Friday, January 14, 2011

ToTT Bistro @ ToTT Store

My sis and I went to ToTT (one of the newest kitchen hardware store in town) to spend 'a few more dollars' so that we qualify for the member's card. Sigh. Consumers like us are always so gullible right?

Halfway though, we felt a little hungry and thought we will try out the food at the Bistro.
We thought that it looked a bit Ikea-ish!

* French Onion Soup *

French Onion Soup

We had the soup of the day which was the French Onion soup. $2.50
It comes with a slice of toast which was coated with cheese. The soup's clear.

French Onion Soup

Not the nicest French Onion soup, but we did finish every ring of onion and every drop of soup.
I love onions A LOT, so this might be a bit bias. ;-)

* Oven baked Lemongrass Chicken Leg *

Oven-baked Lemongrass Chicken Leg

The lemongrass chicken leg ($7.90) was quite tasty. The coleslaw was not light and crunchy.
But the mash could do with more milk or butter.

* Fish and Chips *

Fish and Chips

The fish and chips was a small portion. ($4.90) We found consistency in this dish.

When sis took a bite of it, she did not like it. The piece she took had very hard batter. It tasted like it has been refried or reheated. I used my knife to cut the other piece and found it really crispy and light. One piece was really nice, and the other piece CMI.

The chips was also inconsistent. The more dark ones were nice, but around half of it needed a few more minutes of frying. It was a bit raw. We guess it's probably a one off slip. They are after all teaching people how to cook next door!

ToTT Bistro
896 Dunearn Road
Singapore 589472

Bistro Hours: 10 AM - 9 PM daily.

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