Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Din Tai Fung @ Baits, Resorts World Sentosa

KopiKosongGirl and I have many things in common and yet we have equally different way of doing things. She is a planner. Every activity for the week or maybe till next month has been planned. I am more of an impromptu person. Sometimes, I think I drive her nuts.

After so many months, I guess she might have gotten used to me and does things out of the ordinary. Just the other Saturday, we woke up and then decided to just go into Sentosa. We boarded the monorail in and decided to stop at Resorts World Sentosa.

Our annual pass for Universal Studio expired and we did not renew it, so this time we did not go in. We walked around and decided we would have breakfast to eat. We found Toastbox and had a set breakfast. Feeling satisfied, we walked around some more and at 11am, we happened to walked past Din Tai Fung.

Images of Xiao Long Bao floated and we saw it was empty. It's rare that Din Tai Fung has no queue so we went in! We noted, 5 minutes after 11am is a good time to have lunch here. No queue, no crowd, it's like having the whole place to ourselves! It's so peaceful!

Din Tai Fung @ Baits
Taiwan Shrimp and Pork Oriental Wantons with Spicy Sauce.

We saw that it was a new item and we thought we would order it. Shrimp and pork combi had a nice bite, slightly 'qq' and there were quite a few of it too. Probably 8-10 of it. The Spicy Sauce is more like the chilli oil but it was sweeter.

Din Tai Fung @ Baits
Crunchy Mini Cucumber in Spicy Sauce

You all must be thinking we are mad having all Spicy. Though both were spicy, this cucumber dish's spicy sauce has more vinegar in it. KopiKosongGirl prefers this version of spicy sauce. I prefer the other sweeter version of it.

Din Tai Fung @ Baits
Xiao Long Baos

The normal XiaoLongBaos. So many places are serving these and we still like them because their skin here is thin and very soupy.

We left before the crowds came. We took the monorail out and went home.

Din Tai Fung @ Baits
Resorts World Sentosa
26 Sentosa Gateway
Singapore 098138

Tel: +65 6686 3565

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Sherie said...

Opposite attracts! You won't want someone who's too alike.. No fun! ;)

Ben and I are as different as cheese and chalk. People always wonder how we can stand each other. Haha! (the secret is he gives in to me. :))

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