Saturday, May 31, 2008

Gelatissimo @ The Singapore Flyer

Momo and I had gelato at the Singapore Flyer yesterday.

It was very tempting to see their freshly made ice cream. You can see the fruits or sweets or cups or even chilly that represent the flavour.

There are more flavours, but these two photos should be enough to tempt any gelato lovers.

We had one scoop of Green Tea with another scoop of (i think it was) Original Chocolate.
It was a good combination. The Green Tea really gives you the fragrant green tea flavour and its slight bitterness goes very well with the sweet chocolate.

Ooo. It's yummy!

Singapore Flyer
30 Raffles Avenue
Level 1, #01-14
Tel: (65) 6338 7133

That reminds me, my ice cream maker at home is sitting on the shelf being lazy! I should make some ice cream soon.

Even if you have no ice cream maker, you can easily make ice cream at home. Pop over to my friend Camemberu's blog and follow her simple No-Churn Rum and Raisin Ice Cream recipe.

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Friday, May 30, 2008

relish by wildrocket @ Cluny Court (The Mains)

For the mains, we realise that Beef Burger on the set lunch is Grilled Beef Burger with black pepper sauce on the a-la-carte menu. 3 of us decided to have it as set meals, 1 person had it as a-la-carte. $18 if ordering as a-la-carte.

It was tasty, but they were a bit too 'generous' with the black peppercorns. We did not particularly like to bite on black peppercorns while eating our burgers. ;-)

We also like the fries. Ya, we liked the fries. It was the thick chunky kind.

We know when it comes to food, everyone has different taste, but today, we did find something in common. While we liked the burger, we found that the patty is a bit crumbly. (i.e. it crumbles into bits and pieces of mince meat if you bite it or cut it) It makes it a bit challenging to eat. Wonder if it's only today's patty. Everyone seems to be raving about this place, but we find it just ok, maybe a bit higher than most with a higher price too.

'Wire' had the Mexicana Beef Burger $18. He seem to enjoy it, much more than the black pepperians. LOL..

'Pirate', the person who asked us to come here had the BBQ Char Siew Pork Open Burger $19. OK, it smells good.

'Almond Jelly' had the Seafood Burger with Lemon Mayo. $19.

This is Ms Preggy's Spiced Lamb Pitta Burger w Mint hommus. $19

The rear view. ;-)

Total bill was $218 for 8 persons.
"old cat" is on one of this happy mood days. happy mood days = lunch on him days. LOL. Thanks for the treat!

relish by wildrocket
#02-01 Cluny Court (next to Serene Centre)
501 Bukit Timah Road
Singapore 259760
Tel: 67631547

(picture looks dark, as I was sitting on the wrong side of the room. too lazy to change seats and we were busy eating...)

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Thursday, May 29, 2008

relish by wildrocket @ Cluny Court

A colleague 'pirate' has been asking when we want to go try Relish. We were extremely busy last week, none of us could spare any time off work, even our lunch hour. This morning when we came to work, we were IM-ing each other on yahoo asking, relish today? OK was the answer. There was 8 of us today.

It was a hot day today yah, but we were so glad we had nice air conditioning in here. It's an old refurbished building with high ceiling. Looking at this somehow reminds me of Bill Granger's restaurant called bills in Sydney.

We were hungry. What did we have? This place is known for its burgers. Burgers cost around $17 - $19 each. (comes with fries). Looking at the Set Lunch specials that has 2 or 3 course lunch at around $21.50 - $25.50

Our communal digs. Two bowls of onion rings.

We like the onion rings.

A few of us had the set lunches. This is the soup of the day, Green Pea soup.

You can choose the salad if you don't like the soup. I had this Mesclun salad. It was light and crisp. The dressing fits it just nice.

The set meal also had a dessert, which is Coconut Ice Cream with Gula Melaka. It's a shake basically. Coconut Ice Cream + Gula Melaka, that's Chendol lah! (without the green bits).

The mains we had tomorrow lah....

relish by wildrocket
#02-01 Cluny Court (next to Serene Centre)
501 Bukit Timah Road
Singapore 259760
Tel: 67631547

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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Mr Bean Ice Cream @ NUH

A few colleagues had the urge for chicken feet for lunch today. A nearby, cheap and decent chicken feet would be the Kopitiam at NUH Kent Ridge Wing. But alas, the 'auntie' that we used to buy from said, they are not selling it anymore! There goes our staff discounted pricing of $1.60 per steamer chicken feet . Where in Singapore can you get chicken feet for that price? Arrghhh....

NUH is becoming more and more like a shopping mall! We actually did some shopping at the pharmacies! (Both at the Kent Ridge Wing Pharmacy and also the Main Building Pharmacy.) It was as if the Great Singapore Sale is in the pharmacy!

It was raining, so while waiting for the rain to stop, a colleague 'almond jelly' asked if we wanted to try the Soya Bean Ice Cream? Ooo.. we did not know that Mr Bean sells ice cream now!

It's like soya bean milk! Very smooth as well. Not too sweet and texture is good too. We like it! Oh ya, notice the cone? It's the sugar cone or what some people call the 'aladdin cone', and not the KFC/Macs kind.

It says reduced sugar, reduced fat. So, eat without guilt! (It's 4.79g of fat per serving!)

$1.20 a cone. (If you happen to have a NUH, NUS staff card, you get 10% off)

Mr Bean
National University Hospital
Main Lobby 1, #01-07,
4 Lower Kent Ridge Road,
Singapore 119074

Another addition to the collection of ice cream on this blog :-)

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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Tonkichi @ Takashimaya Shopping Centre

Last Saturday, it was sort of like a partial family outing. Sis, Bro and I went out to have lunch. It has been some time since we ate with our bro! (Ya, we live under the same roof, but we don't really eat together. He's always at work till late.)

We walked around Takashimaya, hunting for food. We eventually decided to have Jap. So we went to Tonkichi.

Sis had the Rosu Curry. $22. It comes with a bowl of curry.
(Aha.. sis said that I make equally nice curry and taste the same)

With the curry is the Katsu.
(But I can't make nice katsu. haha.. Our kitchen at home is out of bounds to fried food. We hate cleaning oily kitchen hehe..)

Plus a salad.

Bro had the Miso Rosu Katsu Set. $21. Almost similar to sis, except it has the Miso sauce.
For those who love cabbage, rice and miso soup, if you order a set meal, you can have refills of it. We had refills of cabbage but not rice. The salad sauce to be poured over the cabbage is very nice. Light and tangy. One of the reasons we had refills of cabbage :-)

I had the Sauce Katsu Set $22. The diff, mine had the sauce poured over it and shredded seaweed on top. Salty but yummmie....

No, it's not black pig, but it is a satisfying lunch.

Do you usually have meals with your siblings?

Tonkichi (Takashimaya)
391 Orchard Road
Takashimaya Shopping Centre
Tower A, Ngee Ann City
Singapore 238872

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Monday, May 26, 2008

Haagen Dazs @ Vivo City

It's been sometime since we stepped into Haagan Dazs. Instead of having a birthday cake, we had a fondue with candle on it. Yes, this was aunt's 'birthday cake'. ;-)

The last time we had the fondue at HD, it did not look like this. They have changed the presentation of it. It looks nicer now, with pound cake and biscuits too. (prices have changed too)

But these are the little treasures that we love....

Hmmm is it because we are playing with food, that we feel good?

Have a good week ahead.

Haagan Dazs VivoCity
1 Harbourfront Walk #02-150
Tel: 6376 9886

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Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Ultimate Healthier Choice, Best Enjoyed Without Guilt.

Oh man... I am being brainwashed by these ads. Saw the first ad last week, the second ad, I took it few weeks earlier. Instant noodles the healthier choice. Hmmmm. It sounds too good right?

no guilt!

I have not bought Maggi noodles for years now. I only like 2 brands and one flavour from each brand. The Koka Tom Yam Instant Rice Noodles and Indomie's Mi Goreng.

Out of curiosity, which brand of instant noodles do you like? I am sure everyone eats instant noodles. :-p

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Saturday, May 24, 2008

No Signboard Seafood Restaurant @ VivoCity

It's our aunt's birthday today. Indeed she has been a great blessing from God to us. So sis, bro and I, we gave her, uncle and cousin a treat today.

We booked a place at No Signboard Seafood at Vivo City. We have not been to this branch before. Many reviews says it has the most 'atas' deco amongst all its branches.

If you have been to other branches, this branch does look very opulent compared to other branches.

We had the Deep Fried Baby Squid. This is one of aunt's favourite. (uncle and cousin's too)

For veg, we had the sambal kangkong. Spicy and nice ;-)

This is the Sea Cucumber with Seafood in Claypot. Uncle and aunt both love sea cucumber. It's sis fav too.

Cereal Prawns. Another of aunt's favourite. (and also all of us too. haha..)
Uncle was joking, we are eating tomorrow's breakfast a few hours early. (if you don't get it, hint: cereals)

The crabs to be eaten at No Signboard. Their White Pepper Crab. Their specialty here. We had 2 Sri Lankan crabs. Yes, you guessed it. Aunt loves crabs!

We hope aunt enjoyed her dinner. Happy Birthday Aunt! May our heavenly Father continue to bless you most bountifully.

No Signboard Seafood Restaurant
Vivo City
1 Harbourfront Walk
Singapore 098595
Tel: 63769959
11 am - 11 pm

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Friday, May 23, 2008

Eating Strawberries in the office

At my workplace, there's this annual event by the Wellness Centre that gives all staff who register fruits. We had a box of grapes this year.

At the same time, vendors come in to sell fruits and vegetables as well. A colleague saw the big huge strawberries and bought two boxes. One to bring home, and one to treat his fellow colleagues.

He washed it and we were eating it in our meeting room table. Everyone gathered in the meeting room for an urgent meeting! haha.... We had strawberries and also other stuff from other colleagues. A quick 20 minute meeting. LOL...

The strawberries are huge and sweet too. (except for one which i ate which was sour. haha)

Compare the fruit with my fingers. It's big right?

If you happen to chance on them, it's Driscoll's Long Stem strawberries.
The vendor that provided us the fruits were Sun Moon. So I guess you can find it in their shops perhaps.

Thanks "Wire" for those delicious strawberries.

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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Pai Ku Mien @ NUS Science Canteen

Been so busy the whole week at work, rushing so many projects by various groups of people. To save time, our lunch gang, half of it who are in the same team as me, are trying to squeeze every minute out of our 24 hours. But we still got to eat. "No eat, no energy to work." We are having half hour lunches this week!

But a person addicted to taking photos still finds time to snap photos of his food. LOL. This was one of the quick lunches I had this week. Pai Ku Mien (or rather Kuey Teow) at the Science Canteen at NUS.

Yes, one of those $2 meals that gets you lots of meat.
I can't even buy that much meat in the supermarket for $2!
(by the way, they also have $1.50 and $1.80 versions of it)

Chinese Noodles Stall
The Frontier (Science Canteen)
Science Drive 2

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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Local breakfast packed from Bukit Timah Food Centre

Last Sunday around noon, our youngest sis flew back to London. Just before she flew back, it was her last breakfast here. A few days ago she still had a short list of things yet to try.

After church, we walked over to Bukit Timah Food Centre and packed breakfast home. Here's some of the things we bought that was on her list.

Here's the Chwee Kueh that she wanted to eat. We bought 2 packs of 6 pieces at $1.50 each.

It's such a comfort food ya? Warm, soft yet firm steamed rice cakes. Topped with chai por that is so fragrant and yet not so salty. Add a bit of chilli. Oooo.... Satisfaction.

It's carbo and more carbo. Made also from rice flour and radish. Chai Tow Kueh. We know sis don't like the black version, so we queued up for the 'white' version. There are I think 3 or 4 stalls of CTK at Bukit Timah FC, we like this particular stall where our family thinks is the best. (Main staircase up, the 2nd aisle I think, I recognize the stall, but not the exact location.)

Another dish with Chai Por! The crispy eggs and skin on the outside, soft in the inside. We like it like that! We ordered a $4 and it was such a big pack.

We also had 'Ngor Hiong'. This mix of various fried stuff and century egg is my other sis fav. Yup, she queued up for this. We had 3 packs of bee hoon to share. $15

What a full breakfast we had.
Any of the above is your favourite comfort food too?

Bukit Timah Market & Food Centre
116 Upper Bukit Timah Road
Singapore 588172

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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

PeraMakan @ Keppel Club (Desserts)

Let's continue with the desserts. I shall try creative writing today OK?

Some people love it, some hate it. It's the Durian Penget. Oh the stink that fills the air when the dessert was served. (You can guess which side of the fence I am on) Half the table felt the most pleasant aroma filling the room, half the table was gasping for air.

Hey, pure D24, gula melaka, coconut milk proclaimed the staff who took our orders. We are proud of it, people are coming back because they know it's the real stuff.

Humans were born good, but when they discovered Durians, they fell. They were devouring and hunting for durians, their aim in life is all about durians. They cared about nothing else. The angels watched in disgust as humans put that nasty stuff in their mouths, feeding their addiction to satisfy their human lust.

A secret battle was raging. Durians loving humans verses anti durian angels. Who will win?

The angels were thinking of ways to win back the fallen humans. The angels presented the Chendol. The generous golden brown gula melaka on the smooth shaven ice is to lure humans back and turn away from evil. Come back prodigal son, come back.

The layers of treasure below, red beans, green neon looking strings of cendol, rich virgin press coconut milk. Will humans repent?

Stirring the mixture, the treasure floats up. A spoonful of this is fed to humans. They immediately felt the sweetness of the gula melaka blending in smoothly with the coconut milk with ice shavings, chendol and red beans. Their warm mouth cools instantly. Their throat being lubricated with chilled coconut milk. The humans shows signs of turning back.

The angels was scheming lot. The angels know they need to warm the human hearts. So they ordered warm desserts. The secret weapon: Bubur Terigu. They say wheat is addictive. Wheat made into all kinds of food makes human addicted. Wheat in gula melaka and coconut milk will surely do the trick!

Never mind it looks pretty plain. The angels just need to put one scoop of this into the human's mouth! It worked! The humans after tasted this, kept asking for more. The angels could see that the humans became quite emotional. Food like this invoke memories of their childhood. Their parents bringing back a metal container of terigu, the children eagerly looking at their mum scooping into their rooster design porcelain bowls, making sure every bowl has the exact quantity of the bubur. Hoping the last scoop goes into their bowl. Angels saw that the human almost saw tears coming out.

Aha! The humans are becoming emotional. They are most vulnerable at this moment. The angels knew they need to fuel the emotions. They served the humans Pulut Hitam. Black glutinous rice in gula melaka and coconut milk.

Giving it a few gentle stir, the bowl of dark purplish and white liquid on top transform itself into a light purple mixture. (pardon the yellow lighting)

Aha. This stuff is potent! The warm mixture will definitely get them addicted to it. The taste of gula melaka and coconut milk must be a lethal combination that can get many people hooked. (even angels get hooked to this stuff) Forget drugs. Human gluttons get hooked to good food! The small bits of the glutinous rice gives it some bite that massages their tongue too. Almost there.....

Oh no. The humans had earlier ordered durian puffs and it arrived just when we thought we could win them over. Looks like the angels lost to puffs filled with pure D24 ammo. When the humans ate it, the durians immediately blinded them. It was as if a thick veil that covered them from the truth and righteousness. They went back to living in sin and they indulge in earthly food orgies. What went wrong?!

Humans won, angels lost.

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