Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Pizzeria Mozza @ The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands

I am a bit slow these few weeks because I am busy with house renovation and marriage preparation. This meal was eaten in mid February. :-)

To celebrate Momo's dearest parent's wedding anniversary, we made a special trip to Pizzeria Mozza for a very special meal. Yup, the pizza place by Mario Batali.

Since Momo could not get a booking for the 'actual day', so we went on a Sunday night.

Pizzeria Mozza @ MBS

It was pizza night! A very delicious pizza night too!
Here's the story....

Pizzeria Mozza @ MBS

Make a guess, what's in the brown paper bag?

Also served with the brown paper bag was an envelope that contained our cutlery and serviette. How interesting!

Pizzeria Mozza @ MBS

The complimentary bites before dinner. They were bread sticks in the shape Arnott's pizza shapes. Just much much bigger and tastier too!

Pizzeria Mozza @ MBS

It had herbs, cheese and salt crystals. They were quite addictive!

Birra Moretti

Pizzeria Mozza @ MBS

On the drinks list, the beer listed are mostly from Brewerks.
The only beer from Italy would be this. Birra Moretti. $15.

Nancy's Chopped Salad

Pizzeria Mozza @ MBS

We read that we should try Nancy's Chopped Salad ($19), so we ordered it to share.
(Nancy Silverton is one of the co-owner of Pizzeria Mozza and an acclaimed baker)

Don't you like the colour of the salad? We loved it. The taste was unique too, it's an oregano based dressing. If you want the recipe, I realise it's published on the LA Times website here. I am going to make it one of these days at home!

Wings Diavola

Pizzeria Mozza @ MBS

We saw on the menu, Wings Diavola (Devil Wings) $18 and was tempted. It's 3 chicken wings, so it's probably very expensive chicken wings! They were very well marinated and salty. If you like food a little salty like us, you will love it.

Lasagne al forno

Pizzeria Mozza @ MBS

On the menu was a Piatto del giorno (dish of the day). The dish for domenica (Sunday) was Lasagne al forno. ($28) It's suppose to be their signature dish too!

Oh, look at the lasagne. What as different from the usual lasagne is that the pasta pieces were green! I think it's spinach pasta.  Again, a little more salty for Singapore tongues, but very incredibly tasty nonetheless.

I remember I used to eat lasagne every week because it was the weekly menu at my 'halls' in Melbourne. They were good, but it was meant to fill hungry growing students.

The version here was 'light', you can eat it and won't get 'jelak'!  Can you imagine the taste of the bolognese sauce between the pasta sheet from the photo above? *evil smirk*

Prosciutto Pizza

Pizzeria Mozza @ MBS

We ordered two pizzas to share and here's the Proscuitto di Parma, rucola, tomato and mozzarella ($29)

Look at the pizza. Very unique! Thick blistered crust on the side of the pizza, and the middle,  thin crusts. It's like having chewy sides and crispy middle. Unique, it's a bit like when we were kids and we made pizzas at home, they were not uniformed! But these are experts, and the way they make it, it taste good!

Taste wise, nice! proscuitto and rockets I think is a nice combi.

Fennel Sausage Pizza
Pizzeria Mozza @ MBS

The second pizza we had: Fennel sausage, panna, red onion and scallions ($27)

It looks 'grassy' doesn't it? But the scallions or what we in Singapore call "Spring Onions", tasted rather nice on it. If you are not a spring onions person, don't order it, it's not your type of food. For those who love the slight pungent smell of it, go for it!

When you order the pizzas, the service staff tells you that it might take up to 45 mins for the pizzas to be ready. So when you visit, quickly settle on your pizza orders first.

Why are the pizzas here so special? I read that they use a special strain of yeast from California and they import their flour from US too.

Gelato Pie

Pizzeria Mozza @ MBS

For desserts, we had the Banana Gelato Pie: Hot fudge and candied hazelnuts. $16. We were told this is one of the very popular desserts by the service staff. Banana gelato, it's quite fragrance, but also a hint of essence (or shall I say a little fake) kind of smell instead of real bananas. Not very sure what they used, but it was yummy!

I am suddenly missing the Italian gelatos I had in Rome! I was downing 2 gelatos a day for 3 days there!


Pizzeria Mozza @ MBS

Our service staff said this is one of their new desserts. Every now and then, they will add something to the menu. The server said this happens to be one of her new favourites. Dried Fig Crostata, Vanilla Panna Cotta and Saba $16

It's a fig crostata (Italian baked dessert tart). Sticky sticky fig paste on fragrant tart. See the dots in the vanilla panna cotta, nice dots from real vanilla pods! It had a nice hint of real vanilla fragrance. That dark liquid is Saba (artisan balsamic vinegar). Try it! A note though, it's too rich for 1 person to finish it. My view is that it is best to share with 3 or 4 persons.

Total bill for our meal with the usual 17% taxes ($29.56) was $196.56

Pizzeria Mozza
The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands
10 Bayfront Avenue
Singapore 018956

Tel: +65 6688 8522 (direct line to Pizzeria Mozza)

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Lyrical Lemongrass said...

Mmmmm....I can't wait to try the stuff! Tonite!! :-D

Keropok Man said...

Lyrical Lemongrass,

You will LOVE it!

Dee said...

Whoa. You're getting married? Congrats!

I find it awesome how you've managed to separate your private life from your blog life. It's good to keep your family members and close ones away from the camera online.

Life for Beginners said...

All that pizza's making me miss Naples... (And you bad boy, whatsapping me pics of your dinner while I was at the Taiwanese place - totally confused my tastebuds, you did!)

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Pizza is my favorite food and this recipe is great! Really love it.

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