Monday, April 02, 2012

Kaya Swissroll from Rich & Good Cake Shop @ Kandahar Street

This is one super old school kind of cake shop in Singapore.

A few friends and I were around the area one weekend for tea at Maison Ikkoku. Then suddenly at around 4:45pm, the wife and sis said, we need to go buy the cakes now! Oh, it seems the cake shop closes at 5 pm, and they wanted the cake to be kept cold and so waited until the last minute before the shop closes to buy it.

Rich & Good Cake Shop @ Kandahar Street
I was more attracted to the motifs on the door and windows!
I hate the colour of the building though.

Why aren't new buildings having this kind of designs on their doors and windows?
Don't they look so nice?

The design reminds me of my scouts badge. Yes, it's not really and there's a similarity. I can use that design for 'draw something' and fellow scouts might have guessed it! LOL

Rich & Good Cake Shop @ Kandahar Street

The disadvantage of waiting till nearly 5pm to keep you cake cold is that most flavours run out!

KopiKosongGirl and sis bought 2 rolls of it, both Kaya flavour swissrolls. One for our in-laws and one for our aunt, both that will fully appreciate this kind of old school swiss rolls.

Kaya Swissroll from Rich & Good Cake Shop @ Kandahar Street

The most unattractive box, but hey, it matches the colour of the wall of their shop!
A part of the box is perforated so that you can tear out and keep the address and contact details, now that's clever.

Kaya Swissroll from Rich & Good Cake Shop @ Kandahar Street

You can watch online how it's made, someone has put up a youtube about it and it's quite interesting to watch.

Kaya Swissroll from Rich & Good Cake Shop @ Kandahar Street

It's a long skinny swiss roll. About 30 cm in length and 5 cm in diameter.
This roll costs $7

Kaya Swissroll from Rich & Good Cake Shop @ Kandahar Street

Noticed that there's no wastage. They did not cut off the corners to make it look nicer.
Well, these parts can be eaten too. Old style thinking of don't waste food perhaps?
(I actually like ends of cakes hehe!)

Kaya Swissroll from Rich & Good Cake Shop @ Kandahar Street

We ate it the next day straight from the fridge after our dinner.

Cold cream with kaya between soft (but not too fluffy in my opinion, a bit dense, but its fine and soft though) cake layers makes it quite an enjoyable treat. It's small so 1 piece of it is definitely not enough. It's also not too sweet, which is what most locals prefer nowadays.

Fancy some old school cakes? Grab some only if you are in the area.
Only make your way here on purpose if you have some parents or relatives to impress and you know they will enjoy it better. ;-)

Rich & Good Cake Shop
24 Kandahar St
Singapore 198887

Tel: +65 6294 3324
Hours:  Mon to Sat: 9am – 5pm, closed on Sun, PH

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FoodieFC said...

I like their kaya swiss roll too! Best swiss roll!!

Removals London said...

Oh, this fresh spring colour and the sweet taste of this roll, oh how I wish I could have some of it right now!

Miss Sunshine said...

I love reading your posts!!:)
Keep writing:)

jasmine said...

I was here last weekend, tried 2 flavours mango, kaya. Still prefer the kaya one. Nice and smooth to the bite.

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