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Dallas Restaurant & Bar @ Boat Quay

While Momo and I were in Disneyland, we kinda miss the food back here. When I saw an email from Camemberu saying 'come lah... go to LadyIronChef's 2nd birthday party', Momo and I said yes! So I sms LadyIronChef to book two spaces. We were looking forward to eating back in Singapore.

We landed at Changi 1:40 AM, went home to take a short nap, and woke up 8:00 AM to go for Bible Study Fellowship. Right after that, we came to Dallas for LIC's party at 12 noon.

Sitting at our table was Camemberu, AromaCookery, Jaime La Nourriture and her friend Fay, Arlyna and Mike. I must thank Fay, Arlyna and Mike for being so patient with the rest of us who were taking photos. I hope we did not get on their nerves. We had great company on our table!

Dallas Restaurant & Bar @ Boat Quay

What did we eat? It was a tasting menu that's $23++.

The Salt and Pepper Calamari was first. Very mild tasting and light. But it was not overcooked. I would have liked it a tad saltier :-)
Not sure if it's because my taste buds have been tainted by food in US for 10 days. LOL...

Salt and Pepper Calamari

Next was Chicken and Cheese Quesadillas.

Chicken and Cheese Quesadillas

The Shredded Pork Tacos was next.

Shredded Pork Tacos

Haha, you could have detected that I am not a great fan of the Tacos and Quesadillas. But I like Baby Back Ribs!

The ribs were done in 3 ways: Fiery, Alabama and Smoked Hickory BBQ.
We were all guessing which is which because even the servers were confused. haha...

Baby Back Pork Ribs - Served 3 ways: Fiery, Alabama and Smoked Hickory BBQ

But they were all quite delicious. The meat comes off easily from the bones. The fiery version left us wanting more! I could do with some ribs now!

(We ate at Tony Roma's at Anaheim, CA just few days ago and we were quite disappointed with Tony's there, the one in Singapore seems better.)

Baby Back Pork Ribs - Served 3 ways: Fiery, Alabama and Smoked Hickory BBQ

You can tell that the owner Australian with his so heavy accented Australian English. (He sounds like my classmates! haha) Aussies love Barramundi!

This is Tempura Barramundi with Thai Herbs and Naan Jim. (I have no idea what Naan Jim is, anyone knows?)

This simple looking dish is very tasty! The sauce that goes with it is also nice with all the salad greens on the side.

Tempura Barramundi with Thai Herbs & Naan Jim

Next was Dallas Wings.
Got to say sorry, don't try this until they improve on it. In fact when I took a peep around, I could see a few tables with leftover of this.

Dallas Wings with Ranch Dipping Sauce

Next was Corn and Crab Fritters.

Corn and Crab Fritters with Chilli Glaze

Next was the Beef Fajitas. When it came out, this dish looks so delicious. How should I describe it? It is like Mexican rendang with japalenos! We were told this was 120 day old grain fed beef. The accompanying tortillas was nice and warm.

Beef Fajitas with Guacamole & Sour Cream

The last dish was Breaded Mushrooms. Looks like something they served earlier? Similar looking but totally different inside.

Breaded Mushrooms with Cheese and Garlic Mayo

The cheese is stuffed on the mushroom inside. It's very juicy so be careful when you bite into it! You don't want to dirty your shirt.

Breaded Mushrooms with Cheese and Garlic Mayo

All of us were so so full when the party ended. Thanks LIC and Happy 2nd birthday!

Now.... Wondering how to pronounce words like Fajitas, Tortilla etc? Hop over to Camemberu's. Her daughter will teach you, hop over if you're a Canon fan too. Aroma Cookery has also posted up her post, hope over if you're a Sony Alpha fan. LadyIronChef's a Nikon fan, and visit his site if you're a Nikon fan and also to wish him a Happy Birthday. If you are a dessert fan, visit SgDessert for her blog post of the same event.

Dallas Restaurant & Bar
31 Boat Quay
Singapore 049820
Tel: 6532 2131

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Fen said...

Wow, you sure have great photos here, particularly the cross section of the mushroom... anyway, like I said to Camemberu, I finally got to meet you and Camemberu in person... Nice meeting you two :D

Didn't know you were abroad for holiday, the fact that your entries are constantly coming in everyday. Hope you had lotsa fun at Disneyland...

Camemberu said...

Haha, I was wondering how you'd describe the quesadillas and tacos! Eh, silence! lol

I love the last shot...looks so delicious, with cheese oozing!

Cute way of categorising the blogs by camera make. So I guess yours is the Sony digicam fan page! Hey, I'm one too!

ladyironchef said...

Golden is silence. heh! thanks for coming keropok man and momo! see you all soon yeah :)

Nelson said...

it's pronounced Fur-hee-tahs. I have yet to find an authentic American restaurant in Singapore. hmmm maybe Macdonald's.

Life for Beginners said...

What a sweet group of floggers meeting up... in Singapore and we have the same in Malaysia too. Again, I'm wondering when we'll have a crossborderfloggerfest? :D

Unknown said...

Fen: great meeting u too! i was not on holiday. i went for 'work'. LOL...

Camemberu: You are both Canon and Sony. hehe... Even your phone is sony ya?

LIC: Ya, see you soon! when? when?

Nelson: KFC and Macs? LOL...

LFB: Ya, come on down again!

Dutchie said...

I hv shifted to less deep-frying foods lately due to too much time spent on PC Games ! It's been stews day after day - not that it's bad but hubby is missing our home made KFC with an oriental toch. How I wish I could just pick up the phone n order what u had in this post ! Sadly tho, food here is below mediocre *sob*

When we were in the west coast of USA for 4 weeks, there were ample delicious food to be had - mega malls or foodcourts with all kinds of food to delight our palates. Quite affordable too.

Fen said...

I was about to ask you which brand of camera you are using, given that you introduce the other entries via the brand of cameras...

Oh, didn't know you went there for work... but it it is hard to associate Disneyland with work...

Hmm... looks like I am the only Olympus user so far apart from another blogger whom I have met last year... Alas, didn't whip out my camera on Sat, if not I can seek justice for my camera, hehe...

Julia said...

Heheh, Keropokman, we're both from the Sony camp! Yay! Oops, but my compact digicam's a Canon...:P

Great pic of the mushroom with oozing cheese. Yeah, it was yums, very juicy! I popped the whole mushroom into my mouth, only later I realized there was cheese. :)

Unknown said...

Dutchie: Come visit! The food's calling you!

Fen: I carry a tiny camera only. Sony T200. It's always in my pocket.

I only got into Disneyland itself for 1 day. The rest of the days, I was only staying in Disneyland Hotel, one of the designated conference hotel.

Oh, an Olympus fan!

Julia: Yes, Sony Camp! You should swap your cameras with Camemberu. LOL...

I bite the mushroom, it was nice and took a look inside, then decide to use left hand to quickly take a snap of it.

Nelson said...

Keropok Man,

No KFC in Singapore is depressing. Nothing like the ones found in the US. The chicken here is HUGE, Juicier and more tender. And at Long John Silver , Tar tar sauce is free and abundant. I would say, only Macs offer somewhat similar in taste and size. Do they now server quater pounder in sg?

Unknown said...


I think they took out the quarter pounder in Sg some time ago and never came back!

But just last week, I had a double quarter pounder! hehe.. Read about it here:


jaime-la-nourriture said...

hello keropokman! alamak though we sit on the same table, didnt have chance to talk to u! anw its nice meeting u, and the last shot u have...aiyo...looks so yummy! :)

Unknown said...


Ya, it was nice meeting you too. I should brush up my chinese to read your blog! hehe...

Hope to see you in another of the outings again.

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