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Asia's Dining Destination @ Marina Bay Sands : Part 2 - The Club at the 57th Floor.

One of the privileges of staying in the Club Rooms at Marina Bay Sands Hotel is the access to The Club located on the 57th floor of Marina Bay Sands to have meals.

Yes, it's where the Skypark is located. The whole 57th floor is longer than the Eiffel tower laid down and the area of four and a half A380 jumbo jet. It's that huge! The view here is wonderful.

We had meals two times here. Once for afternoon tea and once for breakfast. For one of the breakfast, we had it on the 'ground floor' where the restaurant Rise is located. They have a better selection of food, but no 'view'. (Also good for those who are scared of heights.)

As part of the Asia's Dining Destination package you can have breakfast, afternoon tea and sunset cocktails with canapes here at The Club.

The Club, Marina Bay Sands

These are photos of the afternoon tea I had:

The Club, Marina Bay Sands

The afternoon tea selection was not too much nor too little. A reasonable variety was available. I tried to try everything, but I could not. I was quite full after tea.

The Club, Marina Bay Sands

These are what I call micro burgers. These were the Salmon Gravlax with honey dill mustard on bagel. It was my favourite among the 3. The other two 'bread' were Creamed eggs with scallion and Caesar Chicken with Parmesan cheese bread. A bit of gluttony crept in and I think I ate 5 of this!

The Club, Marina Bay Sands

The fruits were excellent. It was only 5 varieries that day, but they are the fruits that Singaporeans will know is expensive if you buy fruits. The strawberries were huge and the red raspberry and blueberries must be in season too.  I saw some people scooping up bowls after bowls.

The Club, Marina Bay Sands

Mini bites. There were 6 kinds of pastries to try. I just realised that I did not try those financiers.

The Club, Marina Bay Sands

I also ate quite a few of these. Mini maybe I should also call it micro (micro sounds as if there's less calories) dark and white chocolate coated waffle cup with different cream and a raspberry in it. Sweet inside but with a tinge of sourness from the raspberry.

The Club, Marina Bay Sands

The madeleines do look very good right?
The cupcake like thingy was probably too sweet for me. But I did like the cream cheese topping on top of it.

The Club, Marina Bay Sands

Tempting cookie jars. Makes me think of this kids game to remember names:

Who ate the cookies in the cookie jar?
Philip ate the cookie in the cookie jar.
Who me?
Yes you!
Couldn't be.
Then who?

The Club, Marina Bay Sands

Scones! Lots and different kinds too. Cranberry scones, Lemon scones, Cinnamon and Raisin Scones, Hazelnut scones. With lemon curd and creme cheese too!

The Club, Marina Bay Sands

Oh, I was impressed with their selection of jams and honeys!
On the left were "Provence Greengage Jam" and "Apple and Caramel Jam"
On the right were Forest Honey, Polyflora Honey and Orange Blossom Honey.

The Club, Marina Bay Sands

The Mojito Lemonade (left) and the Cranberry Lemonade I believe are special to them.

I really liked the view from here. A nice place to while away time while on a holiday.  I was there with HungyEpicurean, CuisineParadise and TravelerFolio.  The few of us probably spent about 3 hours there! Slowly enjoying our food and also Instagramming! Did you all follow me Instagram and saw what we ate?

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agus suhuyanli said...

Hai, i want to asking you
What is the different breakfast at skypark n club house?
Which one is better.

Thx b4. N i'll so happy if you can replay n answer my question.

Keropok Man said...

Hi Agus

Club House is only available for those who book Club Level Rooms. By the way, Club House is on the Skypark level.

If you want a bigger variety of food, Rise at the ground level has a huge selection!

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