Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Shiok Burger Combo @ Mel's Drive-In, Universal Studios Singapore

One more burger place that Momo and I had recently.

Momo and I are annual pass holders of Universal Studios Singapore. Since we paid good money for it, we can't let the pass go to waste. We will sneak into USS when we feel like it. We don't spend the whole day there when we visit USS. We only go in to take a few rides, screamed our heads off (to relax a bit), take a bite then go home!

We recently tried Mel's Drive-In. We are on a quest to try every restaurant at USS!

Mel's Drive In, Universal Studios Singapore

Unlike other fast food places where you order right at the serving counter, at Mel's drive-in, you order at the cashier that's before the service counter.

Mel's Drive In, Universal Studios Singapore

We saw this deal. Shiok Burger Combo. Usually $16.30 going for $12.80.
So we decided to try it. If you use the 'correct credit card', you get another 10% off! ;-)
Hint: Use DBS/POSB credit cards when you order your food, you get 10% off!

Mel's Drive In, Universal Studios Singapore

Our Shiok Burger Combo!

Mel's Drive In, Universal Studios Singapore

What a unique combination for the burger!
Spiced Chicken Floss, Fried Onion Ring, Guacamole, Turkey Bacon and a Beef Patty all in one?
It has the usual veggies, tomatoes and cheese too.

Mel's Drive In, Universal Studios Singapore

It does taste quite all right although it is like a rojak burger!

The meat floss reminds me of bread, floss and butter that mum makes for us when we were little kids.

A unique combination that's combining all the sinful food that locals love and made into a burger! Adding onion rings inside gives it come crispy bite. The guacamole was too little to be noticed.

It's a bit expensive, since it's in a theme park, the higher price is expected. If you look at the burgers elsewhere now, the prices are almost similar.

For those who are looking for ideas for home made burger, this is for you!

(Mel's Drive-In is halal certified)

Mel's Drive In
Hollywood, Universal Studios Singapore
Resorts World Sentosa

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Life for Beginners said...

I have this strange feeling that the next time I drop by Singapore, you are gonna take me for... burgers? :P

Tanya said...

Eek reminds me of the typical American burger though my mouth is watering. Can't be good for the hips?!

Really enjoying your blog. Thank you for all the dining out you do as we intend to eat out lots and enjoy all that Singapore has to offer.

Tanya :)

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