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HungryBBQ.com - one stop service website for all things BBQ in Singapore

The long weekend is coming and thought this post would be useful to those who plan to have a gathering of family and friends over some good BBQ.

This was a BBQ Party that I went quite some time ago! The folks from HungryBBQ (Zac and wife Carol) invited a few of us over to try out their kind of BBQ. I think it's how modern day BBQ should be, which was quite a memorable indeed!

Why? It was probably one of the tastiest BBQ I had in quite a while.

Most of us have been attending BBQ that are mediocre. That's because our friends or we ourselves are not doing it daily. So our meats are not properly marinated. Our marinate is either too sweet or too salty. Or the marinates makes the meat get charred too easily.

Some of you are very good in 'controlling the fire', but most of us just 'can't make it'. I only know of 1 friend who does it very well, if he's bbq-ing the food, most of us would turn up!

If you host a BBQ, it can be super tiring too. I remember helping mum prepare and we would be dead tired when everyone's gone home. There should be a simpler way right?

Hungry BBQ
The HungryBBQ.com website has everything you need to plan a successful and delicious party. Pick the ingredients you want, everything you need to have a successful BBQ, you can order it on that website. You can even hire a BBQ Cook! Yes, someone who knows exactly how to BBQ food properly!

Of all the service, I think their BBQ Cook service ($90 for 3 hours, additional hours at $15/hour) is a most important service to engage!With them around, leave them to do the cooking and you entertain your guests and/or eat and drink with them.

Hungry BBQ
If you live near Jalan Tua Kong, you can pick up your orders during their physical shop opening hours. If not, click on their website anytime of the day to order, and you orders will be delivered in these boxes.

Hungry BBQ
The reason why the BBQ party was memorable because of the BBQ Cook service! That night we had Zac, the HungryBBQ guy himself cooking for us. (We were told the rest of the guys who BBQ the food are equally good!)

No need to labour over the hot fire for food. We just sat down on the table and slowly savour the BBQ food right off the barbie.

Guess what? Told you they provide anything BBQ right? You can even buy or rent the BBQ Grills from their website. You can buy disposable BBQ pits at $8 or buy something like the ones above for $650.  You can also rent BBQ grills from $60-$90. Check out their website for details.

Hungry BBQ
These were the cheese portobellos. $12 / 5 pcs.
Are you a mushroom fan?

Hungry BBQ
Look at these chicken wings. The wings were so nicely done, a slight char to give it a nice BBQ smell and the meat inside were tender and juicy.

When we asked about the marinate, they said it's a trade secret. One thing for sure, it tasted very good.
They are halal certified, so the marinates have no wine/alcohol in them.

Hungry BBQ
These were the Herb Butter Baby Asparagus.
Probably the only veggies we had that night! We were carnivores that night.

Hungry BBQ
BBQ Meats... This was I think the NZ Airflown Ribeye Steak.
Still tender and slightly pink inside, you would not do that if your meats are not fresh right?

The BBQ Cook will prepare it the way you want it.

Hungry BBQ
The Southern BBQ Sirloin Steak.  Don't you feel like biting into it now?
It's been sometime and I can't recall the taste of their Southern BBQ Marinade. Maybe I should order some.

Let's talk a bit about Zac. Remember Curry Favor Japanese Kitchen @ Stamford House? Zac was the managing director/executive chef there for 7 years. It was one place that served very good Japanese curry until it was closed in 2010 because the landlord took back the building for redevelopment.

Maybe one of these days, Curry Favor might be back or maybe BBQ with Japanese Curry?

Hungry BBQ
The market fresh large prawns they have. They also have small and medium prawns too.

They have a nice range of seafood too.

Hungry BBQ
The sambal sotong in foil.
Looks good ya?

Hungry BBQ
The Herb Pepper Salmon Steak was really really nice. It was just so soft and melt in your mouth inside. The seasoning was just nice for this slab of salmon. We remembered this dish because it was so delicious.

Hungry BBQ
One of the things that you should order is their raw satay, ready to be BBQ-ed.
Take a look at their website to see the choices of meats and you can choose the cooked or raw ones.

Hungry BBQ
Someone put his hand out just I was taking this photo. I think it was Leroy's hand! He wanted to show how big the satays were. Can you imagine how big it is? It's just so satisfying eating satay in a big stick and even better when it's right off the heat and the marinates for the meat was nice.

Depends on the quantity and types of meat, each satay is around 60-75 cents, they are kinda worth it right?

Hungry BBQ
More meats! They were feeding us so many types of meat they sell on their website.
Here's the Herb Black Pepper Chicken Fillet.

Hungry BBQ
One of the memorable meats were these. Kalbi, korean style beef short ribs.
Oh, these were so so delicious. I notice they are not on the website anymore. You could call or email them and see if they still have it. Maybe special orders from them. They are really flexible. Just give them enough time to prepare it.

Hungry BBQ
I can't get enough of this! I like it because korean style short ribs are so tender and yet near the bones, they are a little chewy/tough. I love to clean up the meat near the bones and have a nice clean tera drop like clean bone on my plate.

Speaking of plates, if you order from them, they are able to supply bio-degradable cornware.
They also have cooked food too.

Hungry BBQ
For desserts that night, we tasted a ice cream from a new ice cream place that has set up shop at Serangoon Ave 2. It's called Ice Scream Singapore!

Their ice cream is made from fresh ingredients. Their rules for making ice cream are No essence, No artificial flavouring and No preservatives.

57 Jalan Tua Kong
Singapore 457253

Tel: 62432243
Website HungryBBQ.com hours: Opens 24/7
Outlet hours: 10am - 6pm daily

Ice Scream Singapore
301 Serangoon Ave 2
Singapore 550310
Ice Scream Singapore

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