Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Delifrance @ Terminal 1 Changi Airport

Thanks to all who asked what happened to me. I am fine and I am back!
Pardon me for not updating anything here. I only tweeted updates from my phone.
You can follow me on twitter - www.twitter.com/keropokman ;-)

I was "leaving on a jetplane" (I am using John Denver's famous song title, it has been ringing in my head since early this evening!) to this location, and came back 2 days ago (Sunday). It was a great trip! I was briefly in London, spent most of my time in a small town called Guildford and had 2 side trips to Paris and Rome. ;-)

While I sort out my travel photos, here are photos of my last meal just before flying off.

We left for the airport early hoping that we could eat something nice there. When we got there, we realise Terminal 1 is under renovation. Most places to eat with a decent seating area in the public area were all closed for renovation as well. We decided to eat 'inside' i.e. shops after immigration.


This was the quick bite at Delifrance. Yes, we know we are going to France, but we still ate here.
I had a Seafood Croissant. Standard fare like any Delifrance in Singapore.

Seafood Croissant

Sis had the Chicken Ciabata. She wanted the Crab with the Ciabata but it was sold out.

Chicken Ciabata

While we were more than halfway though the meal, the Delifrance folks gave us a delightful surprise. The lady that we earlier ordered our food came over and said, we were sorry that we could not serve you what you wanted earlier. We now have some crab fillings and we would like you to have them. She saw that we were almost done and had nothing to eat the crab with, she came back with some baguette too! (FOC if you are wondering...)

Wow, this Delifrance has the best customer service ever ya?
I think it's little gestures like this that helped Changi Airport become No 1 again?


Mum decided to have some Spaghetti Carbonara. Mum likes it. Sis and I were saying to her, we are looking forward to pasta in Italy! LOL

Pardon the photo, mum already took a bite of it. ;-)

Carbonara Pasta


My cup of hot chocolate to warm up my tummy so that I can get straight to sleep on the plane!

Hot Chocolate


If you are wondering why did we go to UK?
It's because mum's gonna be a granny! She was there to be the confinement lady/mummy!

We each have an allowance of 23kg of baggage, so that mum can bring in all the ingredients she need to prepare the confinement food and we can also bring in jars of Goober Grape for my bro-in-law! We had brought in my bro's favourite Koka no MSG Tom Yam Hor Fun. (Any of you like this too? I like it!)

Sis asked us to bring her Chiffon Cake baking tins! I was kiasu, I brought over 2! Mum said while I am at Poon Huat, get some 'Ang Ku Kueh' and 'Tho Kueh' moulds too. Guess what? I bought 20 mini chwee kueh moulds, pineapple tart moulds as well! Now you know what we brought over with our 69kg luggage allowance! LOL. What is this thing about Chiffon Cake, I realise the Sunday Times just had a write up about Chiffon Cake! It all started with my sis' craving for Chiffon Cake? LOL.

By the way, if you are wondering, we only brought things that are legal. No bak kwa or anything prohibited by the UK Border Agency / Quarantine. By the way, there's a Bee Cheng Hiang Bak Kwa shop near the departure gates! I asked them if I can bring them in to UK, they gave the the usual "I don't know wor... I work here only, don't ask me lah". You know the answer when they give such answers.

You can get almost everything in UK! One of the days we were there, we visited the biggest Asian Grocery Store I have seen! It's called Wing Yip. We visited their Croydon branch. Oh man, it's so so huge, and you can find any ingredient you want! From Chinese, Malay, Thai, Indian, Philippines etc. We bought bamboo leaves here for mum to make her Nyonya Bak Chang. For the first time, we tried bak chang made from Organic British Pork bought from Waitrose or / and Sainbury's.

Have a great week everyone!
It's a very very busy week ahead!

I miss my little nephew!

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Life for Beginners said...

Welcome back, bro! :D

dory said...

welcome back mr keropokman..

hee.. its nice to have u back here posting different kinds of food.

i made my way to london & paris last year to visit my fren who married over there.

haha.. i smuggle some food stuff (erm hmm.. including bak kwa & pork floss) over for her cos she's so deprived of it.

hope to see some posting of the food you had over there.. =)

puiyee said...

Hu hu...not only have I brought bak kwa into the UK, but had my mom mail me some too!

They were in mini vac-packs so no smell or anything. Inferior to fresh ones but one gotta make do.

I wonder why bak kwa's not allowed in the UK!

Keropok Man said...

@LFB, thanks!

@dory, @puiyee
LOL. Luckily you all did not get caught! Sis and bro's friends have gotten caught before and it was totally not worth it. ;-)

@dory, will probably post it on keropok.com this blog is all singapore food :-)

@Puiyee, meat products are not allowed.

dory said...

yup, i've bookmark keropok.com in my favourites!


MAJL said...

Changi airport rocks! They do not gouge you for food and drinks. Not to mention, that the food is goooooooood!

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