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Adventure on the Legend of the Seas - Part V: Night Entertainment on Board

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*** Night Entertainment on Board *** 

If you are wondering if there's anything to do at night on board the cruise, oh yes, there is!
Here are some of the things you can do while on the cruise. A compilation of the places I roamed on board the Legend of the Seas during the night.

* Theatre Show *

Night Entertainment

Every night after dinner, there's a musical theatre show that you can enjoy. The performers above were from the Royal Caribbean Dancer and Singers troupe. These people were superb!

There was a magic show too.  We were quite entertained by David Dimuzio that could sing in Chinese. Knowing that majority of the crowd were from China and Singapore, David sang "Yue Liang Dai Biao Wo De Xin" 月亮代表我的心. The Singapore and China crowd of course clapped enthusiastically for him. You can watch a version of him singing his 'ang moh' chinese on Youtube here.

Night Entertainment

Every night, there's a different production. Their repertoire's good too!
The photo above is taken on the second night.

Yes, if you notice, it's a live band playing the music. For a while, I thought I was in the "Singapore Durian Theatres".

Night Entertainment

Most folks come here after their formal dining. As there are two formal dining sessions, the shows here repeat few hours later for the second set of diners.

They were doing the soundtracks from the shows of yesteryears. It's always nice to listen to live music and you can see some of the audience stand up and start dancing and clapping along.

* For the above 18s, disco *

Night Entertainment

If you are above 18, right on most top floor of the cruise, there's the Viking Crown Lounge. During the night, there's the Salsa Hour, Karaoke, Late Night Music with DJ Storm.

People raising their hands and shaking their bon bons around. They were mostly women gone wild after looking at skin of the man the bartop.

Night Entertainment

These three photos are of the 2nd night, where there's a special performance by "The Macho, Macho Man". Man with great body, nice abs with no top on dance and gyrate along with the disco music. These guys were doing the "YMCA" on the bar top.

Night Entertainment

You see the lady on the left bottom of the photo above? An old lady with a hunchback can't resist not coming here! Oh, some of these ladies.... I shall say no more. Ask Darren by roommate, he was dancing with them.

* Class Reunion *

Night Entertainment - Dancing

You can just stand and watch people sing and dance if you want. This was the Farewell Night.
On other nights, they play dance music here and you can dance your night away.

I watch it for a while and it looked like a game show!

* Exercise *

Night Entertainment - For some, exercise!

I told you there are exercise freaks on board right? People who ate healthy and exercise all the time.

It's past 8 pm and there are still people on the elliptical bike in the Fitness Centre. I wonder how long they were going to exercise for!

* Movies *

Night Entertainment - Movies

There were movies shown every night too. You can catch up on movies that you have missed here. It's free of charge too. We wanted to catch Salt, but was too busy with other things arranged by the Omy and Royal Caribbean folks for us.

Hmm. I wonder if popcorn was provided with the show!

* Library * 

Legend of the Seas Library

There's actually a library on board. It is quite well equip too!

Legend of the Seas Library

We spotted a guy reading in the library late at night. I wonder how long he has been there reading! There you go, night entertainment for bookworms on board.

Calvin and Estelle were posing as bookworms reading while I took photos of them. (You can see it in their post) I think we were a bit noisy, but this guy did not seem bothered and continue reading.

* Karaoke *

Karaoke Room

For those who love Karaoke, there's a karaoke room too! You can order your drinks and sing your night away here!

* Video Games * 

Video Games

There's a small video games room too. We did not see anyone after midnight here. Probably the kids were all in bed now. There were quite a few people playing them in the day time though.

* Optix * 

Optix for Teenagers

Aha, my partner in crime roaming around the ship late at night. Calvin and I were 'chased out' from the Optix! It's a teenager hang out place and the a member of staff came to us when we were playing Foosball.

She politely said, this place is reserved for teenagers and gave us a big wide smile. We got the hint. Oh man, do we look that old?!?! The uncle at the hawker or food centre still call me 'ah boy' you know!

* Eating *

Night Entertainment - Eating

For some people, their favourite night activity was just eating! This photo was taken at 12:01 midnight. There's still food being served and yes, there were people eating away! You can snack here till 2 am!

Night Entertainment - Eating

I asked for a slice of pizza to eat so that I can photograph it. :-)

Other than the above, there are many other night entertainment too.
- There were many people visiting the shops on board. It's duty free!
- Some who might have exclusion orders from the two IRs in Singapore, might be spending their time in the 'you know where' on the cruise too.

There you go, some of the night entertainment for those who only become alive after the sun sets!

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Ms Khong said...


Well Done.

Ms Khong

Keropok Man said...

Thank you Ms Khong!

emy@thehandiworks said...

Can I ask this silly question?

Would anyone get seasick when the sea gets rough? I know I get carsick and so I've always been holding back on a cruise trip!

Keropok Man said...


When you feel seasick, you can get motion sickness pill. They are freely available on the cruise.

Most of the time, the route we take, the Straits of Malacca is very calm.

If you are feeling slightly seasick, you can go outdoor under the sun. You feel better :-)

Alternatively, go to bed. The gentle swaying really gets you into dream land fast!

Hope that answer your question :-)

emy@thehandiworks said...

Thanks for the response.

At least now I know I can attempt a cruise sometime soon!

Keropok Man said...


Go for a shorter one to try. There seems to have lots of offers. :-)

You can ask the travel agent about the weather / monsoon season. There are times of the year that the seas are very very calm.

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