Monday, July 25, 2011

Samantha Brown's Asia premieres tonight on TLC (Starhub Channel 427) at 10 pm

Look! It's Samantha Brown!

How many of you have been watching her shows and always wished you could travel everywhere like her? She has one of the best job in the world! She seems to have been almost everywhere! I have been watching her different shows for years and have always wanted to travel like her and meet her!

Sometimes when I am bored channel surfing, when I see a show she's on, that's when I'll stop and watch! Her shows are one of the more entertaining and captivating on TLC/ Cable TV!

Samantha Brown

Thanks to TLC Asia and MSL Singapore, I got to meet Samantha Brown in person!

It's Samantha Brown (you know!) When I got the invite to have a lunch with Samantha, I gladly accepted the invite by MSL Singapore and  applied for a half day leave to have lunch with Sam!

The above shot was her sitting right opposite me for lunch!
I took a photo with her too, but that's on my facebook page ;-)

Samantha Brown

The 'official' event photographer took this photo above and passed it to us.

Samantha in person is exactly like how she is on TV!
She is so lively, so animated, you feel so comfortable when she's around!
We were all so captivated by her stories! She told us about places she has went to! She's a good story teller! It's not always as fun as it seems on TV. She told us all the horror stories!
(But we all still think she has the best job in the world!)

Some do you knows....
1. Do you know that Samantha Brown travels everywhere with a bottle of peanut butter?!
2. Do you know Samantha brings along with her a book on poetry on her travels?

Now what do you pack in your travels? I shall not tell you what I pack for my holidays!
Maybe one day I will!

Samantha Brown's Asia
Screen capture from the TLC Asia website.

Samantha's traveled around the world and you probably have caught most of her travel series. She has finally filmed a series on Asia! She was here and she filmed at Pulau Ubin! You got to catch that episode!

For this series, Samantha tastes the food, breathes and lives the culture and meets people in Singapore and 7 other Asian countries. (Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Japan and Bali.) Sounds interesting? You should watch it and see something different!

If you are at home tonight, turn on to TLC on Starhub Channel 427 at 10pm!
Her new series, Samantha Brown's Asia premieres tonight!

(Just in case you miss it tonight, catch the repeat of the first episode on 26 Jul (Tuesday) - 5:00AM / 9:00 AM or 30 Jul (Saturday) 3:00 PM)

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Anonymous said...

OMG. I am a big fan of samantha brown! Passport to Europe was such great entertainment for me during the period I was studying for A lvls ;)Can't wait to catch her new series.

Life for Beginners | Kenny Mah said...

I think Devil will love her concept of travelling every where with a bit of peanut butter - it's his fave condiment/ingredient! :P

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