Friday, February 24, 2012

Obolo Galeria @ Rochester Mall

For those of us living on the western side of Singapore, this might be a piece of good news. Obolo has opened a branch at Rochester Mall. They have named this branch Obolo Galeria and fans of their macarons don't need to travel all the way to 112 Katong or Serangoon Gardens now.

Rochester Mall is just next to Buona Vista MRT and opposite Biopolis. A 10 minute short walk from the MRT station.

Obolo @ Rochester Mall
They opened on 9 Feb and they their hours are till midnight. On Friday and Saturday nights, they are opened till 1 AM.

Obolo @ Rochester Mall
Their delectable macarons inside the refrigerated display.

Obolo @ Rochester Mall
If you must try, try the Champagne Macarons.
As I am a fan of chocolate, the chocolate ones are quite good too.

Their macarons are not too sweet, so even if you are not a sweet tooth person, try it.

Obolo @ Rochester Mall
Quite tempting don't you think?

Obolo @ Rochester Mall
If your friends or colleagues are desserts people, but you are not, don't worry.
They do serve hot food. I tried the wild mushroom soup which I think was very heart warming.

Their small pizzas like the one above is quite nice when it's warm.
(That means don't waste too much time taking photos! haha)

Obolo @ Rochester Mall
The shop is not very big here, the space might be a little cramp inside, but they have alfresco dining option.

I like their cookies in little red boxes. Head over to their online shop at: if you want to see those cookies and other cakes.

Obolo Galeria
35 Rochester Drive
#01-08 The Rochester Mall
Singapore 138639

Tel: +65  6570 0102

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sgfoodonfoot said...

I like the macarons. Would love to check out Rochester Mall soon.

Keropok Man said...

Yeah, the macarons are nice ya...
Rochester Mall has not fully opened, only a few shops ;-)

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