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Gastromania Feast @ Far East Square: SPRING JuChunYuan

This post is part of the Gastromania Feast @ Far East Square organised by Omy.Sg that quite a few bloggers and I indulged in a food marathon on 9 July 2011.

You can read more about Gastromania Feast @ Far East Square at  Visit the site too if you want to win youself a $50 voucher.

Gastromania Feast @ Far East Square Stop 2: 

Spring JuChunYuan

You might not have not heard of SPRING JuChunYuan, but I am sure you have heard of the dish "Buddha Jumps Over The Wall" / "Fo Tiao Qiang" 佛跳墙.

The folks at JuChunYuan at Fuzhou, China were the ones who created this dish. If you have ever wondered how it got that name, it's the words from a poem composed on the fly by a top scholar when he had a whiff of the dish long ago!

SPRING JuChunYuan is located at the former Chui Eng Free School that was established in 1854. It's one of the first Chinese free schools that provided free education to the poor.

Spring JuChunYuan

I like the deco of this restaurant. Fine dining for exquisite Chinese food.
Hint: If your bosses at work wants to treat you and your team, suggest this place! (Especially if your project has helped the company earned quite a bit!)

Floral Tea

We were served floral tea that comprised of Chrysanthemum, Rose and Lavender.
It smelled really good! But when I drank it, I thought the lavender was probably a bit overpowering. But it was good.

Buddha Jumps Over the Wall

Tada! The 'Fo Tiao Qiang' from the restaurant that invented it!

If you are wondering, it costs $1288 and if you want to order this for a special occasion here, remember to order it 1 day in advance.

Buddha Jumps Over the Wall

I know many people in Singapore are lone-diners. If you want to try it and you are alone, no worries! Order the individual portion. It costs $98 a pop, and you do not need to pre-order it.

Of course, people who come in groups can order the individual portions to share. It's gentler on your pockets!

Buddha Jumps Over the Wall

Want to know how may portions have been consumed since it was opened?
This was taken last Saturday, 9 July 2011. 13,288 portions!

Buddha Jumps Over the Wall

No, the whole group of bloggers did not get an individual portion each.
It's very rich and filling and we had 8 places to eat. So the kind folks at SPRING JuChunYuan offered us a sampling size that was still quite generous!

Buddha Jumps Over the Wall

Fo Tiao Qiang consists of 8 main ingredients that we can clearly see in the soup and other ingredients that are 'trade secrets' that's part of the broth.

The 8 main ingredients are Shark's Fin, Abalone, Scallop, Sea Cucumber, Fish Maw, Cuttlefish, Pork Tendon and Flower Mushroom.

The Chef at Spring JuChunYuan

We got to chat with the chef and he told us, they steam the soup in both Hwa Tiao and Shao Xing wines.  I can't remember which one, but one of the wine that they used were 8 years old.

The soup was thick and we were told you will get a sticky feeling in your mouth after having it. It's sticky, but quite pleasant. Nice aftertaste too! (I am not sure about you!)

You get quite filled up! Chunks of good stuff in the soup, decadence! Yes, truly decadence!

Xing Hwa Bee Hoon

We also got to taste their Xing Hwa Bee Hoon.

I am half Heng Hwa, so I adore this Xing Hwa (Heng Hwa) Bee Hoon! A look at it and I 'am chio' (smiled to myself secretly). It's the same super fine bee hoon that mum and my aunt use to fry the Bee Hoon!

A chat with some fellow bloggers, some love it and carbo avoiders don't like it.
I guess you must be either Heng Hwa, partially Heng Hwa or a bee hoon lover to enjoy this!

Xing Hwa Bee Hoon

A chat with the manager and he told us, the chef use chopsticks to fry these delicate and fine bee hoon!
Quick, swift and strong hands were needed to fry this dish. It does not taste oily at all, and it's because of their cooking style.

Red Vinegar with Garlic Sauce

It taste rather good on itself! But, if you want to add a twist to the bee hoon, add some of their red vinegar, garlic concoction to it. (The chef won't reveal what other things inside, except there's some sugar added as well haha.) It makes the noodles even tastier and you would want to have more.
Note: Taste a bit of it first to see if you like it before mixing all in! Everyone has different taste buds! ;-)

130 Amoy Street
#01-01 Far East Square
Singapore 049959

Tel: 6536 2655

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Anonymous said...

soup for over a thousand bucks!?! hahaha, true opulence.

do be careful of the mercury content in the sharkfin, it gets concentrated in all large predatory fish.

Shin Kushiya said...

Hello! It was great meeting you again. Really glad that you enjoyed the food!

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