Monday, February 06, 2012

Sushi Tei Yu Sheng @ Holland Village

The wife, also known as KopiKosongGirl says that she has her own tradition. She will do this without fail with her best friend she said. Visit Sushi Tei for Sushi Tei's Yu Sheng. She likes it because of the fresh and thick slices of sashimi on top of it.

I have been inducted into the ritual this year. I joined her with her friend.

Sushi Tei Yu Sheng

We had the Create Your Own, which had the "base" at $24.80, plus the sashimi you want at different prices. You can see the options at their facebook page. We had the combination of Salmon, Mekajiki and Hamachi which is an addition of $20.

We find it quite enjoyable and great tasting. The usual seaweed and various toppings that you see on their colourful plates on the conveyer belt is on this plate just without the rice. The dressing that's on their sashimi salad is also poured over this dish instead of oil. We find their combi of dressing and the sweet sauce suits our taste.

Sushi Tei Yu Sheng

Oh, the 'gold' is the salty tidbits we used to eat when we were younger!
It was only 3 of us, and we realise we need more manpower to mix the things up!

We also had a hot pot (that's seems to be getting smaller everytime we go) after our Yu Sheng. We were eating the Yu Sheng slowly while chatting and the service staff was walking serving others and also noticing us. It was only when we finished our Yu Sheng did they bring out the hot pot. 

This was something I did that some of you might want to try. Add some wasabi into your Yu Sheng, it gives you a fiery twist! I like!

Oh yes, it's the last day today (6 Feb) for this Yu Sheng to be served, if you missed it, wait till next year.

Sushi Tei @ Holland Village
3 Lorong Liput
Holland V Shopping Mall
Singapore 277725

Tel: 6463 2310

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NEL, the batter baker said...

Hey Mr Keropok!
I've an award for you. Head over to my blog to pick it up?

Chocolate Reindeer said...

aiyah very tempting, but i missed it. next year!

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