
We like both of it.

We also had the usual Kaya and Butter Toast.

One thing though, has the price of butter gone up so so much? See the butter above, that's all you get, 1.5 cm more inside what you see. A bit kiam-siap lah... Maybe if we were to order we should ask for extra butter next time.

Of course, the butter lover colleague would have love the the butter to be as big piece as the ice cream. LOL...

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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Sarawak Laksa

This was what my colleagues and I had for lunch last Saturday. A colleague whose hometown is in Kuching, Sarawak made us authentic Sarawak Laksa.

I did not capture the whole cooking process, it's too many photos and too tedious! I was also busy peeling prawns etc...

A short description of the process. The Laksa stock has to be made from chicken stock, so one chicken was boiled, and the chicken meat shredded.

Then it was peeling I think 2 kgs over of live prawns. (The prawns were jumping off our hands when we were de-shelling it.) The shells were then boiled with the chicken stock and then sifted out. Then the laksa paste was added followed by coconut milk.

Well, after two hours of hard work, we got to eat this! Here are the photos...

The plate being filled with bee hoon, shredded chicken meat, bean sprouts, egg strips and prawns.

It is then top up with the yummilicious laksa gravy, chopped parsley, raw dou miao and a few pieces of roast pork.

Oh man. it was so so lovely.

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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Hainese Style Boneless Chicken Rice @ Dover Food Market

You notice it is Hainese and not Hainanese? Colleagues and I have been here so many times over the years, but we never noticed it until yesterday!

We were actually going to 'save' another chicken rice stall at the Dover Food market, we saw that they were on the verge of closing, and was having chicken rice at $1.50 till the end of the month. When we arrived, I guess we were too late! The whole stall is empty, nothing was left there, except a bunch of flowers. Hmmm... some fans left a bouquet there? LOL...

Anyway, since we set our minds on having chicken rice, we headed to the 'super competitive' 2 chicken rice stall that are beside each other (separated by a drinks stall in the middle only). We know both are equally nice, but there was an empty table in front of this stall, so we ate at this one lah...

This must be faster than fast food! The moment you sit down, the guy asks for your order, and within half a minute, the rice and chicken is on the table!

This 'white chicken' arrives within 1 minute. Love the 'archar' that comes with it.

We also had the 'roast chicken'.

The 'you chai'.

Maybe the bean sprouts takes longer time to get rid of the head and root, it arrived much much later.

Anyway, it also comes with very big plates of rice. You get stuffed by the rice. We were 4 satisfied people. haha...

If you have been here, which of the two competitive stalls is your favourite?

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Monday, January 21, 2008

Thai Express @ Plaza Singapura

In yesterday's post, I mentioned Thai Express, so here's the photos.

This place always reminds us that looks are deceiving. But we enjoyed abusing our tongue and lips. The Tom Yam Soup here always looks so clear and mild. But this is fiery soup. Weaklings need not bother. haha..

I had the Thai Laksa. It looks mild too yah? But this jade-green dish, looks tame but it is wild!

Uncle had Seafood Horfun. Looks yummy too eh?

We always seem to order the same mango or papaya salad. So this time, we tried something different. We had the mushroom and tofu salad. It is actually quite good.

Sis and Cousin both had Phad Thai. Do you realise our brains have somehow being wired that thai food = phad thai. haha...

Hope you rested well over the weekend.
What is your favourite Thai Dish?

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