Saturday, April 11, 2009

Manpuku @ Tampines 1

Here's more of the stuff that we ate yesterday at Manpuku. Here's a mix of what we got from all the different stalls. I am not sure which stall it is, so just visit this place yourself and walk around ;-)

We were very hungry, so the sushi stuff was the quickest. Pick up, show them your card, bring back to table and eat. The Inari that sis almost always order. $2.

Inari Sushi

The Unagi Sushi Set of 5. $7.80 This is quite nice.

Unagi Sushi

Aunt was also with us and she picked some things from the grill shop.

Sesson Japanese Grill

The pork and asparagus roll was quite nice. $1.60
The other stuff behind the scallops $1.80 and chicken yakitori $1.20.

Aunt told us something quite funny. The Japanese chef was trying to teach this new boy who is helping him. He was asking him to keep repeating the name of the order in Japanese, but the boy just could not say it out. He said to my aunt "wo jiang bu chu" his tongue simply can't twist to speak Japanese. The chef (like the ones on TV), refuse to take the order from the boy until he says it correctly and in Japanese. LOL..

But aunt noticed the Japanese chef is super particular when grilling her order. Unlike the ones we usually see, where the people working are just human versions of machines, this chef was so careful and so dedicated in what he's doing. See it's so nicely done without burnt marks!

Pork Asparagus Roll, etc..

When you enter this place, the first thing you see are the cakes that looks as if they are plastic replicas. No they are not plastic but the real thing! This person was carefully cutting sis' order.

Carefully cutting the Orange and Grapefruit Tart

The beautiful looking orange and grapefruit tart. $6.80

Orange and Grapefruit Tart

I was thirsty and I ended up drinking this because I was attracted by the bottle. Pineapple Squash. $3.80

It you can read the Japanese words (this one looks chinese), it says no fruit juice. Yes, the whole thing taste so chemical. It's one of the fancy chemical tasting pineapple juice. But I think it's nice. (am i mad??? haha...)

Pokka Pineapple Squash

Manpuku - Gourmet Japanese Town
Tampines 1
10 Tampines Central 1
Singapore 529539

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Sugar Bean said...

Wow, I realised you posted quite a lot of Jap food recently, u love Jap food? I'm a Jap food lover. ^^ The grapefruit tart looks good, wonder how it tastes like.

backStreetGluttons said...

When this African Japanese puku gonna come to Malaysia ah ? Looks so cool and neat

The Hungry Cow said...

Yea! The tarts at Manpuku rocks!! :D

Sevani Rajasekar said...

I love the orange and grapefruit tart. It looks like it must taste amazing. You write about a lot of non-vegetarian food. Maybe you can tell me of some good vegetarian dishes. I like trying cuisines from the world so I'm open to trying anything.

Unknown said...

Sugar Bean,
I love all kinds of food. But it seems these few weeks, Jap has been the preferred choice. ;-)

Grapefruit's sourness matches very well with the sweetness of the orange. Overall, with the crust, it's yummy!

How you get African into the picture? LOL...

Hungry Cow,
You have been there eating all the tarts away eh? They look so delicious right?

Vegetarian, hmm.. But there's this Chinese vegetarian stall at Holland Drive Food Centre that's really popular and very cheap. There's also Lingzi that's nice.

Anonymous said...

Yes!! the Tarts are GOOD!!

Tried the Mango Tart...

Unknown said...

This place is so far from where I stay. But I feel that one of these days I should go back and try more tarts. haha...

Joyce said...

tarts!!! rocks!! the fruit ones win anytime!! mango! kiwi!! lol i'm crazy, but they are good.

Anonymous said...

Hey! I realised you said the tarts on display are real.. But when I went there this tuesday, the person said it was actually display, not the actual tarts.

In any case, the food was good! I'm definitely going back there again!.

Unknown said...

appleseed, i think all of us can sense that..

oh really. hmmmm. i should go back and take a look again!

Joyce said...

the ones near the chefs are fake ones, the rest on display are the real ones. :) there's always one mango on display at the extreme right near the chef, thats the fake one.. i suppose that column of tarts are fake. the rest are real~

et Shuben™ said...

Sorry ya as I took one of the photo for my blog without your permission :p

I've been to this restaurant, seem like a 5 star canteen to me!

Thanks for sharing.

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