Monday, June 28, 2010

Organic Himalaya

I happen to 'walk' into this little kiosk where Organic Himalaya was doing a taste test few weeks ago.

Most of the time in supermarkets, etc, or even my recent trip to Europe where you can taste so many things for free, I don't like to taste the samples.I shun them because I always think that they are not clean or hygienic and I might just get stomachache later.

But the lady manning the counter said, you should try. I saw so many people tasting it and all had happy smiley faces so I was convinced to sample it.

I tasted their Himalayan Honey and boy was it nectarous! It's the cloudy kind of honey. So thick, so sweet (ya all honey is sweet right?) and fragrant. So unlike me, but I took a second helping of it!

Organic Himalaya Jams and Honey

I also tasted their Chutneys / Pickles and I would say they are really really nice too!
I tried the Spicy Brinjal Pickle and Tomato Mix Pickle.

Oooo... you get pickly and jumpy with the little acidic, sourish, a little tart taste and yet at the same time, you can taste the sweetness, spiciness and "umami" kind of taste. You know what I am trying to describe right?
I had it with little cubes of bread.

Organic Himalaya Chutneys

I took a flyer that was given out. The lady managing the taste station that day was Cynthia Wee-Hoefer. She and her husband owns a farm in the mountains of Nepal. They practice organic farming and their products and produce are flown in to Singapore.  They have teas, fresh produce, jams, oils etc.

You can contact her at 6468 3127 / if you want more information.
They don't have a shop, but operate from home.

But this post might come in at the right time, because if you want to look for them, they do set up a stall at the Loewen Gardens Farmers' Market, which opens every 1st Saturday of the month from 9 AM - 2 PM. (Which is this coming Saturday!)

Loewen Gardens Farmers' Market

75E Loewen Rd, Tanglin Village
Singapore 248845
Contact: 6474 0441

(This is not a sponsored post, I thought many of you will like it too!)

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JanePhung said...

I check it in to see the way to get there, but there is no bus-stop near there :( . Do u know any other outlet sell these products?

Lastly, may I ask about their price?

Anonymous said...

oh, i just remembered.

i watched Farmers' Market's interview on Razortv before!

here's video part 1. for the other 5 parts, click on "Related Videos" on the right side of the video screen:

and here's the website of "The Pantry" who organized the Farmers' Market:

Anonymous said...

sorry, this is the correct link.
was cut off somehow.

Anonymous said...

there's something wrong... the word "html" doesn't appear at the end of the link.
i apologise for posting so many times. i want to vomit blood oredy.

please go to RazorTV & search for
"Farmers' Market". thank you.

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