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Bengawan Solo Chinese New Year Factory Discount @ Woodlands Link

It's a few days more to Chinese New Year. There are so many things to do, change money for Ang Pows, new clothes, cleaning the house and when friends and family visit, the festive goodies! How is New Year without all the usual New Year goodies? 

KopiKosongGirl and I have been buying various stuff to give to both sets of parents and Aunt who has been feeding us the whole year. The wife says, don't buy the same thing every year. It will get boring.  Don't give too much, it will be very difficult to find things to give the next few years.

We bought cans of Abalones that we spotted was on offer at Fairprice, during their '1 day sale' few days ago. It seems they have more sale in today's newspapers. We got some other stuff from Cold Storage too. Enough to form a very nice presentable gift set.  For cookies this year, we got them from Bengawan Solo, because we happened to visit their factory last weekend!

Bengawan Solo Factory Discount

Their Factory Discount has been going on and should be ending soon. Think it was on since Christmas for their Christmas sale. So if you have not gotten your goodies and you need to grab them in bulk, head down here!

Bengawan Solo Factory Discount

If you have not been there, and need the address, it's at 23 Woodlands Link, Singapore 738730.

You would see bus loads of people visiting this area. Some are visiting this factory, others to the other factories nearby. We might be back at this area again, we are thinking of visiting Fassler to get some fish supply and soups to stock up our freezer!

Bengawan Solo Factory Discount

The big air-conditioned tent with rows of goodies for sale.

Bengawan Solo Factory DiscountBengawan Solo Factory Discount

Camemberu and us went for their factory tour and we found out lots of interesting things about Bengawan Solo. Things like they use only fresh coconut in their products, they actually have machines to process and extract the coconut milk. Their eggs are also delivered from Seng Choon Farms daily, sometimes a few times daily if they need more. Those stories would be another post some other day.

We saw the Pineapple tarts being made inside the factory. Their staff busy packing them up. When we finish the tour, we saw the pineapple tarts on sale outside the tent. Now, how fresh can this be? If you are eating them yourself or given to family, you want to give them something good right?

Bengawan Solo Factory DiscountBengawan Solo Factory Discount

Kueh Lapis lovers, you want freshly made lapis? Order them at their different outlets or get them at a discount here. We met Mrs Anastasia Liew and her son Henry who led us for the tour. We saw how tedious it was to make the Kueh Lapis! Each cake takes 3 hours or so to produce. Layers after layers their staff have to pour the cake mixture and bake them. To meet demand, they are working 24 hours during this time!

They said their way of saying Thank You to their customers for the year long patronage is to have a discount for them during this time of the year. You know why so many customers are loyal to them!

Oh, if you are not their usual Kueh Lapis customer, the prices do go up on the last two days before they shut the factory for holidays. Regular customers know that, but some customers still insist they want to collect it on the very last day.  (I know some of you are laughing, because your mum or mum-in-law behaves like that right?)

We got some of the cookies and other munchies, paid for it and that's another tick off our 'to-do' list! Thought this info would be helpful for those who needs to buy to give away and the savings might be helpful.

For non-locals or visitors to Singapore, you would be glad to know that Bengawan Solo has 4 branches at Changi Airport.
Hint: The airport branches charges no 7% GST like most shops at the airport ;-)

Bengawan Solo Factory Discounts
23 Woodlands Link
Singapore 738730

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Anonymous said...

Hi! May I know how do I sign up for their factory tour? :)

Unknown said...

They don't have public tours anymore.

We went for a private tour. Got to put on hair nets, shoes protectors ;-)

Anonymous said...


Any idea until when & what's their opening hours? Tried to call but no one picked up the phone. :(

Unknown said...

Hi Anon,

It will open till this Saturday, 21 Jan 2012. The operating hours are from 9am till 9pm.

The other branches location and hours, you can check

Dutchie said...

Gosh, I feel very homesick looking at the yummy pix. Yes, yes, I should be feeling homesick for my family there instead, which I do.

Thanks for posting the pix. Am literally licking it off the screen, haha.

Wishing u a prosperous n healthy new year :-)

Anonymous said...

John Vacation said...

Looks awesome. I am really sorry I have missed it! Congratulations for the organization.

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