Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Glamabox, a surprise every month for your partner!

Have you heard of Glamabox?

I have only recently heard about it and thought what an interesting idea it is! Most ladies I know love surprises. I also noticed that ladies love to receive packages! Put them together and most ladies will be so so pleased indeed.

I was asked if I would like to give a surprise to the wife. I was given the link (www.glamabox.com) to see what it is about. I took a look and thought if I subscribe to this, the wife might be pleased with me. I am one who is not good at surprises. I was also quite shocked that for beauty, women would use snail cream!

I said why not to Glamabox and got the following package sent to the house!
I should have posted this just before Valentine's Day, but the wife flew to Beijing for a romantic Valentine's Day getaway.

The wife was excited when this box arrived. (I blanked out the address)

I am wondering, are most ladies as excitable as my wife to open boxes? I let her open all my presents that people give me!

The rippppp!

Oh wow! A box inside another box!
Must be double happiness to get to open another box!

I exclaimed it was so pink! and I got a stare from the wife.
Me:  So girl I said!
Wife: Of course it is! It's meant for ladies.

A welcome note from Lisa S, the founder of Glambox. She's a TV host and the wife of Daniel Wu.
(Yes that HK actor, director, producer Daniel).

For $18 a month, 5 items - skincare or beauty products and services from luxurious and reputable brands all selected by Lisa S from around the world are packed in a box and delivered to your home.

Current beauty partners include Perfective Ceuticals, Revlon, Talika, Elishacoy, Enprani, Crabtree & Evelyn, Thann, Bioessence, Sleek Makeup, Nail Nail, Private i, YMCK Nail, DrD, Suisse Programme, Capra Latte, Marine Elements.

What's in the box for February?

Something for the teeth and lips and also the hair.

I hope this hair product works for her. I know women usually change their shampoo, was told it's no good to use the same ones all the time. 

Talking about teeth, women will endure pain to have nice teeth! Both my sister and wife both went through the torturous process of putting on braces. KopiKosongGirl, to have nice teeth for our wedding, she endured 2 years of painful braces. Things ladies will do to look good!

Face mask and oh... an energy bar too!
If KopiKosongGirl doesn't want the bar, I will gladly have it!

I wanted to laugh when I saw the little bottle of cream! It says bust lift!

It reminds me of something we saw on Beijing TV in the hotel (Raffles Hotel Beijing) that we stayed in. We were initially watching ChannelNewsAsia and it made us felt really at home, but we decided to switch to some local channel. What did we see? It was advertisement about having bigger bust and it went on and on and on! We could not believe it and we laughed and laughed.

So this is BIG business it seems.
The extra gift for February, the little charm for either the phone or bag.

For those who wants to read more about the products, you can click on the photo and it will bring you to Flickr and you can select the biggest resolution photo to read it clearer.

So that's the surprise box!


For Guys:

Hey hey guys... do you think this is a good idea to give your wife/girlfriend a surprise every month?
If you think it is, you can get a subscription for her. Here's how:

Step 1: Visit www.glamabox.com, click “Get Started Now”, and register for an account.
Step 2: Subscribe Glamabox and choose "Gift Option". Enter your billing details, recipient’s email address and gift message.
Step 3: She will receive a Glamabox gift email with a link for her to activate her account and fill in her own beauty profile. She is now ready to receive her first Glamabox the following month!


For Ladies, a Giveaway!

Ladies out there, do you want to get a Glamabox surprise too?
You can subscribe to the service too yourself or you can participate in the Glambox giveaway!
The kind folks from Glamabox are giving 2 readers each a Glamabox!

What do you have to do to get selected?
All you need to do is:
Step 1. Like the Glamabox Facebook page.
Step 2. Leave a comment here, letting everyone here know which item you think is the most useful in February's Glamabox. Use a 'nickname' if you wish to remain anonymous.
Step 3. Send an email to me at keropokman @ gmail.com with your contact number and 'nickname'.

A random number generator will pick the winner on 10 March. If you are the 2 lucky ones, I will pass your details to Glamabox who will deliver a Glamabox to you.

The winners are  Candy and Whatevergirl!
I have passed your details to Glamabox PR, they will contact you shortly.

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[[candy`]] said...

Wow, I like the concept of Glamabox, surprises every month! Haha.

Anyway I think Talika is the most useful product for me, I want to have healthier looking teeth&lips(for a brighter smile) and this seems to be a good product for that!:)

dreamingsoul said...

you're such a sweet husband! glamabox does seem really interesting.

anyway i would think the 'Phyto Phytodefrisant Botanical Hair Relaxing Balm' for frizzy hair would be of most use to me because i have really bad frizzy hair (a lion's mane!) and would definitely have some use for it :)

Adele said...

I think the Talika Smile&Kiss for teeth and lips would be useful for majority of the girls/women especially after having meals to look great with moisturized lip, brightened teeth and fresh breath.

Camemberu said...

Hey I've been hearing lots about these beauty surprise boxes. This looks quite a good deal for $18.

Most useful item for me - the pink box! lol
Well, kidding, maybe the Phyto anti-frizz balm.

The teeth and lips treatment thing is almost bizarre - one product that works for both?

whatevergirl said...

I love all the items but I would choose the Phyto botanical hair relaxing balm to be of most useful for me since I have really bad hair!

Eileen. 静 said...

I have gotten such boxes from similar companies. Quite useful i must say .. let us try out sample sizes before buying the real thing..

What would be useful to me would be the Phyto hair balm. Hair is pretty dry! :P

[[candy`]] said...

Thank you so much ^^

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