Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Starbucks @ Rochester Park

KopiKosongGirl, sis and I just wanted to sit down and have a drink after dinner.
I remember people talking about this new Starbucks at Rochester Park and I also got invited to an opening that I could not go.

So, we thought we would just pop by on a midweek night.
It's called Starbucks' first destination store in Singapore. It's housed in one of the 'black and white' colonial buildings and there are new items in the menu that's exclusive to the Rochester Park branch.

Starbucks Rochester Park

It's like visiting someone's house!
It's also very quiet. The entire upstairs is for seating.

Starbucks Rochester Park

Took these first 3 photos with my iPhone. (to be more discreet and not disturb others)
A little different compared to the other branch I usually go to.

Starbucks Rochester Park

We were tempted by these cakes, but we had already had dinner earlier.

Starbucks Rochester Park

My favourite drink in Starbucks.
It's long name: Tazo® Green Tea Crème Frappuccino® Blended Beverage.

Some say I should try it with Soy Milk. I tried it and still thinks the milk version taste better than the soy version.

Starbucks Rochester Park

Their new mugs. Seen them used in a few branches now. No more Starbucks wording on it.
I think these mugs look nicer.

Starbucks Rochester Park

We could not resist not ordering nothing to nibble with our 3 drinks.
We had the Chocolate Molten Cake.

Starbucks Rochester Park

Yes, the cake is the light sponge version and not the thick dense cakes.
The melting chocolate was nice.

We were there on a Wednesday night. We like it because it's not noisy, except for a few girls who was laughing away. The rest were students studying and kept quiet. We also saw something we don't usually see. Teenage boy reading a novel alone.

As of 6 Dec, there's no Wifi here. Which is sometimes good, because there wont be hoggers. :-)
One of the nicer Starbucks around.

Starbucks Rochester Park
37 Rochester Park
Singapore 138640

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Kenny Mah said...

That's quite a nice building it's housed in - now if only all Starbucks had similar locations. How fun would that be? :D

Keropok Man said...


It's quite a nice building. Next time you visit, we visit this place? ;-p

Anonymous said...

Yes! I love their Green Tea Frappe as well but i much prefer their green tea Latte. The iced version is good too! That Chocolate Lava cake sinfully rich and chocolatey. My hubby and i love their Snickers Bar though. Its albeit similar to the Peanut Butter Chocolate Crunch from Da Paolo Gastronomia. It has everything good inside and so worth the calories! Haha

Keropok Man said...

ah.. you mention peanut butter chocolate crunch and it's making me salivate!

Debbie Wong said...

Great place. Should visit. The only starbucks that took my breath away was in Vancouver, where they served Chicken Santa Fe - really delicious. :)

Anonymous said...

is this air conditioned?

Keropok Man said...



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