Monday, May 31, 2010

Scotts Beef Noodles @ ION Orchard

It's the Great Singapore Sale time. When you are shopping for bargains, you just want to grab a quick lunch and continue shopping. ;-P

The food courts at the various malls is the best choice.
I was at Food Opera at ION Orchard and wanted to get the Scotts Beef Noodles. There was a queue at the stall. Because I had to queue and wait, I saw other things in the menu.

I got tempted by the the Pan Fried Beef Noodles (Hor Fun).
I ordered it and think it's actually not bad at all.

It is a tad oily, but all fried hor fun's oily anyway.
The beef was stir fried quickly so it was tender.

Beef Hor Fun

I remember some reader saying that if you want the calamansi, ask for it. It's a little hidden.
A little squeeze of the calamansi juice on the Beef Hor Fun tasted nice!

You get the usual beef soup too.

Beef Soup with Sprouts

Enjoy the GSS. Buying things at discounted prices always feel good eh?

Momo's really happy about the Nespresso machine she got. (Suddenly she has so many additional BFF LOL!)

Most people buy the Nespresso machines in UK because it's the cheapest. There are also those who buy via the HardwareZone Community. But the deal last weekend at
Takashimaya was not bad, comparable to bringing it in from overseas but without all the hassle.

The Citiz Red Standalone Momo got had $50 off. During the 5 day sale, Takashimaya card members got an additional 10% off the price at the till. In addition to that, you get another 6% rebate in vouchers for Platinum card holders. So in total it's around $130 off. You could see so many people buying it! If you missed it, wait for the next sale ;-)

Scotts Beef Noodles
Food Opera (Basement 4 Food Court)
ION Orchard
2 Orchard Turn
Singapore 238801

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Maxine said...

I love ION!!! Glad you enjoyed your meal.

red fir said...

Bah I haven't gone to eat this yet! Believe it or not.

Kenny Mah said...

Looks sorta like the XO beef hor fun at Crystal Jade but sans fermented black beans. I think I know what I'm having for dinner tonite di... ;)

Anonymous said...

Woo hoo! Nespresso....Nice!! $130 off is not bad a deal. Can I be Momo's BFF too?

Anonymous said...

Woohoo! Nespresso...Nice!! $130 off is not bad a deal. Can i be Momo's BFF too?

Derrick said...

so roughly how much was the model that momo got in the end ? i was so tempted to buy a nespresso machine when i was in rome and milan for holiday ! regret a bit for not buying. was worried about warranty.

Anonymous said...

missing your post lately...everything ok?

Anonymous said...

where r u ? :)


Unknown said...

Can't remember off hand now. Have to ask her.

Anon 1, yoyo
Yes, I am ok. I am out of Singapore.
In UK, France and Italy holidaying ;-)

I will be back!

Unknown said...

Majl, yes i did. Thanks!

hehe. I have not been to lots of places too!

how was dinner? hehe did u eat what u wanted to eat?

hehe.. she has got lots of BFF suddenly. ;-p

dory said...

hi mr keropok man..

u very long didnt post liao..

im a fan of your blog..


Unknown said...

Thanks dory!
I am back!

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