Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Red House at The Quayside @ Robertson Quay

It is the 6th day of the Lunar New Year, our sister, brother-in-law and nephew flew back, transitting in Singapore to visit us for a few days before flying again to Ipoh to brother-in-law's parents' place.

We picked them up at Changi Airport in the afternoon and told them we shall toss Yu Sheng later in the night. I got a complimentary Red House Yu Sheng voucher so we thought we might as well have our dinner there as well. I did not know that there's a Red House in Robertson Quay! We always go to the one at East Coast.

Red House at Robertson Quay

Oh wow, the place was huge! It's non-aircon but it was not hot at all. Fans turning at full speed and the weather's been really cool. There were so many people there when we went there at 7:30 pm. Though we had a booking, we still had to wait, the serving staff were apologetic saying people have finished their dinner, but they are not getting up.

Red House at Robertson Quay

Red House's version of Prosperity Raw Salmon Yu Sheng. $38++ (for the small one)

Red House at Robertson Quay

After the saying of auspicious sounding greetings, it was time to 'toss'!

Red House at Robertson Quay

Well, it was a very civilised toss! Minimal wastage!
Our 1.5 year old nephew must be thinking these adults are playing with food!

For the other dishes, we passed the menu to our younger sis.
She picked these dishes that she missed eating. They have similar food in London, but not exactly the same.

Red House at Robertson Quay

Spinach Tofu $21
A common dish to us, but to sister and husband, something they missed eating!

Red House at Robertson Quay

Green Pea Shoots ($24)
Had it fried with garlic. We are all vegetable lovers, so we are quite happy to eat it.

Red House at Robertson Quay

Teriyaki Cod Fish, 3 pieces for $48.
Mixed reviews, we the locals thought it was so so, but both our sis (almost similar tastebuds) thinks it's too fishy. Even the baby did not want to eat it.

Red House at Robertson Quay

Chilli Crab ($60)For their chilli crabs, everyone gives it a thumbs up. Comparing to the different seafood places, Red House's chilli crabs has always been one of our favourites. It's spicy yet a tiny bit on the sweeter side. Probably suits our tastebuds as we finished up most of the gravy!

If only their fried man tou was more crispy. We like Jumbo's version of man-tou. We were comparing the different flavours of crabs to eat at each restaurant. This place is for Chilli. Eng Seng for Black Pepper. No Signboard for White Pepper.

Red House at Robertson Quay

Seafood Combination ($42)
We saw this dish in the menu and it's one of the specialties, so we ordered it.
We all liked it, there's prawns and scallops and the sauce was very lemongrassy curry. It's something that's very appetizing and perfect over hot steaming rice.

Red House at Robertson Quay

Ee Fu Noodles ($18)
A noodles dish to symbolize long life! Oh, the little baby loves these noodles! He was slurping away!

We were glad to have our siblings back with us even for a short while.  They are now in Ipoh enjoying their Ipoh Hor Fun and other nice food.

The food above plus all the taxes was $282.20. We paid with an OCBC card and there's some lucky draw.
If you want to have more tossing of Yu Sheng, their version is quite tasty. Their takeaway Yu Sheng is 1-for-1 that we saw on their specials.

If you like us, got a bit lost, look for the fancy bridge, Red House is just near it.

Red House @ The Quayside
60 Robertson Quay
#01-13/14 The Quayside
Singapore 238252

Tel: 67357666
Web: www.redhouseseafood.com

Red House

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