Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Fat Boy's - The Burger Bar @ Mohd Sultan

Momo and I had burgers again, so here's another burger post.
It was our first time to Fat Boys and it was on a super hot Sunday afternoon.

The branch at Mohd Sultan is in a shop lot with a few other stalls selling different food and drinks. If you have been to Bar Bar Black Sheep at Bukit Timah, it's similar.

Fat Boys - The Burger Bar

The burgers here are the total opposite of the previous post of Freshness Burgers.

Just the name alone - "Fatboy's" sound so big, burly, chunky, macho or even an "ah beng" feel to it. Since it's at a pub area, many order alcohol with their burgers here.

Compared it to Freshness, it sounds so dainty. So damsel in distress! Depending on the occasion and the weather, you might want to go to different places.

Fat Boys - The Burger Bar

Place your order at the counter and you are on!

When we got here on a Sunday afternoon, there was only us and another two persons a few tables away. It took around 20 minutes for our orders to be ready. Not sure about the waiting time during other days, it was quite a long wait for our food. It was ok for us as we were instagramming / tweeting / facebooking!

Fat Basterd

Fat Boys - The Burger Bar

Momo and I shared the biggest burger on the menu. It's called Fat Basterd. ($18) What a name to give to a burger.  For all burgers orders here, lettuce, tomato and chunky fries are served with the burger on the same basket.

It was a double beef patty, double bacon, double cheese, fried egg and homemade Fatboy's BBQ Sauce on a Sesame Bun. Sounds so sinful ya?

Fat Boys - The Burger Bar

Taking off the sesame seed bun on top, here's how it looked inside. The beef patty was really nice!

We did not use our hands because we cut it into two to share. You can see the burger  retained its shape well, and yet it is a little crumbly. It was like meat without much added flour or any agent to hold it up. It was a combination of fatty and juicy. It had a great mouth feel to it.

When they were preparing the burger, I thought it smell rather like Ramly Burger! It made us even more hungry! There was a smell similar to bread spread with 'planta' that was heated on the grill. When Momo asked later if they used planta, they said no. Hmm. That smell of heated planta on bread was familiar though.

Overall, we really enjoyed this burger. If you like rugged burly burgers, this is probably your kind of burger place. If not, go to Freshness! ;-p

Crispy Hot Wings

Fat Boys - The Burger Bar

We have always liked fried chicken wings so we ordered a portion of Crispy Hot Wings ($11.50) as a side to the burgers. When it was served, it was not a side portion. It could be a meal by itself. It had 10 pieces of it.

When the wings were brought to us, we thought they had used sesame seeds in the batter before frying. We were so wrong. We took a closer look and gasp in horror/excitement! It was chilli seeds! The  chicken drumlets and wings were coated with chilli seeds! Lots of chilli seeds as well!

If you are a chilli lover, you must order this!

The first bite was not potent, but as I took my second and  third piece, I was suffering! It did not help that I ordered coke! I took a sip of cold drink and that was it. I received the baptism of fire! (p/s that night, I was King. I sat on my throne a few times that night!)

It was nice though. I might go have it again! I am a sadist?

Fat Boy's The Burger Bar
18 Mohamed Sultan Road
Singapore 238967

Tel: 67358840

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Simon said...

Those chicken wings look so nice!!!

Life for Beginners said...

Fat Basterd? Ooh, I wonder if Quentin Tarantino oughta get part-credit for the name. :P

CT said...

Went to the Joo Chiat branch, which has a spacious dining area with refreshments/bar counter.

Had the root beer float, where they used big, chilled glass mugs (like A&W) and topped with premium vanilla ice-cream (can see the vanilla specks!).

But the burger that day seemed kinda' dismal. And the chips were slightly warm only. Gotta' try again.

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