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Asia's Dining Destination @ Marina Bay Sands : Part 1 - The Club Room

Last month, from 22-24 November, KopiKosongGirl and I took a few days off work and had a 3 days 2 nights staycation at Marina Bay Sands Singapore. The stay was courtesy of Marina Bay Sands. We stayed on a package called the Asia's Dining Destination Package.  Pricing starts from S$1638++ for 3 days, 2 nights and a maximum of 2 guests.

Everyday in Singapore, both of us wake up to the view of Bukit Timah, Singapore's tallest hill / natural structure. For the 2 mornings that we woke up, we woke up to this magnificent view instead. A gorgeous view of the Singapore's Marina Bay and view of Singapore's tallest buildings too!

Marina Bay Sands Singapore

We had the Bay View, and just from the windows, we would just pull our chair and sit down and admire it.

Marina Bay Sands Hotel Singapore

Far away, we noticed we could see Bukit Timah (Hill) too!

Let me tell you the story of our stay. Hope you will enjoy it.

We were checked into the Club Room at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel. There are 3 towers and we stayed in Tower 2. 

Club Room, Marina Bay Sands Hotel Singapore

Our room at Level 36 of Tower 2.
With our electronic keycards we opened the door and saw how wide it is inside!

Club Room, Marina Bay Sands Hotel Singapore

We just moved towards the light. The wife was more excited and had walk straight to see the view.
I was pushing our luggage in and taking photos with my phone and tweeting it.

Those curtains are electronically controlled. Press a button on the wall and it opens. We noted that the curtain only opens maximum to what you see. At any time, half the glass is blocked by the curtains. I understand it is to prevent too much heat coming into the room, to be greener, less electricity is used to cool down the room. The whole building's glass outside!

Club Room, Marina Bay Sands Hotel Singapore

The King size bed that we opted for. You can have 1 King, 2 Queens or 2 double beds.
This room is 62 square meter big!

Oh yes, I have a habit of finding out what mattress I sleep on for all the hotels I go to. They use Sealy mattresses that are made exclusively for them. It's the Grandeur Firm Pillowtop if you are interested.

Club Room, Marina Bay Sands Hotel Singapore

If you want two Queen sized beds, I guess they would move this aside and put the bed here and you would still have space. If you want to enjoy a big bedroom for a few days, you know where to book a room.

For those of you who use iPhones like us, there's the iPod dock beside the bed that you can use to charge your ever draining phones.

Club Room, Marina Bay Sands Hotel Singapore

There's also an executive work desk and a 42 inch flat-screen TV above the cabinet that hides the bar fridge, tea maker etc. Oh yes, a Nespresso machine is also available in the room.

Club Room, Marina Bay Sands Hotel Singapore

Oh, the bathroom is huge too. Unless you stay in GCB or premium condominiums, the bathrooms in the mass market condos or HDBs are small. There's another section for the WC and also the standing shower that at least 3 very huge man can shower comfortably in. The WC is the comfortable wide top Toto WC. You can sit down very comfortably for quite a long time.

Club Room, Marina Bay Sands Hotel Singapore

There's a nice bathtub too. We have been trained to 'save' water so much, that both of us actually did not fill the bathtub up.

Club Room, Marina Bay Sands Hotel Singapore

The toiletries are the Paiza-branded. Paiza is their in house brand. It's also the name of their high roller's club.

Club Room, Marina Bay Sands Hotel Singapore

Two huge sinks. Notice there's lights below the mirror that illuminates the vanity top. The busybody me noticed it was LED lights.

Club Room, Marina Bay Sands Hotel Singapore

For the caffeine addicts, there's the Nespresso capsules. 3 flavours but KopiKosongGirl's favourite was not there though.

Club Room, Marina Bay Sands Hotel Singapore

If you are not a Nespresso coffee person, they have Robert Timms and TWG Teas as well.

That's the review of the room. We slept rather well the two nights. We could adjust the air-conditioning to the temperature we liked and it stayed there.

The Club rooms have complimentary access to The Club on the top of hotel, beside the famous infinity pool. You get complimentary American breakfast, afternoon tea, evening cocktail and canape hour, and also all day non-alcoholic beverages here.

Kopikosonggirl is a gym rat. She visited the complimentary gym everyday we stayed there. The gym here is managed by Banyan Tree. It's called the Banyan Tree Fitness Club. It's on the 55th floor and she said it has the latest gym equipments like the ones in her gym. Very few ladies she said was in the gym, mostly hunky Caucasian men.

What we liked was the free internet access here. One of the few high end hotels that does not charge an exorbitant fee for internet access and provides it free. We had 1 notebook, 2 iPads and 2 iPhones with us. All except an iPhone could not connect into the hotel's wifi. A call to the IT Help solved it rather quickly.

We liked this room and the things this Asia's Dining Destination package has to offer.

This ultimate gastronomic discovery offers:

  • a 2-night stay in a Club Room or Orchid Suite
  • an exclusive behind-the-scenes kitchen tour through a selection of Celebrity Chef restaurants 
  • a 5-star dinner at the Celebrity Chef Restaurant of your choice  
  • daily breakfast 
  • complimentary Afternoon Tea
  • complimentary Sunset cocktails at The Club at Marina Bay Sands and more  
  • complimentary Airport Shuttle Bus on arrival

The next few posts, I will show you photos of what we ate and also visited at Marina Bay Sands, Asia's Dining Destination.

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