Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Magic of Mangalica Pork @ Clifford, The Fullerton Bay Hotel.

If you have the love for all things porcine, you probably would have heard of Kurobuta, Berkshire, Iberice, etc. Have you heard of the Mangalica from Hungary? It's known for its rich, buttery fat and delicate taste.

If you do an online search for the Mangalista Pig, you would see it has lots of hair and it looks like a sheep! It was a popular breed long ago when lard was order of the day. Hungarians cooked using lard and this pig has lots of it. Then because of health reasons, people switch to different type of oils.

Magic of Mangalica Pork @ Clifford, The Fullerton Bay Hotel, Singapore

If you would like to try it, Clifford, the brasserie at The Fullerton Bay Hotel is having a special a la carte dinner menu from now till 31 March 2014.

Magic of Mangalica Pork @ Clifford, The Fullerton Bay Hotel, Singapore

The wife and I had a nice 2 person date night here just last week. This was a invited session by the hotel, but it was just the two of us having a meal under the lovely high ceilings of the restaurant. This place has a nice view of the Marina Bay too, a nice place to have a date and watch the sunset.

We love the breads here. You can guess who ate which bread. The lady always love her grainy breads and I love prefer a simple mini baguette.

Magic of Mangalica Pork @ Clifford, The Fullerton Bay Hotel, Singapore

Someone asked me on Instagram when we dined there the other day, if Clifford uses French butter, so we asked. They are using New Zealand ones now. No, the F is for Fullerton, not Facebook! We now who the Facebook addicts are now!

Duck rillette here is quite addictive and let me warn you, you will eat it non stop.

For the dinner, we were served the following dishes that had components of Mangalica Pork.
It was quite fun as we had a copy of the menu, but we don't know what was coming out.

Magic of Mangalica Pork @ Clifford, The Fullerton Bay Hotel, Singapore
Back Bacon Farm Salad ($28)

The wife who loves salad thinks this is brilliant. It is garden greens with scrambled organic egg, so it's a nice warm salad and the dressing is a truffle dressing. The salad has back bacon from Mangalica Pork that's very delicious.

Most eggs in salad are hard boiled or poached eggs, this is a nicely scrambled egg and mixed together with the bacon and salads.

Magic of Mangalica Pork @ Clifford, The Fullerton Bay Hotel, Singapore
The Mangalica and Iberico Cold Cuts ($32)

If you are a fan of Charcuterie, you would like this. It's toasted with toasted rye or other farm breads and pickles. I like the Mangalica while the wife likes the Iberico.

This was rather addictive as I ate slice after slice of it. The pickles went well with it too. I love the crispy rye that has been toasted. It goes so well with the cold cuts.

Magic of Mangalica Pork @ Clifford, The Fullerton Bay Hotel, Singapore
Executive Chef Sandro Falbo

It was nice of the Chef to say hi to us. We had a quick chat about this pork and he got back to cook more surprises for us.

Magic of Mangalica Pork @ Clifford, The Fullerton Bay Hotel, Singapore
The Pasta ($38)

If you like Black Squid Ink Pasta, try this Tonnarelli here.  Served with white prawns and Mangalica sausages, this dish is very delicious indeed. If there's one dish for the night that the wife can eat over and over again, this is it. She's a fan of squid ink pasta and I usually don't think it's any special. This however got me eating a few more mouths than usual. It's the slight acidity of the tomatoes that gives the dish an umami and at the same time cut through the richness of the sausage.

There was a service staff here that we talked to, he said, this is really good and his girlfriend is a fan of squid ink pasta and he himself has made a reservation himself to have this with his girlfriend.

Magic of Mangalica Pork @ Clifford, The Fullerton Bay Hotel, Singapore
Parmesan Breaded Loin ($42)

Theses looked like deep fried meat balls when they are served, but it's chunks of pork loin that has been deep fried. It's also served with truffle salad. There's quite a few pieces of it because it's a main meal portion.

Magic of Mangalica Pork @ Clifford, The Fullerton Bay Hotel, Singapore

This is how it looks inside, juicy inside! Reminds me of tonkatsu. It is actually, the same cooking style, except it's from Hungarian pork.

Magic of Mangalica Pork @ Clifford, The Fullerton Bay Hotel, Singapore
Grilled Pork Chop ($42)

If you don't like deep fried pork loin, you might want to try this grilled pork chop. It's another of our favourite for the night, together with the Pasta. It's served with potatoes with coriander sauce, french beans and a tomato salad.

Look how nicely it is done. The charred fats from this pork is very tasty.

Magic of Mangalica Pork @ Clifford, The Fullerton Bay Hotel, Singapore

Just as we ate halfway through it, I remembered to take photo of this. Looks good ya?
This pork that we tried did not have the strong gamey smell, and the meats are nicely marbled and had quite a nice texture.

The other special Mangalica dishes on the menu includes:
- Homemade Mangalica Collar Sausages and Braised Ribs.
- Braised Mangalica Belly

I think I want to return before the promotion on our own to try the braised ribs and braised belly. It sounds good doesn't it?

Magic of Mangalica Pork @ Clifford, The Fullerton Bay Hotel, Singapore

The usual tea/coffee and petit fours that they serve here at Clifford. Kueh Lapis, Macarons and Chocolates.

Magic of Mangalica Pork @ Clifford, The Fullerton Bay Hotel, Singapore

I could not resist not trying the Lemon Tart.
It was not sour enough for the wife. She loves the super sour ones that really gives you the kick!

If you want to try out this Mangalica Pork, head down Clifford before 31 March. The usual menu is still available, this is just a supplement available for a limited time. The night we ate was only the start of the week, and the brasserie was quite filled up. So, make your reservations.

Clifford, The Fullerton Bay Hotel
80 Collyer Quay
Singapore 049326

Tel: +65 6597 5288

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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Bye Bye McDonald's King Albert Park!

This is the McDonald's at King Albert Park nearest to our home. Yes, people around this area buy houses / condos / HDB because they are within the 1km radius to get into schools of their choice. Guess what? Within the 1 km of this McDonald's are MGS, Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School, Ngee Ann Poly, etc!

It's also the favourite drive thru for takeaways! The wife's friend has a friend who drives through this McDonald's weekly, with photos she can see on the friend's Instagram.

This McDonald's is also where the wife used to have breakfast / lunch / dinner with her classmates! It's closing for good on tomorrow (16 March 2014 at 2359 hours) after 23 years in this location. She says, we have to come here and have the last meal here! She said many of her classmates have already gone to have their last meal there! (ok.. roll eyes....)

 Bye Bye McDonald's KAP

Many people can also be seen taking photos with Ronald and also Hamburglar! There are more inside the other entrance, next to Cold Storage!

Bye Bye McDonald's KAP

The crowd here has been pouring in non stop! The McDonald's aunty who works here cleaning the tables says, for the last 3 or 4 weeks, it's been like that! I have to work so so hard, cleaning the tables non stop.

Bye Bye McDonald's KAP

Our last meal here, this time the Big Mac and Chicken McSpicy.
I usually have my meal with Ice Milo, but this time, it's just the good old Coke.

Bye Bye McDonald's KAP

Bye Bye Big Mac from KAP!
We will visit you again at Beauty World!

Bye Bye McDonald's KAP

The fries at KAP has always been very nice. We always suspect it's because the HQ is just upstairs!

Bye Bye McDonald's KAP

The wife and her usual McSpicy.

The cleaning Aunty was saying, this is very spicy oh.. I cannot take it, too spicy for me! She's funny lah. She will clean her tables, then come back and talk to us momentarily and go back and work. I guess we are the only people who talked to her!

Bye Bye McDonald's KAP

We wanted to sit there a bit longer, but don't want to hog the seats like ahem the NP kids, so we ordered more food. Some how, the McWings seems crispier and juicier inside that night. LOL!

Bye Bye McDonald's KAP

The McNuggets and the Curry Sauce! This stall is where we used to come and buy McNuggets to babysit our cousin when she was younger. Buy a box of 20 and we will all sit and eat them slowly with a variety of sauces!

When they first started their Open Doors Kitchen preview thingy, our family visited the kitchen. That was like years ago! That's when we learn it's possible to order File-O-Fish without salt if you don't want it!

Good bye McDonald's KAP. Maybe when the new condo and shops are completed at the very same site, you might want to come back here!

McDonald's King Albert Park
11 King Albert Park,
Singapore 598292

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Thursday, March 13, 2014

“Al Souq” Journey at The Line @ Shangri-la Singapore

I know it's not everyone's cup of tea, or rather plate of food. If you do however like Middle Eastern Food, do head down to The Line at Shangri-la Singapore.

From 12 to 25 March 2014, The Line's resident Middle Eastern Chef, Chef Khaled Elelimi who hails from Egypt, is showcasing the local flavours of "Al Souq" (local market in Arabic).  I have to confess that when I hear about Al Souq, I only think of shopping! I forgot the market is also you get delicious local food.

“Al Souq” Journey at The Line, Shangri-la Singapore

Thanks to the ladies from Shangri-la Singapore, I got to taste and talk to Chef Khaled about Middle Eastern food. He said, the food is similar but a little different for the countries in the Middle East. I will paraphrase it as how Satay, Chicken Rice, or even Chilli Crabs tastes different in Singapore, Malaysia or Indonesia.

He said the version from Egypt taste better. I also got to talk to him about how some dishes need 24 hours of soaking before it can be prepared. He told me how his mum does it.

“Al Souq” Journey at The Line, Shangri-la Singapore

We had Hibiscus Tea for the night. It's quite a soothing drink. Nice and warm and it prepares us for our Middle Eastern meal.

The Al Souq journey is an addition to the usual Line Buffet. Just for these 2 weeks, there's a special supplement to showcase their skills of their chefs.

We got to taste various hot and also cold Lebanese Meeze. Meeze are bite size portions of food, commonly eaten with fingers. They usually comes in various taste, textures, aroma and colours.

“Al Souq” Journey at The Line, Shangri-la Singapore
Omani Style Octopus Carpaccio

These are marinated octopus slices with bits of avocado, pomelo and edible flowers with roasted coriander dressing and top with onion sumac. It has a very nice texture to it. It gets tastier as you eat more slices of it.

“Al Souq” Journey at The Line, Shangri-la Singapore
"Kisir" Turkish Tabouleh, Baba Ghanoush, Hummus Bil Lahim with warm pita bread

These dips are really quite delicious and really takes time to prepare. These are the stuff that chef said need soaking for 24 hours before.

The turkish tabouleh was my favourite of the lot. I guess it's because I always like chopped parsley, onion, diced tomato. It also has crushed wheat tossed with olive oil, lemon juice and Turkish chilli paste.

The Baba Ghanoush is made from eggplant that has been smoked with sesame oil and lemon juice. The Hummus is prepared the traditional Lebanese way and topped with sauteed lamb and roasted pine nuts.

“Al Souq” Journey at The Line, Shangri-la Singapore
Arides Lebnani Bil Zayton

This is a warm mezze and another of my favourite. Shrimps cooked with tomato, green olives, fresh herbs and olive oil. It also has lots of onions and garlic, special spices and coriander.

The sauce is so tasty, you would want to dip the pita bread in to soak it all up!

“Al Souq” Journey at The Line, Shangri-la Singapore


I must confess I usually skip the falafels because I never liked the taste.  I know many folks love chickpeas, how can I say I like Middle Eastern food when I don't like chickpeas? Yup, that's me.

However, this was made from a mixture of ground chickpeas, broad beans, onions, garlics and fresh green herbs was good. It did not have the very strong chickpeas taste, but has been blended in nicely with the other herbs.

“Al Souq” Journey at The Line, Shangri-la Singapore
Warak Inab

This is tomato, rice, onion wrapped in grape leaves, cooked in its natural juice.
OK, not for me. I don't like grape leaves. LOL

“Al Souq” Journey at The Line, Shangri-la Singapore
Tunisian Lamb Tagine

This was a lovely dish. Lamb cooked with saffron, sun-dried tomato, ginger and onions. I had quite a few portions of it. The ginger and onions have masked the gamey taste of the lamb.

Chef was saying that couscous is served when there's a happy occasion in the Middle East.

“Al Souq” Journey at The Line, Shangri-la Singapore

To eat it, you have the couscous on the bottom and topped with the Lamb Tagine. If you like things a bit spicy, add in the spicy paste and then you drizzle the vegetable broth all over it.

As I said earlier, I liked this.

“Al Souq” Journey at The Line, Shangri-la Singapore
Moroccan Delight

This was a huge long dessert! Crepe stuffed with fresh apple mixed with brown sugar and cinnamon powder. It's then topped with caramelised milk and banana. I liked the banana!

I was too full to eat this whole thing.

“Al Souq” Journey at The Line, Shangri-la Singapore

The Al Souq is an addition to the normal buffet line.
My favourite is the assorted satays they have here! You can't get enough of satays!

“Al Souq” Journey at The Line, Shangri-la Singapore

Prawns! Sweet little things!
Who doesn't love these things?

“Al Souq” Journey at The Line, Shangri-la Singapore

Of course, the desserts are always tempting here!
The cakes and desserts here are always so tempting. Don't you think this cake looks so delicious?

“Al Souq” Journey at The Line, Shangri-la Singapore

This is so colourful isn't it?
If chocolate is not your favourite, these are full of fruits!

“Al Souq” Journey at The Line, Shangri-la Singapore

The ice cream is one of my favourite counters!
The green tea and chocolate is my favourite.

The Al Souq is only around for 2 weeks.
Hint: Book online if you want special discounts. The link to book is below.

The Line
Shangri-La Hotel
22 Orange Grove Road
Singapore 258350

For reservations:
Tel: +65 6213 4398
Book online at:

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Friday, March 07, 2014

Savour 2014 @ The Promontory at Marina Bay

If you are a person who loves food in Singapore, you would probably know about Savour. Yes it's back and last night I went with a colleague from work to check it out. It's 5 days this time and I personally prefer this location. It's much airy at this place and the surroundings are nicer too.

If you want to go, limited tickets are available according to the website. Go check out their website for details. There are also walk in tickets available.

Savour 2014 @ The Promontory at Marina Bay

Every time there is Savour, it rains, this year, with the hot dry weather, I was hoping Savour would bring the rain, but it didn't. The weather last night was very nice though. The lower humidity these few weeks has made it less sticky to go around.

Savour 2014 @ The Promontory at Marina Bay

Some of the chefs that have been at Savour are still coming, and there is a whole new list of chefs too. One of my colleague is going on Friday night and have already marked out the food she wanted to try. We just asked her what is good! There are some food items by some chefs that are only available on the weekend though.

Savour 2014 @ The Promontory at Marina Bay

We walked around, some 'restaurants' are as busy like previous years like Bo Innovation, Hong Kong by Chef Alvin Leung (3 Michelin Stars).

There is a long queue for his food! We walked around and probably only stall which we saw a 'sold out' for one of his dishes. You can probably guessed it. The Molecular 'Xiao Long Bao'.

Savour 2014 @ The Promontory at Marina Bay

If you walk around, there are different tents that has Champagne on sale.

Hint, if you can sleep even when you drink coffee, go to the Nespresso booth. Free coffee there. In your booklet when they give you, there's a voucher for a glass of Bardoit. Go to the greenest, alien looking set up in the whole place, that's the Bardoit booth.

Arcade Experience Corner

Savour 2014 @ The Promontory at Marina Bay

We met friends at ToTT booth. We were playing with Sparkles for a while. Edible sparkles that you can add to your cakes, muffins or anything else to make it sparkle. I should let my sis know about this!

Savour 2014 @ The Promontory at Marina Bay

It's so clever of them. They can't bring everything to Savour, so they have a Shopping 3D barcode wall! You can scan the barcode and get more details on your smart phone.

From now till Sunday (the end of the event) there will be free delivery with just $80 worth of purchase at ToTT's booth via instead of the usual $200 spending requirement! 

Savour 2014 @ The Promontory at Marina Bay

The best reason you got to visit the ToTT booth, is the chance to win the prizes above!
Sign up for a free ToTT Home Chef membership and get a chance!


Savour 2014 @ The Promontory at Marina Bay

We walked around and went to the Auditorium because there's Masterclasses there. You can refer to the schedule at their website. It was Chef Julien Royer from Jaan doing the Masterclass and he was teaching the audience how to make the famous and delicious 55 minute egg!

Savour 2014

He taught us how to make the egg and how to prepare all the other condiments as well. It's a lot of work! He showed a version that you can do at home and also the version of how they served it in at Jaan. The photo above was the version he prepared live. Everyone went to the front to take a photo of it and many took photos with Chef too.

My colleague went straight to Jaan to buy a serving of it! He enjoyed every bit of it.

The Food

We went to buy our Savour vouchers after the Masterclass because we are ready to eat. I think for the two of us, we spend around $180 between us. We shared most of the food, so we can try more things.

Tip: Produce the right credit card and you get $10 extra if you buy $100 worth of vouchers.

Savour 2014 @ The Promontory at Marina Bay

I have no idea why, but when we walked around, we thought we should order this from Lugdunum Bouchon Lyonnais, Japan. It's by Chef Christophe Paucod.

Savour 2014 @ The Promontory at Marina Bay

This was the Tatin De Boudin Noir Aux Pommes (House Made Blood Pork Sausage with Apples, Tatin's Tart Style). Yes it tasted as beautiful as it looks! The mash below was so tasty, the sausages was also good, although not a blood sausage person, this really tasted good. The apples on top gave the dish a nice sweet yet tart taste to it. Works really well!

Savour 2014 @ The Promontory at Marina Bay

We all had a booklet, and when I was flipping through and immediately knew I wanted to try this. It's the 72 hour Miso Braised Short Rib, with Kyoto Onion and Fresh Wasabi. It's by Chef Moon Kying Soo from Mikuni.

So beautifully assembled. So wonderful in the mouth.

Savour 2014 @ The Promontory at Marina Bay

We also ordered the Kanpachi Truffle Soya because it looks so inviting with the opened can photo! This was really really lovely and if you have spare Savour dollars at the end of the day, go get another serving of this.

It is no nicely balanced and it leaves a nice aftertaste too.

Savour 2014 @ The Promontory at Marina Bay

When the crowds at Bo Innovation slowed down, we went there to try dish called "Umami".
It's Black Truffle, Toro, Rice Vermicelli and Dry Shrimp Powder.

When we ate it, we said, it's the tastiest 'char bee hoon' ever! The portion is small here, but I guess we know that's how he does his dishes and we have no complains.

The Gourmet Kitchen

Savour 2014 @ The Promontory at Marina Bay

We went into the Gourmet Kitchen area because we dug out from the ground staff (ie those person selling the Savour Dollars) where has the nice food. They told us secretly, the Gourmet Kitchen, lots of things to try (for free) there and the food that you buy there is good.

Savour 2014 @ The Promontory at Marina Bay

After all the nibbling of small portions of food, I wanted a piece of steak!
The Gourmet Market is managed by Jasons and sells all their goods.

Savour 2014 @ The Promontory at Marina Bay

I suddenly thought is this the Sydney Fish Market? LOL!

Savour 2014 @ The Promontory at Marina Bay

The oysters looks good too!

Savour 2014 @ The Promontory at Marina Bay

I walked past this and was tempted and ordered it. 250 gm for $40. It's pretty good price ya.

Savour 2014 @ The Promontory at Marina Bay

We found a place to sit which is in front of the KitchenAid demo area. We enjoyed the steak while watching and listening to the chef preparing food at the KitchenAid corner. It was the right place to sit because everything that was cooked was served to us sitting there.

We had lots of chorizos that was freshly sauteed and at the end of the night, we went back to the supplier of the Chorizo and bought 2 packs each!

We thought we rested out legs enough and decided to go out and have continue our rounds.

More Food - Desserts

Savour 2014 @ The Promontory at Marina Bay

We were going around looking for desserts. When you are outdoor, you are naturally attracted to things that resembles ice cream. This is Mao Tai. It has Calamansi, Kaffir Lime, Lemon and preserved Kumquat made into a sorbet.

It's something really refreshing! I have a soft spot for things ice cream and sorbet.

Savour 2014

TheHungryCow was telling us that we should try Curry Ice Cream. Walking around, we found out where to get it. It's from Chef Hendrik Yde's Kiin Kiin Denmark. (1 Michelin Star).

The dish is actually an appetizer called Frozen Red Curry with Prawn & Coriander Salad. It reminded me of Chef Willin (Wild Rocket) dish which had something similar. I have made something like this before. This version is nice and ahem, more ideas to copy for home entertaining.

Kiin Kiin is the first Thai Restaurant in the world to be awarded a Michelin Star.

Savour 2014 @ The Promontory at Marina Bay

More ice cream! We were attracted by the 'smoke' and found out that Chef Emmanuel Stroobant's St Pierre / Blue Lotus booth has Nitronita.

It's granita frozen in front of you using liquid nitrogen. You can see how it's made here when I recorded it and posted it on Instagram.

Savour 2014 @ The Promontory at Marina Bay

They have the alcoholic and non alcoholic versions. You choose.
It's very very nice and cold. It's very addictive too! One of the best thing to end the night!

It was an enjoyable night. Go try the food if you have time to head down.
More info at

I am already wondering what's available and who is coming next year!

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