Friday, August 31, 2007

Wasabi Tei @ Far East Plaza

Hmm today's post has no food pictures. Why? Because where we went for lunch today, no one dares to take photos!

One colleague is treating us lunch and off we went. He die die want to eat here. Why?
Because we like to be served generous and fresh servings of food by a chef with an attitude!

Really, the couple at the shop got this 'attitude' one, he will serve food by putting plates not gently but very hard on the table. You can't book the place, only a full party is allowed to enter. You just got to go there. Colleagues loves the sashimi here.

We wanted to say Nazi, but not really nazi lah, we call him the chef with an attitude. haha..

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Chubbypanda said...

You should take pictures and tell him his food is so wonderful, you want to remember it forever. =)

pinkhippo said...

I totally agree, he is a chef with attitude. I was taken aback when I was there the first time.

But what to do ... his food was yummy! :)

Ming_the_Merciless said...


No sashimi for you. NEXT!

eastcoastlife said...

Wah! He's so scary. Yet you all still want to eat. hehe....

Anonymous said...

i ate the sashimi set this afternoon.. super value for money.. yummmmmmy very fresh n thickly sliced!

Anonymous said...

darn attitude, i went with the first time while looking @ the menu slowly, the cook already stare @ me and scold me why am i SO SLOW!!! it's really*** attitude, PLEASE DUN CALL HIM CHEF!!!, We left the place after just ordering the food, i really cannot tahan this *****. BECAUSE WE ARE PAYING CUSTOMERS!(HE SHOUTED @ ME WHEN WE LEFT) a real japanese restaurant will always have a great respect towards his customers. I always respect the food industry people because it's really not easy but this guy is really really SOMETHING. do me a favour please dun waste time and go to this restaurant, in this world they are better places than this HELL!! IT'S TIME THAT THIS KIND OF PPL DESERVE THIS KIND OF ****.

Keropok Man said...


know what he is called food nazi? haha..

Eugene said...

I was his regular for god know how many years. But stopped going the past 2 years as I was stationed overseas. Went back few weeks ago and the price had increased. The food is still yummy and the sashimi was generously cut to very thick slices and looks absolutely fabulicious.

We named him the NRNS - No Rice No Soup as few years back, a friend wanted just the ala carte chicken and not the set meal. The chef actually baked at him with this, "No rice no soup ah!" and "snatches" that menu away.

It was so hilarious that from that day onwards, NRNS became the unofficial name for this restaurant.

And for those who cannot tahan this type of service (or the lack of it) I suggest you go somewhere. Its a frillless yet rather charming Jap rest. Only one in Singapore and can't find it anywhere else that makes it so quaint and a favourite of mine. Ne?

Keropok Man said...

Oops, just realised, I meant,
Know 'why' he is called a food nazi? ;-)

Price has increased everywhere in Singapore.

I can imagine the guy shouting "no rice no soup". I can imagine him and the lady in the shop piercing their eyes at your friend.

It's quite entertaining right? As long as he is not barking at you. LOL

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