Monday, April 25, 2011

Island Cremery @ King Albert Park

This post is for my cousin! She turned 15 today and here's a little cake I bought for her.

I was cracking my head what to buy for her. It's a last minute thingy, it was only at mid-day that I remembered it's her birthday. I texted her what she want for her present, and she said anything. Since I can't think of what to buy, I thought I will get her a cake first then think of a present later.

Where can I get a decent cake? It's like a challenge trying to get cakes, there are so many birthdays and we always want something different. If you want something really special, you got to pre-order it a few days in advance.

Island Cremery Frozen Desserts - ReversO

On the way back, I thought I would try out Island Creamery at King Albert Park. I remember that place sells cake.

I thought of a detour to Holland Village on the way back to visit Swensen's, but the detour will take a long time. Traffic conditions in that area is usually quite bad.

Island Cremery Frozen Desserts - ReversO

I am glad I went to Island Cremery. Look at the cake!
It's so pretty, just nice for a 15 year old girl. I am so glad she liked it.

When I got to her house, she had friend's over. Her mum asked if she wanted to cut the cake with her friends. She said let's wait for daddy to be back then cut the cake.  She's such a daddy's girl.

Island Cremery Frozen Desserts - ReversO

Our wish for her is to grow up a sensible and responsible girl.

Island Cremery Frozen Desserts - ReversO

If you are wondering what's the name of the cake and what's the price, it's called ReversO and it's $28.
It taste rather good too. There's a layer of chocolate below, then it's chocolate ice cream with oreos. It's topped with cream and lady fingers all around it.

Who can resist this ice cream cake?

Note: Unlike the usual ice cream cake we get from Swensen's which provides dry ice, they don't here. So grab the cake and rush home! We were told it will last 45 mins. Well, I got home in 15 mins and it was still frozen ;-)

Island Cremery
1 King Albert Park
Singapore 598292

Tel: 6467 1571

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Anonymous said...

Christy said...

The cake is indeed cute and decent enough for a 15-year old girl!~
From the angle in the first pic, the lines on the cake looked like the keys on a piano, and I thought that the cake was designed like a piano! :)

Life for Beginners said...

Haven't had an ice-cream cake in ages... Should order one just for the heck of it... to feel like a little kid again... :)

NEL, the batter baker said...

OMG, the cake looks really good.... When I scrolled to the end and it showed the inside... hmmm, even better!

Was nice meeting you today. Hope we have a chance to meet again at another cooking/baking workshop.

Meanwhile, congrats on your wedding and good luck with the renovations!

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