Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Vietnamese Hot Pot @ NUS PGP

2 days ago, we thought we wanted to try out other food that is available at the PGP food place. A colleague saw some people ordered the mini hot pot with big flames the other time, so she is back to order this.

She liked it. I tried a bit, not too bad too. But food's on the pricier side at PGP compared to the rest of NUS. This was $5.30

(We think only the hotpot is nice at the Viet stall, others err...)

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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Orange Juice (not from concentrate) with Pomegranate

It's a very busy today, wanted to post last nite's dinner, but am too tired to download the photos. Here's a quick photo for today. This was me making some juices on a weekend morning.

Florida's Natural orange juice with fresh pomegranate with lots of ice.
I had lots of pomegranate, but it seems to have sunk.

Are you all one of those people who only buys juices not made from concentrate? haha... One of the reasons we buy Florida's Natural or Tropicana. Last year we discovered a HK brand that is also all natural juice and not concentrate, but can't remember the name. It was quite nice too. We realise one of the brands will be on sale, so we buy that's on sale that week. :-p

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Monday, October 29, 2007

Made In China @ Hua Song Museum / Haw Par Villa

It was a double makan yesterday, Japanese in the afternoon, and at night, we went to this place called Made in China at Haw Par villa. When was the last time you visited Haw Par Villa? For me, it must be when I was a little kid!

Anyway, when we reach, we were surprised. There's actually a Museum there as well, the Hua Song Museum. (In Praise of Chinese Musuem) While waiting for the food, you can take a walk round the museum and read about lots and lots of stuff, when you finish, the food's arrived!

What did we have?

Pickled lotus root, instead of peanuts on the table...

This soup is delicious. I am not sure how long they prepared the stock, but the Fish Maw Bisque is good. We had 9 people, but shared 5 bowls. $30

This is prawns with pumpkin sauce. Hey, it is delicious! Very!
With fried lotus root rings and strawberry. Very light tasting. $48

Aunt says she has not had this for the longest time, so we had 'serng puah chee' in hokkien or Yam Abacus. $27

This is Xue Yi - Cod in Teriyaki Sauce. It is nicely done and it put over a bed of egg white. $48
My sis and aunt says it looks a bit like Kong Bak. haha....

The Special Tofu with Mushrooms. Many types off mushroom and the tofu is delicious. $27

This is one whole Crispy Chicken. Not the dry type, but it is absolutely juicy and skin crispy. The meat is very tender. $36

This might look plain, but it is one of their famous dishes. Bee Hoon that has been braised in Sharksbone and Crab. You got to try it to know the taste. We have it served in individual bowls. $36

We absolutely enjoyed the meal, the tour and also celebrating bro's return, aunt and uncle's wedding anniversary and also uncle's birthday. So many lump into one. 7 adults and 3 kids. Approx $30 and very good food and very filling. Good place to bring your foreign friends too!

Oh ya, this is an interesting place. As usual when we pay, we always ask, which card has discount. Interestingly, the lady says everyday diff card. Mon-Fri, you get discounts if you use OCBC, weekends it is HSBC, UOB, Citibank.

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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Sun Japanese Dining @ Chijmes

Today we celebrated uncle's birthday earlier. We actually wanted to go to Aburiya Monday nite after seeing the photos and writeup by Camemberu. But as things turn out, they only have time for today's lunch.

So, we detoured to Sun instead. It has also been a long time since I went to Sun at Chijmes. It has been a long day, will only post a short one today. Just my dish. The rest another day perhaps.

(we also had dinner together and we all just came back.. sleepy and so full....)

Sun @ Chijmes is at the 2nd floor.

I had Hossai bento. Doesn't it look so pretty?

At the centre of it is this...

I think I shall not bore with you with the other individual dishes photo. haha..
Hope you all had a very Blessed Weekend. Tomorrow's another working day!

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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Crystal Jade Dining-In @ VivoCity

My brother just arrived in Singapore today. The time he touch down in Changi is the same time I am attending a wedding of our ex-CG leader. Both sis and I can't meet him at the airport, and he has no keys to enter the house. Our dear friend momo, came to the rescue. She picked up bro from Terminal 1 and they went to kia kia in Vivo City.

We met them later at Vivo after the wedding and a wonderful wedding reception. It was dinner time, ask bro what he wants to eat, criteria for someone living in UK for so long is no western. So, we walked to Dining-in, to 'xi chen' a bit. haha...

The last time I stepped in here was like in 2006. It's been a long time. Yes, it's that place with the double pair of chopsticks.

Sis and I, we just watch bro and momo eat. After that huge reception, no space left to fit in food.

Bro had beancurd and scallop soup. $8

Momo had mushroom and bamboo pith soup. $10

Scallop and stringbean dish. $22 How interesting that they make it look like olden time gold nuggets.

A duck, mushroom and ham dish. $16

I taxed this a lot, coz I like it. haha.. Spinach and Egg claypot dish $16
I like it because it has chai poh inside the egg :-p

How interesting that bro said that the rice taste so good here. He says he buys Thai fragrant rice in London, but it just does not taste the same. haha... Maybe he should bring back some rice to UK. LOL..

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Friday, October 26, 2007

Astons Express @ Prince George's Park, NUS

A few days ago, a colleague was telling us: Hey! Astons has opened in PGP. Let's go, let's go. It's Friday, last week we said we gonna make it Indian Food Fridays, but the two pro-Indian food person's on leave, the two anti-Indian food also on leave. We have only 3 neutral food person.

So today, we went over to PGP to have lunch. We abandon all of them!
There were the sets, where u pick a meat, and two sides.

Prime Rib Eye, House Salad, Baked Potato $11.70

Prime Sirloin, House Salad, Garden Veggie $9.70

This is the side dish that coincidently all 3 of us had. haha...

Honey Bourbon Ribs, House Salad, Mashed Potato $12.30

I think there's a tad too much sauce over it yah?

Not bad. We liked our food. The prices are cheaper and also the portions. You wont get the super bloated feel.

Click here for our pictures of food we had at Astons Specialties some time ago.

This stall in PGP has just opened about a week or so. I guess they have arrived in the Western part of Singapore.

The address:
Astons Express
27 Prince George's Park
Blk 8, MB 1 Stall 5
Singapore 118425

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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Hami Melon, Mangoes and Hawthorn

Last Sunday, we had a sumptuous dinner at our aunt's place. There was some relatives that was visiting, so it was a big dinner.

After dinner we had lots of fruits. We had grapes that was very sweet.
We also had this big Hami Melon. Yup, I was the one that was cutting it.

Not sure how you cut it, but it was so huge, so I cut them this way.

Because aunt knows that one of her niece loves mangoes, so there was lots of mangoes!

Do you like to eat the seed portion? I do!

And this... I forgot what it is.. But it tasted good.
I think it's what Haw Flakes are made of. So, these should be Hawthorn.

We all love fruits, do you?

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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Ichiban Sushi @ IMM

Today for lunch, one colleague said go Jap, dun want same old Jap, so eventually it was decided, we shall try Ichiban Sushi. So we zoomed off to IMM.

No point showing the individual sushi plates from the conveyer since it is always almost the same. Here are our mains...

One colleague ordered he Salmon Chilli Don. $10.90

Mine's Hayashi Bento Set. I ordered it just because of the word Hayashi. haha.. some of you might know why... $15.90

This is the beef in Hayashi Sauce. I must go find out more about Hayashi Sauce. Hmmm..

Another colleague had Gyu Teridon. $10.90. When this was served, the smell was heavenly... Beef always smells good ya :-)

Another colleague had this sumptuous set! Sit too far away, so hard to take photo. Its the Amazu Shiromi Sakana. $14.90

That's the fish from this set.

The guy's food above all came first, when we were almost finishing, the poor ladies were still waiting for their food!

Finally, one colleague's Ebi Fry Don came out. $11.90

When those who started to eat first had finished their food, only did this colleague's Nabeyaki Udon arrived. $11.90

Overall, ok lah.

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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Supper @ Lau Pa Sat

Just came back not long ago from supper. A bunch of us (around 20 of us) met up with a friend who came down from KL. It was a nice time to meet and chat.

We were hungry, so we ordered 60 satays, 4 ketupats, 15 chicken wings, hay mee, chai tow kuey, etc...

Only manange to take photos of 2 things, after that hands oily after eating chicken wings, decided not to take photos and dirty the camera. haha...

We had Satay from Pondok Satay at number 9 this time. Not bad actually.

Chicken Wings was also nice, and it's from Super Satay at Stall number 13.

Do you all have a favourite stall here in lao pa sat? I am more of a whoever arrange the tables for 20 of us, we eat at their stall. haha...

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Monday, October 22, 2007

Li Xiang Curry @ Dover Food Centre

Today's lunch was at Dover Food Centre again. Wondering what to eat, 2 of us decided to share share curry. Long time no eat this guy's curry liao...

We decided to share share, we ordered one curry vegetable.

and also one pork curry.

Then when we walk back to our table, another colleague walked towards the stall too! We caught him in time, and we had a triple sharing curry today.

This is the chicken curry.

3 curries with 3 plates of rice.

It was hot and really spicy too!
Yum yum... Total cost for all, $10.50

Any curry lovers out there?

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