Thursday, February 28, 2008

Boon Lay Raja Seafood @ Jurong East

Hmmm you must be thinking I am so contradicting. Yesterday, I just grumbled about 6.6% inflation and today, we are at Boon Lay Raja having a nice meal. Haha... Well, a colleague "die die" want to eat here, and he proclaimed he is treating, the other 6 of us could not disappoint him right?

There was a deja-vu feeling today. We ordered a set meal for 7, when the food was served, it was like we had it before! If you click on the label and view the pictures, it might be the same!

The homemade tofu and mushroom dish that was oooo, so yummy.

The prawn rolls that is crispy outside and moist with succulent prawns inside.

Yes, the set meal came with siu mai. :-)

We also had an order of Char Siu Pau, because one colleague who calls herself a 'preggie' had the urge to eat it. :-) (maybe our future lunch, we might be eating the food that she has the urge to eat! that solves our headache of thinking what to eat every day!)

The deep fried fish. So nicely deep fried, crispy outside, yet the inside's not very dry.

When we ate this fish, we all remembered our CNY lunch at our workplace that was horrible. Everyone just grumbled on.... We all thought that we should come here for next year's CNY lunch instead!

Celery with scallops.

Talking about the CNY lunch, we thought, we sort of heard that the per-head was $40 and we had such horrible food, we think this lunch is much better and worth it.

Marmite Pork. We were suppose to have Roast Chicken in the menu, but we were told, it wont be ready till 12.30 and we did not want to wait like 45 mins for it. So they said we could choose any pork dishes, so we chose the Marmite Pork.


More about the CNY lunch, we sort of heard that if they chose the restaurant that we ate the CNY lunch so that we could save on transporting everyone here. But another colleague said, if they paid a cab for 4 persons to come here, it could still be cheaper to come here.

And.... since we were at a place that serves Dim Sum, how could we not order our favourite food - Phoenix Claws!

We said "wu3 long2" and the person who took of us proclaimed so loud, FIVE?! haha...

Hmmm sorry for having you read the grouse that we have about our CNY lunch in between the photos.

Tomorrow's Friday! Hope you get to finish off all your week's work and have an enjoyable weekend!

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EJ. said...

The homemade tofu and mushroom dish certainly looks creative and unique.The fish looks great too.

tigerfish said...

I made this kind of tofu before. A lot of work!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I'm fantasizing about that celery with scallops

now.... *drools*

Dom said...

looks totally Yummy! You are so lucky.
I will like to know from you on where exactly it is please? and how much did the whole meal cost, if you dun me asking?

chienru said...

ohh.. the tofu looks creative and appetizing! ya, i would like to know how much the food cost individually too. from your previous post on Boon Lay Raja dated on dec last year, you mentioned no service charge was added to the bill, does it still apply it now?

its so hard to find a good and nice chinese restaurants or zichar in the west; i could find many in other food blogs on zichar at the east. next week will be my parents' anniversary, would love to bring them to a nice chinese restaurant or zichar. i think this will be a good hit. do you have any other suggestions? ( :

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