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Crab in da Bag @ Big Splash

If you are a seafood fan, have you heard or been to 'Crab in da Bag' at Big Splash?
It's a Southern Louisiana style seafood restaurant but with a local twist that has just opened at East Coast Park. 

The concept here is quite interesting. You eat from the table! The food is served in plastic bags!
From that you could have guessed that you will be using your hands/fingers to eat!

Ordering is simple too.
Choose your seafood, choose add-ons, choose your seasoning, choose your spice level and that's it.

Crab in da Bag @ Big Splash

The star dish of most tables here is the Caboodle Boil. More of that later in the post.
It's so memorable that I have to put that photo right on top!

This place opened its door in early September and it has been very popular. You are advised to make reservations especially if you are coming on weekends.

The owners love the atmosphere of seafood restaurants in California where diners eat off the table in big groups. They also rip and tear plastic bundles and so they want to bring this experience to Singapore. The tables are lined with white waxed paper, so the food doesn't seep through.

Crab in da Bag @ Big Splash

The seafood that you ordered will be cooked and then placed in food safe plastic bags then mixed with the special sauces. The sauces might be familiar with locals as it's of Asian flavours.

The serving staff will bring the 'bag' to your table and help you open it.

Crab in da Bag @ Big Splash

This was a bag of prawns in Caboodle Mix ($20). A signature sauce made with a combination of local and cajun spices, lots of garlic and butter! It's a very addictive sauce. I love the amount of garlic that they put inside. 

Crab in da Bag @ Big Splash

More prawns! Prawns lovers would not run out of the different kind of flavours you can have your prawns cooked.

The main sauces that you can choose with your seafood here are:
- Ultimate Curry: it's a kind of Northern Malaysian Curry. (Think sambal stingray and not curry chicken)
- Caboodle Mix: combination of local and Cajun spices, garlic and butter.
- Mum's Special: Sauteed onion rings and garlic in savoury, sweet and sour brown sauce.

Crab in da Bag @ Big Splash

The bag of clams ($13) in Ultimate Curry was delicious, order some rice to mop up the sauces. Since there's no cutlery, I used the clam shells to scoop up my rice. LOL

Crab in da Bag @ Big Splash

The sides of Crinkled Cauliflower ($8) was also very delicious. It's not the usual white caulis that we are familiar with, it's darkish. Try it, you might get addicted to it too! The crispy baby squids are also quite tasty.

Now to show you the Caboodle Boil ($299).

It's good for 6 guys/gals. It has 6 Mini Lobsters, 2 Sri Lankan Crabs, 500gm of King Crab Legs, 500gm Yabbies, 500gm Prawns, 500gm Clams, Sausages, Corn and Potatoes boiled in a blend of herbs and local spices.

I managed to take a short video of it. You can see how big the pot is. Yes, everyone gets excited when it's served on the table.

Crab in da Bag @ Big Splash

The seafood are already very delicious on its own. Try it on its own or dip it in some dipping sauces that is provided. (The dipping sauces are: Exotic Soy Dip, Green Bird Dip, Zesty Mayo Dip).

Crab in da Bag @ Big Splash

Another view of the spread! Take your time to eat!
Probably a meal that no one will be fiddling with their mobile phones and every will have saucy fingers!

Crab in da Bag @ Big Splash

The mini lobsters... 
Squeeze more lemons on it if you want. I did on my seafood.

Crab in da Bag @ Big Splash

I think it's trying to tell me, eat me, don't let me die in vain!

Crab in da Bag @ Big Splash

It's interesting to find sausages in the mix. I love sausages so am quite happy to find it inside thought it might be weird. It's gonna be messy, so they give all diners a big plastic bib, like how my fellow dining companion is wearing above.

Crab in da Bag @ Big Splash

Some super old style desserts that I was told many familiars prepared. Not in my family. We have our different kinds of homestyle desserts.

A very interesting concept, something new in Singapore and suitable for families or big groups. Add this to your big group gathering places. Going in bigger groups enables you to order more things too and also more people to split the bill. LOL

A very special thanks to Amanda who invited us over for dinner here.

Crab in da Bag
902 East Coast Parkway
Big Splash Block D
Singapore 449874

Tel: 6440 0083 (Call to make reservations and/or advanced bookings for The Caboodle Boil)

Tues – Fri 4PM – 12AM (Last order: 11.30PM)
PHs, Sat, Sun 12PM – 12AM (Last order: 11.30PM)

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Ah ren said...

It looks like only boiled seafood. If you say good for 6. That will be around $40 each. Will it make more sense to go to a buffet joint like buffet town? Can collect all seafood and many other food and huat together many times over lol

Keropok Man said...

Hi Ah Ren

If you are a big eater, it might be good for 5. So it will be more per person. ;-)

Buffet Town would be cheaper and you get a satisfaction too. I haven't been there for a while.

I think of Todai at MBS too. They also have similar stuff to Buffet Town, but their price is higher as they have Alaskan Crabs.

Do some research on what different restaurants have and see which fits the pockets. Everyone has different budgets. Some likes to try new things, others prefer familiar ones.

Enjoy your meal! ;-)

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